Tops and t-shirts Spring-Summer 2016

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Looking forward to the hot season? Are you already dreaming to hide as quickly as possible your fur coat and overcoat, to wear a fashionable wide-brimmed hat, and a pair of big glasses and to soar in the summer fairy? We will join you and will consistently make you familiar with the fashion trends of the next spring and summer season. Today, on the agenda are tops and t-shirts because without them, in summer – we are like without hands! So here is top 10 most fashionable tops spring-summer 2016!

Women’s trendy tops and t-shirts Spring-Summer 2016

1. White t shirt – must have 2016

White t-shirts have always been popular. The idea is that only the styles change, but the color is a timeless classic. There is an explanation to this – white color refreshes, rejuvenates, can bring out a nice tan summer. In addition, the white color fits absolutely with everything and a white t-shirt can be combined with different types of skirts, jeans, shorts, you can create thousands of trendy and super stylish summer outfits. In the pictures you can see t-shirts from Badgley Mischka, Carolina Herrera, Dsquared².

Girl’s white t-shirts

2. Short and very short tops Spring-Summer 2016

Do you have a small waist, a flat abs, beautiful hips and a luxurious bust? Then boldly emphasize its benefits with a short top, which is quite popular in this season. A wide range of such tops can be found in the collections of Diesel Black Gold. Here you will find a variety of tops: with buttons in front, with hooks, and even with corset laces. Only the length remains constant, with no room for imagination. Short tops only for bold and confident women! Also, in images are presented very short tops from spring-summer 2016 collections of Alberta Ferretti, Dsquared², Miu Miu, No. 21.

Stylish short summer tops

Elegant ladies tops with straps

Trendy festive tops Spring-Summer 2016

3. Tops and t-shirts in linen style

This season, many designers presented their collections under the slogan “without modesty.” This is confirmed by transparent skirts and blouses worn on bare body, very daring slits in the most delicious places, erotic corsets, stockings with suspenders, etc. And of course, many clothing styles that are not created at all for use in the home. Dolce & Gabbana managed best to do so. Translucent lace shirts over bra, anatomical corsets, tops with fine lace – all so beautiful and so indiscreet! But remember that you should not put emphasis on modesty in the summer if you want to be fashionable.

Stylish lace tops and t-shirts

4. Trendy knitted tops spring-summer 2016

If you analyze old magazines of the fashion 70’s for the summer season, then you will find besides the description of the fashion trends also crocheting or weaving schemes. Grandmothers and our mothers braided swimwear, tops, shirts manually, because they knew that such things will always be in fashion. Fortunately, today there is no need to waste time knitting and crocheting as designers have already invented and created for us many various stylish and beautiful knitted tops that will become the main object in our wardrobe. A knitted top is always feminine and very elegant. It can be matched with both classic pants with arrow, as well as a romantic skirt to the ground. We present most beautiful and elegant country-style tops from Emilio Pucci, mesh style t-shirt from Lanvin, and delicate t-shirts in sand-colored from Loewe.

Women’s knitted tops t-shirts

Knitted tops Spring-Summer 2016

5. Trendy crushed tops

In this category we decided to include not only crushed tops (Miu Miu), but also pleated, which are in fashion already the second consecutive season (Undercover) and tops that mimic the embossed paper (Emporio Armani). Designers only see them associated with skirts that can be in the same style, or on the contrary, a slightly romantic style top with a pencil skirt. Whatever the case, an easy crushed top will create not only an original image, but also a good and positive mood.

Cool crushed tops

6. Bandeau tops and t-shirts

Not every woman can afford to walk in summer in such an open top, because without doubt, will attract more attention to the body, which in turn should be ideal. But if all year you’ve modeled body in the gym and spa, feel free to wear such tops and the success is yours! For wildest we recommend short band tops from Marc Jacobs and Matthew Williamson. For the ladies, who had time to train only the upper body – we recommend bandeau t-shirts covering the belly from Osman.

Band and bandeau t-shirts and tops

7. Trendy stripes Spring-Summer 2016

We do not bother to repeat that stripes do not cease to be very popular this summer. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, etc. Look what interesting sets offer the brand DKNY for spring-summer season. And the wonderful Georgio Armani, in his line designed for young people, Emporio Armani, used as a main accent the stripes. The most loved brand Topshop Unique, who always please the young generation with unusual and nontrivial clothes, this time, turned the usual stripes in exclusive prints that will surely be appreciated by ladies with good taste.

Fashionable striped t-shirts

8. Trendy prints of t-shirts and tops in spring-summer 2016

If to quickly talk about the prints of the season, then we must mention the flowers, the futuristic motifs, stripes and watercolor drawings. We described this topic in detail in the article fashionable skirts and fashionable blouses of the season, so we will not go into details. Just want to draw your attention to luxurious fabrics imitating nature, which embellished the white t-shirts from Loewe.

T-shirts and tops with prints

9. Artistic cuts

These is another trend customary in any fashion week. The artistic cuts are original and stylish. The images show t-shirts from Acne, Balmain, Celine, Diesel Black Gold.

Models of t-shirts and tops with cuts

T-shirts models 2016

10. Trendy décor of t-shirts and tops spring-summer 2016

Modern decor concludes our top 10 most modern tops and t-shirts of the season. A beautiful and unique decor can radically transform a seemingly simple t-shirt and become a bright accent of the whole outfit. So what do designers offer as a modern decor? Alberta Ferretti presented romantic mesh t-shirts, 3D flowers and delicate white embroidery. Diesel Black Gold bet on the style popular among young, the glam rock – metal stars and rivets on black tops. Emilio Pucci is also sympathetic with the previous brand. Instead the one from Loewe is distinguished by the blue t-shirt with torn edges. Lovely flowers (we must recognize many already have had enough of them) we can see at Iceberg and Osman. And finally, something unreal and cosmic we see on t-shirts from Dsquared² and Fendi.

Beautiful women's t-shirts spring-summer 2016

Rock style tops and t-shirts

Trendy floral t-shirts

This is all we had to tell you about trendy tops and t-shirts for the Spring-Summer 2016 season. Create bold and lively outfits using stylish and impressive t-shirts. Surely you will manage this!

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