Trendy trench coats: Spring 2016

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Many girls are interested what trench coat is trendy to wear in spring 2016. As especially spring is the time when you want to make yourself a gift and buy a new cloth that will help become bold, stylish and beautiful. The majority prefer mainly trench coats that make the figure more graceful and well set up.

The style

As regards the fashion style, then this spring pay a special attention to easy fit models, as well as to double breasted trench coats, that have been and will always be in vogue. Girls who want to emphasize their body shape must purchase a trench coat with a belt or a model similar to a dress.

Easy fit

Trench coats from spring 2016 collection will please a lot of fashionistas. This season it is worth paying attention to the easy fit, without any unnecessary seams, inserts and small details. All has to be laconic and facile. Adam Lippes presented bulky trench coats with asymmetric bottom, while Christaphe Lemaire and Antonio Berardi use in their models pretty wide sleeves.

Easy fit trench coats Spring 2016

Elegant and stylish easy fit trench coats were observed at majority of famous fashion designers such as Prada, Toga, MSGM, Apiece Apart. Such models perfectly fit an evening outfit and can be combined both with dresses and with trousers.

Easy fit trench coats 2016 Spring


The new collection of trench coats for spring 2016 is focused on femininity and elegance. The favorite method of designers to make an accent on the waist is the use of the strap, created in many variations. Andrew Gn and Tracy Reese offer to use a thin strap, while Marni uses for his models pretty wide and long straps in contrast with the color of the trench coat.

Straps trench coats Spring 2016

The strap is present in many collections of famous fashion designers, adorning trench coats from Martin Grand, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Victoria Beckham. Thanks to the emphasized waist, the figure looks more slim, delicate and feminine, features adored by refined girls.

Straps trench coats 2016 Spring

Double breasted trench coats

When choosing a trench coat for Spring 2016, do not forget about double breasted models, a king of classic of all the times. Such models were noted on shows of fashion houses such as Dries Van Noten, Victoria Beckham, A.P.C. Such trench coat will be actual this spring and not only as some models simply can not go out of fashion.

Double breasted trench coats Spring 2016

Dress-trench coat

Beautiful trench coats, looking more like glamour dresses, were presented this spring season. A stylish striped trench coat executed in the style of the 40’s, an orange option, was observed at Victoria Beckham in her collection named A.P.C. Those who prefer girly outfits and accentuated femininity must pay attention to models presented by Nina Ricci and Marc Jacobs houses. Don’t be afraid to be more glamorous and feminine, this season al designers are advising to do that. This is the reason why the dress-trench coat will have a great success among fashionistas.

Dress-trench coat 2016 Spring

Sport style

We can not say that sport trench coats in the spring 2016 season do not have a place in the wardrobe of many fashionistas. These are popular and requested. Moreover, despite its style, they still look extremely stylish and feminine. All is about execution, color range and ability to correctly combine such clothes. Designers like Vfiles, Marni, Jacquemus advice to not forget about the sport style. Similar trench coats are chosen by active and self confident girls, who appreciate not only the beauty, but also comfort.

Sport style trench coats Spring 2016


As regards the color, then trendy trench coats in spring 2016 can be very diverse: pastel shades or bright colors, all depends on the taste, mood and girl’s preference.

In warm tones

Warm tones are mostly chosen by romantic representatives of the fair sex. For spring, such option is more than appropriate as all shades, starting with blue sky and ending with muted tones of pink take us in the warm spring days. In such outfit you will certainly get noticed and look very delicate and elegant.

Trench coats in pastel tones 2016 Spring

In bright tones

Girls with an active life position and those who cannot live without brightness and contrasts should purchase one of the options offered by such designers as Nina Ricci and Richard Chai Love. Their trench coats in bright red, purple and other color variations are very popular among many fashionistas. An interesting option presented Andrew Gn, a trench coat with bright orange and pink colors. This is an ideal option for spring mood.

Trench coats in bright tones Spring 2016


Fashionable trends for spring 2016 were presented in collections specially designed for the new season and we must note that similar like last year, I could not go without stylish and original prints. Thus, designers as Tracy Reese and Mother of Pearl used floral prints as accessories for their models. Provided that images with flowers, can be both big and small. While Barbara Bui uses in her created trench coats ethnic motifs. They make such outfit a real work of art.

Spring 2016 trendy prints of trench coats

Oscar de la Renta also uses in his models delicate floral compositions that look very stylish. While Andrew Gn considers that the brighter and intense, the better that is why in his collections was observed a trench coat full of flowers. Salvatore Ferragamo presented a more delicate and elegant model in yellowish shades.

Trench coats with trendy prints 2016 Spring

Black trench coat

The black color is always actual and especially this year. A good acquisition will become mainly a black trench coat that will underline the beauty and will give mystery to the look. Toga, Tommy Hilfiger, Tracy Reese and other famous fashion designers use in their shows incredibly beautiful black trench coats.

Black trench coat Spring 2016


When creating beautiful trench coats for women for spring 2016, designers used combinations of different materials and also the classic of the genre – the leather. It is worth mentioning that especially the leather trench coats become one of the trends of spring fashion for the coming season.


Trussardi, Hermes Prada presented models of trench coats executed from dyed leather. Thus, in the shows were demonstrated blue, green, brown models that will certainly become the favorites of many girls. Leather trench coat in such execution looks very feminine and beautiful.

Leather trench coats for 2016 Spring

While Tommy Hilfiger considers that the black leather will be perfect for a self confident girl. A more delicate and interesting option was noted at Pedro Lourenco. His model was created from beige leather and accentuates with a black insert in the waist area. Incredibly stylish and feminine black leather trench coat, adorned with huge flowers created the fashion house Marni.

Leather trench coats Spring 2016

Combination of fabrics

When choosing trench coats for spring 2016, pay attention to a popular tendency – combination of various fabrics and textures. Such options offer Sportmax, Au Jour Le Jour, ADEAM. They use cloth, tweed, velvet, cashmere, whipcord, leather and suede.

Combined fabrics trench coats Spring 2016

A special popularity have models where are combined rough and textured material with more napless inserts, for example leather inserts. Such models were seen at Prada, Hermes and Sportmax.

Combined fabrics trench coats 2016 Spring


An amazing purchase for spring will become an original and shortened poncho. Such models were observed on the catwalk at Christophe Lemaire, Karolina Zmarlak, Tracy Reese.

Poncho Spring 2016

After such an informative review, what trench coats to wear in spring 2016, you will have no difficulties to correctly choose a stylish and actual for this spring trench coat. Probably some fashionistas will give in to buy several options that will ideally complement their looks.

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