Spring-Summer 2016 fashionable shorts

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Spring and summer, autumn and winter – fashionistas wear shorts. They love shorts and know that the correctly chosen model, fabrics and color allow you to create a very modern look. If you are tired of boring outfits, of being unnoticed, if you dream to be the center of attention or just to look modern and stylish in the new spring-summer season – then our article will serve as a guide in the world of fashion shorts. Today we will talk about models of fashionable spring-summer 2016 shorts and we will also give you some important tips on how to wear and who can wear them.

Women's shorts 2016

Bermuda shorts

According to legend, these shorts have received this name because of British military colonists who arrived in the 19th century on Bermuda islands. Local residents were so excited about these pants – loose, above the knee length, from lightweight but thick fabrics, that a few years later, the island begun creating Bermuda shorts that soon became part of the local office suit. It’s been over a hundred years and today, Bermuda shorts are back in fashion, not only in the female wardrobe, but also in the male. These are so universal that can be worn by all women, regardless of height and body type. Bermudas can be perfectly associated with classic jackets, romantic chiffon blouses and short tops and t-shirts. A great office look with shorts will create shoes or stiletto heel sandals (summer) or stylish boots (spring). The images show interesting models of Spring Summer 2016 Bermuda shorts from Christian Dior, Emporio Armani, Hermès, Ralph Lauren.

Spring-Summer 2016 Bermuda shorts

Black shorts

Bermuda womens shorts


Very popular this season will be also the mini shorts. Such provocative and sexy models will make your look really impressive. Although, even if they have only advantages, unfortunately mini shorts are not for everyone. Stylists recommend that they should not be worn by women over 40. This model is also not suitable for overweight or very weak ladies. Women of average height will wear with these mini shorts heeled sandals or platform sandals. And if you believe that your legs are not perfect, give up on this kind of shorts. Here are some special models of spring summer 2016 mini shorts from fashion houses such as Anna Sui, Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dolce & Gabbana.

Spring-Summer 2016 mini shorts

Womens mini shorts

High waist

This season, this trend has spread to all clothing, and shorts are no exception. Pants, skirts and of course high-waisted shorts are a true gift from designers for women. First, these shorts are taking care of our health, secondly, they are more elegant and look more feminine than their successors – low waist shorts. And finally, it is no secret that high-waist models, visually lengthen the legs and highlights the slim waist, making your silhouette look more elegant. We want to present stylish models of high-waisted shorts from Acne and No. 21.

Spring-Summer 2016 high waist shorts

As part of a suit

In one of our articles, we were talking about fashionable suits, which this season is an actual trend. But we should mention that besides pants and skirts suits, in collections are more frequent seen suits with shorts. Many suits of this type you can see in Dolce & Gabbana Spring-Summer 2016 collection. Also interesting suits with shorts and jackets has proposed the brand Emilio Pucci, these may be suitable even to go to the office where the dress code is not very demanding. The same can be said about Anna Sui’s suit. While the fashion house Chloé showed at the Paris fashion week a white, very delicate and easy summer suit with perforations, which will become your favorite summer casual outfit. Notice how harmoniously such suits can be combined with so fashionable this season gladiator sandals. And we end our discussion about shorts suits with a stylish look from Dsquared² – a metallic black, asymmetrical suit with stripes, oversized shorts and again gladiator sandals.

Shorts with gladiator sandals

Shorts suit

Dolce&Gabbana clothes

Cuffed shorts

An interesting finding of the new season is cuffed edges that look good on both shorts, and jeans. We present women’s cuffed shorts from Dsquared² and Iceberg. Choosing such models, be sure that these shorts will never be unnoticed.

Fashionable cuffed shorts


Denim came firmly in fashion and as we see, these are not going to disappear in the next decade. Because of this, boldly buy denim shorts that can not be too many in your wardrobe This spring-summer 2016 you will need at least two types of denim shorts – these are boyfriend shorts with a length above knees, wide and comfortable, as those from the brand 6397 and mini shorts with girly decor as those from Anna Sui. The first mentioned, in turn, may have ruptures, fringes, abrasions, etc., while others may have different decors and prints – from cosmic theme to geometric stripes.

Spring-Summer 2016 denim shorts

Mid length with decorations

Sport shorts

Youth and beauty are always inseparable from sports. Because sport means not only a slim body, it also means daring character, impetuosity and perseverance, without which the modern world can not do anything. Sports girls are always in fashion, like sport shorts. Thanks to the Dsquared² and Lacoste brands, you can have an active lifestyle looking at the same time stylish and fashionable. Also in images we present a model similar to the spring-summer 2016 cycling shorts from Viktor & Rolf and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Spring-Summer 2016 sport wear

Women sport wear

Business shorts

As we said above, shorts could be the base of a business image, especially if they are part of an elegant business suit. But business shorts have the right to also exist by themselves. Watch these gorgeous sets from Giorgio Armani in warm shades of brown and noble gray. Combined with a bag and flat sole shoes with laces – each set is a work of art of the great master Giorgio Armani. Also, in the images are presented interesting business clothes made of crocodile leather imitation from Hermès.

Spring-Summer 2016 business midi shorts

With pockets

Shorts with pockets look always cool and original. And if the pockets are also nontrivial, then we have a trend of the new season. In spring-summer 2016 all pockets are welcomed, especially if they are unusual. It is no longer a novelty, but equally popular are also shorts for women with pockets coming from the inside, as well as those from Jean Paul Gaultier. Also, trendy are also inserted pockets as those from Chloé and very unusual pockets as the ones from Emilio Pucci’s shorts – false in the front, and real to the sides.

Examples with pockets


As regards leather shorts, then here we see a decrease in their presence, and that is because leather is not a fabric meant for warm summer season, and because of this fashionistas gradually began to give up on it, giving preference to lighter and softer fabrics. But if leather shorts are part of your style, you can see interesting models in the collection of Saint Laurent.

Spring-Summer 2016 black leather shorts

Spring-Summer 2016 colors and prints of shorts

We will not cease to repeat that one of the fashionable colors this summer is white. Immaculate white clothes abounded collections of most famous fashion houses in the world. Dsquared² had white models and they also had multicolored shorts that combines virtually all the colors of spring-summer 2016 fashion after version of Pantone Institute of colors – yellow, strawberry, aquamarine, classic blue, orange. Glacier Grey shorts are seen at Giorgio Armani. A current print in the form of stripes was demonstrated by the fashion house Chanel.

White and multicolored

Stripes and multicolored prints

Don’t forget that no matter what model of shorts you would buy for the new season, the important is that they match you perfectly. Choose only that model that will accentuate the beautiful parts of your silhouette and that will make you look beautiful and charming. Be stylish and fashionable together with us.

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