Trendy Women’s Pants Fall-Winter 2018-2018

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Unbelievable, but true – not all women perceive the end of the summer as a universal disaster. These amazons wear dresses, usually in the hot season or holidays. A change of season is a reason to buy a new pair of pants and the more varied the pants’ style in the closet, the better.

The color range of the cold season is presented by light shades – white, beige, gray pearl, blue-gray, and dark – burgundy, green, dark blue, royal blue, purple. Of course, the colors are black and brown – terracotta, brick, ocher, bronze, and mahogany, chocolate. Mostly pant patterns are in monochromatic shades, but prints characteristic of classic style – stripes and plaid – are also trending. So let’s see who the leaders of the fall -winter season 2018-2018 are.

Pants 2019 women

White Pants

Autumn is not a reason to say goodbye to your white pants, which always looks elegant and arranged. Fashionable are striped pants and those with a fang bolt, which go into stripe creating a ply. The most current length is up to the floor, but 7/8 is also fashionable. White 7/8 pants are very often filled with cuffs. The patterns of white pants can be many and each fashionista knows exactly which one suits her. The choice belongs to you, whether it’s straight and wide pants, wide or narrow, banana or classic without stripes or a man’s trouser suit.

Womens pants 2019 white

fashionable white color

white for woman

white office

Wide Legged Pants

Wide pants from wool, cashmere and tweed are favorites of the fall-winter 2018-2018 season. Fashion is the easy fit, and the width of the pants is also achieved with extra creases. The lower part of the pant may be narrow, but the favorites are the wide legged patterns.

Palazzo pants are also very actual, resembling a skirt to the ground, and the distinctive feature is the high waist. Palazzo pants are used to create evening outfits, while Marlene pants are used in both office and casual style.

Widelegged pants fall winter 2018 2019

casual wide

What pants to wear in 2019


wide with high waist

in style for women with high waist

Leather Pants

If palazzo pants do not seem so extravagant, choose a well-known leather option. Skinny, short or up to the floor, with a specific characteristic decoration, huge metal buttons and zippers are definitely already present in your closet. The leather pants for autumn-winter 2018-2018 can be straight, flared, striped, etc. In addition to typical side pockets, large pockets in the hip area are also acceptable.

The ideal length is definitely up to the floor and 7/8. Fashionable leather pants are 7/8 inches long, narrow in the thighs and flared from the knees down. We can also see patterns from patent leather with straight cut and wide blue pants to the ground. The current pattern from Calvin Clein is the classic leather jeans (straight, five-pockets). Matching a shirt in the same style will create a memorable look.

leather pants fall 2018 winter 2019

best skinny leather

flared leather

fashion black leather pants

leather wide legged


The skinny pants, simple and practical, can compete for universality only with straight classic pants. The stripe is what characterizes the skinny pants this season. Sewn striped trousers will make you look supple and stretch your legs, no matter the length of your pants. It is enough to correctly choose the shoes. Long trousers can be matched with medium-sized shoes. Models 7/8 look more special in combination with high-heeled shoes.

Skinny 2018 2019 pants for woman

black skinny

casual women


Classic pants

Classical designs for the coming season include traditional elements such as medium waist, hip pockets, stripes. There are three types in fashion: a) straight long pants with no other details or long straight patterns, the bottom of which is tight with a cillet and cuffs; b) short pants, narrow bottomed with wide cuffs; c) Narrowed pants from the thighs, up to the ankle. Pants in this style (in any dark shade) can serve as evening outfits if you wear an exceptional blouse instead of a shirt.

Classic pants fall winter 2018 2019


What length of pants to wear in 2019

classic elegant


Flared from thighs and knees

Only the presence of a flare in the thigh area will make you have office-style pants. Their length varies from the ankle area and slightly covers the heel.

The knee flare was chosen in the new season by many young and venerable designers. The lenght of pants is from knee 7/8, or up to the floor. The fabrics used are dense knitwear, semi-wool, faux leather and suede, velvet, and others. Depending on the length of the pattern and fabric chosen, casual, office or festive sets can be created.

Womens flared pants fall 2018 winter 2019




Evening Patterns

Shining pants will surely make you out of the crowd if you use them in casual looks. For example, in combination with a sportswear shirt and shoes, or with a shiny shirt and fur in contrast shade.

Wide patterns in shining fabrics will create a refined look especially in combination with a blouse or top in the same shade or in a close shade. Pants with sequins in wine color shades and a dark red top, blue pants from atlas with pearl buttons and a silk blouse in the royal blue shade, mustard-colored palazzo, black pants and a naked blonde blouse will look luxurious and original.

Festive pants design


elegant for evening

Velvet outfits have passed since the last season in the next 2018-2018. And of course, the long and wide velvet pants are again very demanding. In this case, the ideal option is to wear them in combination with a transparent lace blouse or a mesh turtleneck and a short velvet jacket. An option that will attract the attention of those around you is to wear head-to-toe velvet items, namely pants, jackets, shoes and accessories in the same shade.

What womens pants to wear in winter 2019

pants in trendy colors

Banana pants and pockets

Oval pants of the 80’s are transformed even more, although the shape remains the one that we know: volume in the thighs, fairly wide trouser legs, narrowed at the bottom. Designers do not stop inserting other elements of these pants patterns. In the new season are famous banana pants with a few large pockets hidden or applied, multiple folds in the waist area, if the top of them is provided with elastic.

banana pants 2018 2019 fall winter

What pants to wear in fall 2018

2018 Womens pants fashion trends

Fashionable are the long patterns that cover the shoes. The wide pants in the sporty style and with many pockets remain the same size across the length.

sport style

floor length

Now that you already know what pants trends are, you can look great and absolutely different every day. We wish you nice experiments, our dear ones.

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