Spring-Summer 2020 Color Trends

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Which colors will be most fashionable in the spring and summer of 2020? What should I choose and how can I combine it? The famous Pantone Institute, which helps us find the most incredible colors for decades, has announced new trendy shades of the season. This year, we have again 12 shades. Also, traditionally, the palette is complemented with a small palette of classic shades that can be used in working clothes and business clothes.

Fashion colors 2020

Main color trends for Spring-Summer 2020

The palette of fashionable colors enjoys bright shades and a completely unexpected dominance of fire shades – it seems that Pantone has not yet offered hues of yellow and red in a single “palette.” According to Color Institute experts, this is due to the desire to look at the future with hope. A joyful, uplifting hue is exactly what your doctor has prescribed!

Colors of the year 2020 pantone


The bright red-orange color “Fiesta” is the embodiment of passion and fire. Dynamic, very active and energetic – a strong focus of spring 2020, easily associated with joy and fun.

Fiesta Color Color trends 2020


Jester Red

The deep and intense shade of Jester Red is the symbol of urban elegance and chic. He looks very rich and noble – like an old expensive wine.

Jester Red Color What color trends to wear in spring 2020


The intense orange shade is not exactly the shade of orange, but it looks very much like it. It looks like turmeric and the desire to add few spices to the wardrobe.

Turmeric Color What color to wear in summer 2020

Living Coral

This wonderful spring color of Pantone 2020 is warm, bright, full of life and revealing, which is never enough. This coral has a golden hue and a softer tone, great for casual outfits.

 Color of the year 2020 Living Coral What colors to wear in 2020

Pink Peacock

With Pink Peacock, we return to the red colors again, but we move in the purple-pink shades. Pink generally embodies the spring-summer palette, where it is practically indelible.

Pink Peacock Color Fashion pink shades 2020

Pepper Stem

Yellow-green “Pepper Stem” softens the brightness of a fashionable palette. Calm and natural, in the spring-summer closet he is “in the right place”, it is a symbol of nature, spring and greenery.

Pepper Stem Color Colors 2020 clothes

Aspen Gold

This spring and summer color from Pantone 2020, just like the sun’s rays, illuminates everything around, giving you a good mood and joy.

Aspen Gold Color Yellow outfits

Princess Blue

This brings freshness, coolness and depth to the palette of fashion shades. A hue that simply does not have to miss from the spring-summer palette 2020.

Princess Blue Color 19


We do not know how much we love Toffee, but this brown is so warm and sweet. Wear it with black and white for subtle color game.

Toffee Color Clothing colors of the year 2020

Mango Mojito

Mango Mojito color is quite different from Aspen Gold. The same golden yellow – just a little darker and quieter. He promises us a glimpse of pleasure and pleasant sensations.

Mango Mojito Color Summer colors 2020

Terrarium Moss

Another green shade – this time deeper and darker. It personifies the beauty of nature and the green of the leaves of a dense forest.

Terrarium Moss Color Spring color trends 2020

Sweet Lilac

A light, soft and delicate pink hue combines two flowers – lilac and lavender. This charms with its delicacy and innocence.

Sweet Lilac Color 27

Classic shades spring-summer 2020

When it comes to neutral shades, in 2020 spring/summer color trends, we find four options that fit into the Pantone list. All of this is incredible when combined with deeper, vibrant and funky colors in the main collection. Such basic hues can also be used in an office wardrobe.

Classic shades spring summer 2020


A delicate and softened hue is a reliable and timely companion. This neutral shade is universal and looks great in both monochromatic styles and as a partner for other colors.

Soybean Color Fashion pastel shades 2020


The shadow of the intense blue of the night sky looks very mysterious. Despite the fact that it feels more like a characteristic shade for the winter season, it looks good with Pantone color trends for summer 2020.

Eclipse Color Dark blue dresses

Sweet Corn

This warm white shade surely will appeal to those passionate about everything that is related to fashion. It is one of those colors that you never get tired of, regardless of the fashion trends that follow.

Sweet Corn Color Elegant beige outfits

Brown Granite

A classic shade of brown – faded, earthly, relevant at all times. This allows you to dress incredibly versatile, creating stylish outfits for the city.

Brown Granite Color 36

Table of different colors combinations

I’ve prepared a table that contains some combining options for each fashionable color according to Pantone. Try combining them with extra colors or combine in a look two-color from a horizontal line.

Color combinations spring summer 2020 38