Swimwear Spring-Summer 2020

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The beach season is officially open, so now is the best time to choose the perfect swimsuit that can be worn in different situations – relaxing by the pool, active holidays or a classic beach resort. We suggest finding out which are the most popular swimsuits the designers presented for 2020. In collections there were many quite comfortable and discreet options. Let’s look at the photos and explain the trends in detail.

Swimwear 2020

One piece swimsuits: monokini, sport style

A one piece swimsuit will be a must-have in the hot season. Despite the lack of a total bronze in this swimsuit, designers have suggested that all girls wear it, regardless of the body proportions. As a result, the range of designs represents an impressive diversity.

One piece swimsuits 2020

Summer swimwear trends 2020


This time, brands have based on interesting fabrics and textures. Fashionable swimsuits will be made of glossy fabrics, knitted patterns, items decorated with sequins. There are many monochromatic options in very elegant colors, such as beige, burgundy, plum, mint.

Bandage one piece swimsuit 2020

One piece swimsuits with prints will also be among favorites of modern women. Striped and plaid patterns are also relevant, as well as those with luxury embroidery at the front of the swimsuit. No less popular are original funny designs with logos, pictures with girls, characters, and cartoon characters.

One piece 2020 swimsuits

best one piece


Girls with an enviable body can choose simple patterns with cords, cutouts, uncovered hips, etc.

Swimwear fashion 2020

If the task is to hide extra pounds and to thin the silhouette visually, sports swimsuits with geometric patterns or simple retro-style designs will be ideal.

A hit of the season is the one piece bathing suit with emphasis on the shoulders. This pattern is either with a bare shoulder or even without straps.

Swimsuits 2020 sport style

Two-piece swimsuits: bikini, vintage, tankini

When you have to combine the sun bath with bathing and also use the chance to show everyone your ideal body shape – the bikini pattern is the best. For this spring-summer period, fashion for separate white suits was introduced.

Attention! If you risk buying it, it must be a top quality model, where the material is not becoming translucent after wetting.

Crochet swimsuits 2020

Also in collections there are many patterns of bikini swimsuits in black shades that are ideal in any season, no matter what the trends are.

Black swimsuits 2020 bikini


High waisted swimsuits 2020

The Beach fashion 2020 is represented by two-piece swimsuits with tankini, consisting of a top and shorts. Typically, they are made in saturated colors with a colorful tropical print.


Ladies push up swimsuits 2020


Resort collections also feature retro luxury swimsuits with high waisted pants and bra. The most spectacular vintage swimsuit patterns are those with pin-up print, polka dots, wide stripes or plaid.

What swimsuits to wear in 2020

2019 swimsuits with floral prints


Also on sale are many miniature bikini models in juicy acid shades – these are classic swimsuits with panties like string or thong, and triangular cups.

Classic women swimsuits 2020

2019 brazilian bikini bathing suits

What swimsuit to choose for your silhouette type?

Girls with small breasts should pay attention to bathing suits where the bodice has a tight fixed cup or is decorated with drapes, fringes, frills.

Women who have a more prominent waistline can try to move the focus to other areas. To do this, fit a one piece swimsuit with an interesting top or bottom decor: stones, cords, embroidery, metal buckles.

It is possible to conceal the prominent abdomen using an one piece bathing suit, made of a very dense fabric, which is completed by chocks, rivets, applications or three-dimensional models.

To make your hip look slimmer, choose a swimsuit with tall slips and bra in bright shades. The main thing is that the skin in this area is well groomed and smooth.

If, on the other hand, it is necessary to add volume to the hips, then we recommend that you choose a swimsuit where the slips are decorated with frills, fringes or draped details.

Extra pounds can easily be masked if you choose a one-piece swimsuit in a dark shade – blue, black, dark brown. The ideal print is the vertical plaid, and the rhinestone decor, mesh etc.

Swimsuits 2020 by body shape


Swimsuits colors 2020


Now you know how fashionable swimsuits should look like in 2020. The photos above will help you “try” them and make the right choice.