What to wear with Dr Martens boots: Fall-Winter trends 2015-2015

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What to wear with Dr Martens boots Fall 2015 Winter 2016 trends

The autumn weather is very changeable, so when going for a walk, at a business meeting or store it is important to take care of your own comfort. Body and legs are important to keep warm! In order to not get wet in the rainy autumn weather, one should carefully consider the choice of autumn shoes. Of course, it should be stylish, but do not put fashion above all.

Dr Martens boots Winter trends 2016

We were lucky this season because designers obviously took into account the pace of modern life and the changeable weather conditions, and suggested to abandon high heels and ankle boots with open toe in favor of stable shoes with flat soles.

Massive boots Dr Martens, what to wear with them?

If the question what are the most fashionable shoes in autumn can be erased from the agenda, then the problem of selection of clothes under it remains still relevant. And indeed, what can we combine with so brutal boots? There are several options:

  • hipster style,
  • dimensionless clothing,
  • lengthened models.

2015 Dr Martens boots

Hipster style

This option is very popular in recent years, because it means comfort first of all. The hipster image can be created with the following items of clothing:

  • Jeans (preferably tucked up to the ankle) with a brutal décor – rivets, spikes, patches, etc .;
  • jeans with different cuts;
  • sweater with print;
  • sweatshirt;
  • caps, berets;
  • leather jackets;
  • shortened T- silhouette coat resembling a reefing jacket.

Hipster style Winter 2016 Dr Martens boots


Oversized clothing is increasingly gaining popularity, and it is not in the possibility of using it to hide the extra pounds. Oversized sweaters can be a solution that designers recommend to combine with skinny jeans and brutal shoes.

Skinny jeans and brutal shoes Winter 2016

Elongated models of clothes

Stylists recommend combining Dr Martens boots not only with bulky sweaters, but also with dresses, skirts, maxi-length coats. This option is ideal both for walking in a stylish company, and for the trip to the restaurant with friends who are really in trend.

Dr Martens boots with dresses, skirts, maxi-length coats

Recently, the street fashion dictates the style rules not worse than traditional fashion weeks. The so dominated in street style massive shoes on flat sole with lacing pushed famous fashion designers back into their collections that were so popular in the 90’s of last century images. Now fashionistas does not have to torture theirself all day in high heels, because they can combine the comfortable shoes with almost any clothing.

By the way, not only boots are now in trend, but also sneakers and you can read here about how to wear them.


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