Trendy Down jackets 2015 2016: Fall Winter

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This season, thanks to the efforts and imagination of fashion designers we will not face problems with the choice of outwear. Fashionable down jackets for fall 2015 winter 2016 are so diverse and luxurious that it is impossible to get over them. Among collections presented by fashion houses, each girl will be able to better select an option matching her taste and color range. All models are sewed with the use of quality materials, trims and trimmings. Wearing such down jackets you will simply look irresistible.

Trendy Down jackets Fall Winter 2015 2016

White down jacket

One of the winter season favorite colors became white, which is why a bright white down jacket will be extremely popular this season. It looks very fresh, beautiful and ideally suits any girl. It is worth paying attention to the collections of famous fashion designers such as for example Tess Giberson, VDP, Broadway, Lawine, who presented white models. Despite its marking off and unpredictability, these are very often chosen by many fashionistas who do not want to blend into the crow but to be in the centre of attention and grandstand.

White down jacket Fall Winter 2015 2016

As accessories and at the same time trimis, Nogan by Karl Lagerfeld uses original zip closings. The snow-white down jacket made of quilted material presented Love Republic, and a longer version was seen at Moncler Gamme Rouge.

Trendy white down jackets Fall 2015 Winter 2016

Down coat

Beautiful down jackets, more reminiscent of coats were seen in the collections of famous fashion designers such as: Elena Miro and Tess Giberson. Therefore, we can conclude that this winter this style will be quite popular. A more voluminous model is also relevant this season and was introduced her Yohji Yamamoto. Needless to say, such models are quite practical and protect well from the cold wind and snow.

Down coat Fall Winter 2015 2016

If the above listed fashion designers are more focused on dark colors, then such houses as Kenzo and Elena Miro presented women down jackets winter 2016 in more vivid colors, using an original drawing. VDP and Isaac Sellam decorated their models with cropped fur collars. Be sure to pay a special attention to these options and you will not go wrong with the choice, and if to consider the practicality, then it is surely one hundred percent a perfect decision.

Fashionable Down coats Fall 2015 Winter 2016

Slim fit

Girls who do not like baggy and bulky items should pay attention to slim fit down jackets. Such options offer VDP, Marina Yachting and Tom Farr. These jackets will be best complemented by low heeled shoes or on pretty high and stable heel. The slim fit down jacket looks great in any way and can enhance the beauty of the female body, which can not be concealed even under warm jackets. Shortened versions can be seen in the collections presented by Kira Plastinina, Baon, Uniglo, InCity. Models are very bright and beautiful, allowing each girl to choose according to their taste preferences. Apart from the listed colors, in the collections were also seen other shades that will certainly appeal to many and will be extremely popular. So do not be afraid to be bright and dress stylishly

Slim fit Down jakets Fall Winter 2015 2016

Fashionable prints

This winter it is worth acquiring a stylish down jacket with an original pattern. This can be the leopard print, the plaid, abstract and floral motifs. Such models were seen at fashion designers such as Uniglo Baon, Versus, Diego M Panrizia, Pepe Stine, Goya.

Fashionable prints down jacket Fall Winter 2015 2016

Original and very fashionable prints Fall-Winter 2014 2016 really attract attention and delight the eye. As example could serve the model presented by Julien David. This jacket is really very interesting and incredibly stylish. More romantic ladies can choose jackets with bright floral motifs, for example those seen at Moncler by Mary Katrantzou. All jackets with original prints look very bright and certainly fit into the wardrobe of stylish girls and ladies who love colors, and also love to be in the spotlight.

Bright colors

Analyzing the collections of the season, it is not fashionable to be gray and invisible. Fans of bright colors are incredibly lucky, because this winter, the imagination of designers is working at full capacity, and they offer to our attention a collection of outerwear in all colors of the rainbow. Intense red color can be found at Zucca Tom Farr Broadway. Such models, of course, will attract the attention of many fashionistas. Orange is present in the collections of Victoria Casal and Moncler Grenoble. Duvetica United Colors of Benetton Broadway presented bright and sunny yellow jackets. The aquamarine color suggests wearing this season the fashion house Baon, while Uniglo recommends green. Women’s down jackets Fall-Winter 2015-2015 will not leave indifferent any fashionista who wants to be in the spotlight and shine even in winter. Believe me, by putting on such a colorful model, you are bound to make gray days brighter and brighter, a good mood for you and for others is guaranteed.

Trendy color of down jackets Fall Winter 2015 2016

Sport style

Active girls, who are in constant movement, can opt for Fall Winter down jackets in sport style. They are quite practical, lightweight and at the same time perfectly warm in the cold winter. Short simple jackets presented the fashion brand Gucci and Elena Miro. Adidas SLV introduced a bright yellow waist length down jacket that would be ideal for car lovers girls. No less interesting are the versions of sleeveless down jackets from Adidas Originals. The sportswear company Nike introduced an elongated bright colored jacket in sport style. Of course, this option will attract the attention of many girls because of its colors and styles. If you’re an athletic girl with an active lifestyle, then this style it’s your choice. Such down jacket is a must have in your wardrobe.

Sport style down jackets Fall Winter 2015 2016

Trimmed with fur

Fur is one of the most popular trim that designers love to use. This season is no exception, and on fashion catwalks reappeared down jackets with fur collars, hoods and inserts. Elegant model with short cropped collar can be seen at fashion designers such as Moncler, Max Mara and Savage. Fur collars with long hair were present at Fashion Delicatesses, Herno, Broadway.

Down jackets trimmed with fur Fall Winter 2015 2016

Elena Miro presented down jackets for winter 2016 with necklet collar as well as with fur hoods that look very beautiful and stylish. DKNY also used in his collections models with fur trims.

Down jackets with fur trims Fall 2015 Winter 2016

Young fashionable women should pay attention to the short model, decorated with a fur collar and the same fur on gloves, for example, as offered by Tom Farr. A great option with big fur collar offered the fashion house Savage. In principle, one can say with certainty that the fashion for fur will never go away, so feel free to purchase down jackets with such finish and enjoy its beauty and convenience.

Jackets with fur trims Fall Winter 2015 2016


For the winter season is very nice to have a hooded jacket that can protect from the cold wind and snow. Women’s down jackets winter 2016 are able to meet such requests of girls. In the collections of famous fashion designers are quite a few models with a hood on clasps and buttons. For example, it is present at Miss Sixty, Uniglo, Max Mara. S.Oliver and Moncler offered the hooded down jacket option with extra buttons that will protect from the wind. Bright and saturated hooded version introduced Giorgio Armani. In his performance, the winter jacket looks very stylish and will surely appeal to many fashionistas and fan of this designer.

Hooded down jacket Fall Winter 2015 2016

Excellent options of bubble down coats can be seen in the collections of Moncler, Max Mara, and Moschino. These models are very convenient and practical thanks to a rather voluminous and warm hood, which in this case looks harmonious and fits easily in any look. Believe me with such down jackets you will easily look in the trend of the season. Most importantly, is to choose the right accessories

Hooded down jackets Fall 2015 Winter 2016

Fashionable down jackets Fall Winter 2015-2015 are quite diverse and beautiful. They can perfectly enhance the beauty of the female body, protect from the cold wind and snow, and warm in severe frosts. They are always comfortable and with their help it is easy to look very stylish and beautiful. Whichever model you choose, it will certainly be this season’s best purchase.

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