Evening Dresses Fall-Winter 2018-2018

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In the rhythm of a restless life even if not very often every woman finds a reason to put on an evening gown. Fashionable evening dresses in 2018-2018 autumn-winter season are simple and laconic, but this does not shade the luxury and charm of each design. This season, the emphasis is on constructive elements, so the dress design can be absolutely simple, but with asymmetrical details such as the complicated cut of the bustier or the sleeves make the whole look look absolutely charming. Next we suggest you see how you can combine glossy textures, how to make look great a monochromatic evening outfit and why you do not have to be ashamed to wear transparent fabrics.

Evening dresses 2019


The emphasis on the line of the bust and neck is what characterizes fashionable evening gowns. This season, droplets are the most current. Usually their length will be chosen with great care, though designers played without respecting this rule and in the new collections we can see more and more impressive dresses. Usually these are dresses on the waist with a very simple cut and no other details. Nor is the diversity of fabrics limited: we see fabrics such as monochrome refined velvet, transparent lace and sequins.

Evening dresses with slits Fall Winter 2018 2019

cute with slits

What evening dresses to wear in 2019


Asymmetry and one bare shoulder

The use of asymmetric forms is the main tool used by designers, which allows not only to create an interesting model, but also to correct certain imperfections of the body. In this season, the focus is on the long legs and most important, on the ideal neck and shoulder line.

One shoulder evening gown

one shoulder patterns

How is the wonderful effect achieved? It is enough to choose a high waist dress and to reveal one shoulder. The last option is what designers prefer this year, so the bared shoulder can be seen in different dress patterns, in the shape of frills, exact lines, etc.

Asymmetric evening dresses fall 2018 winter 2019

floor length gowns



asymmetric short sleeve

Bustier dress

We recommend that you make a revision in your closet because for a few seasons in turn, this detail is present on evening, cocktail dresses and casual dresses, and does not lose momentum. In the old days, the bustier was considered an element of intimate lingerie, but now it is indispensable in the most varied clothing, and dresses are no exception. The goal of the bustier is to make any design look seductive and appealing. Designers recommend balancing the over-exposed area of the neckline with medium-thickness braces.

Bustier evening dresses 2018 2019

festive bustier

blue bustier

maxi bustier

Glossy Textures

Without the dazzling gloss of precious metals, probably no collection could be presented when it comes to evening gowns. And for the sake of it, nothing else but shine makes us shine on our own. It is useless to mention gold and silver, but the autumn-winter season 2018-2018 has prepared something very special. For example, the delicate shade of pearl, arctic white, sapphire, wet asphalt shades, and of course, floral or animal prints. All of these are balanced by the use of matte textures in the same shades of colors and laconic shapes, and this also refers to the combination of other fabrics and accessories.

Evening dresses 2019 glossy

What evening dresses to wear in autumn 2018

Long gold evening dress



luxury gowns



Evening dresses trends fall winter 2018 2019

What colors of evening dresses to wear in 2019

Bared shoulders

The top of the list with the sexiest elements of the women’s clothing is always the cleavage. Times change, but this keeps firmly in position. And this season the cuts are becoming more seductive. The shoulders can be uncovered to the maximum without showing vulgarity.

Evening dresses 2018 2019 fall winter: bared shoulders


maxi with bared shoulders


Light evening dress

What evening dress to wear in winter 2019


Again, we’re talking about the V-neckline, but this time it’s deeper and makes her dress look even more special. As an example, a silk or velvet dress can be used. The appearance can be complemented by various elements such as frills, short sleeves with unusual shapes (flatter or bell).

Evening dress with V-neckline



Evening dress winter 2019

Princess evening dress

laced neckline

Transparent black dress

This season, designers obviously rely on boldness. Leaving the geometric elements and the asymmetrical forms aside, on the catwalks are presented alternatives about how we can uncover our body. A new variation on the theme of the little black dress: now it’s totally transparent. To a reasonable degree, of course. Typically, this dress design is made up of two layers: the bottom of the dress (high waisted pants and bra) made of dense cloth, and the top of the light chiffon, mesh or luxurious lace. Decorative elements serve atlas ribbons, lurex and fringes.

Fashion transparent black dress


long transparent

So here are the main models for a stylish evening look that the autumn-winter season 2018-2018 proposes. Maxi laconic dresses with high waistline which becomes unrepeatable due to cuts, necklines, inserts and texture’s combinations. It relies on the classic style, and for the look to get a finished aspect, we recommend the use of accessories like stylish belts, small clutch and the main trend – massive earrings, pendants and beads.



Evening dress with cutouts



The autumn-winter season 2018-2018 proposes many exciting options, carefully chosen for each of us. The variety of designs will allow you to make the right choice and look great at any festive event you intend to attend.

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