Season trend: focus on eyelashes

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The times when the dramatic image could be achieved only with the help of smoky eyes has passed.Thanks to the new podium trend, now this effect can be achieved only in few seconds: all you need is just to correctly apply the mascara and if needed, to expertly use false eyelashes.

Gucci MakeUp

Gucci, Fall-Winter 2015-2015

Fascinatingly clapping the eyelashes at the right time, by “including” your feminine charms, is a skill we are sure you can not borrow. This season, makeup artists recommend to use this “weapon” as often as possible, because at the Milan and Paris Fall-Winter 2015/15 shows were frequently encountered images where the “center of gravity” were just lashes. A mascara to create a dramatic effect and false eyelashes will help you look right at the chosen target.

It is easy and very beautiful to focus on the eyelashes in your image. Long, thick, fluffy eyelashes will be a good make up ending with an ideal even skin tone, slightly accentuated eyebrows and for example, a matte lipstick in dark shade. A big advantage of such trend, doll eyelashes, is that it can be followed by every girl: despite your eye shape and color.

Prada MakeUp

Prada, Fall-Winter 2015-2015

The easiest way to focus on the eyelashes is to take your usual mascara and apply it in several layers. For a more expressive image, curl the eyelashes with the eyelash clipper. Do not worry if the lashes are glued together. Although in the classic make up this is considered unacceptable, the trend of the new season allows the presence of such imperfections in the image. It will give the impression that you got under the autumn rain, but it did not ruin your makeup but only added a touch of romance. Pat McGrath dared to glue the eyelash in several layers of mascara on the Prada show Fall-Winter 2015/15, but this famous master can do anything, so all we have to do is to follow her example.

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent, Fall-Winter 2015-2015


Gucci, Fall-Winter 2015-2015


Versace, Fall-Winter 2015-2015


Prada, Fall-Winter 2015-2015

Those make up artists who needed on the show to create a more impressive effect and at the same time and accurate result, have used stripes of false eyelashes. While Pat, often uses two stripes at the same time, gluing one on top of the other in order to have more rich and fluffy eyelashes. The same even skin tone, slightly accentuated eyebrows and eyelashes were also noted on the shows of Rochas, Gucci and Versace Fall-Winter collections.

Lovers of a more bright make up will definitively appreciate the make up from the Saint Laurent show, Fall Winter 2015-2015, in the spirit of the 60’s. Here make up artists placed their bets not only on “glued” false eyelashes in the Tweegy style, but also added voluminous wings, giving the image more playfulness and drive.

Rochas MakeUp

Rochas, Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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