Pencil dress Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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Pencil dress

There is no elegant dress than the well-known pencil-dress. This model will underline the waist, will elongate the legs, open the shoulders and will not let you feel vulgar.

The distinctive features of this model are the lack of horizontal cut along the waistline. Also, the pencil dress is usually sleeveless and has a crew neck. The length of it is knee high. This outfit can be worn at a restaurant as well as in the office, the important thing is to correctly choose the material out of which this type of dress will be made.

Today, the pencil-dress is present in the wardrobe of almost every woman and it does not matter how old it is, as the style can be easily modified according to the age of its owner. Younger ladies, give preference to strapless models or models executed from translucent materials, more conservative personalities choose classics.

This type of dress represents minimalism that is why not many dare to add to it any kind of ribbons and other elements of décor. Thanks to designer’s imagination, dresses got pockets, collars, sleeves and even some more length, but let us describe these more detailed.

The classic pencil-dress

Let’s start with classics, characterized by knee length, crew-neck and the absence of sleeves.

Pencil dress Fall

The length

Some designers decided to slightly lengthen the article and gifted the famous dress 5 more centimeters.

Pencil dress Winter

The sleeve

As we are speaking about the cold time of the year, it is worth taking care of our health as well. Here we can choose long sleeves pencil-dress.

Pencil dress 2015

This season it is also in trend the cap sleeve.

Pencil dress 2016

The turtle neck

Some will give preference to the crew-neck but those who follow the fashion trends will definitely notice the pencil-dress with turtle neck.


The hem

The Fall-Winter 2015-2015 season comes with good news for those who were bothered by the extremely tight hem of the dress. Now in trend are models with slightly flaring skirts.



For the creation of his collections, Valentin Yudashkin used pretty daring fabrics and added a basque to the pencil-skirt.

Valentin Yudashkin

So you can find ruffles at the hem dresses or as ornaments on the sleeves.


The waistband

Despite the fact that this type of dress must be without a waistband and suppose the lack of any seam on the waist, today more and more designers add the article a belt. Some advice to wear the dress in combination with a thing strap of brown color, other want to achieve the effect of a slim waist with the help of fabric.


The plackets

If you are going to a party or any other event, the dress code of which allow adding more sexuality in the outfit, you can choose Brandon Sun models with plackets on the hem. Denuded legs and cut-away shoulders are the perfect feminine weapons.

Brandon Sun

Strapless pencil-dress

This type of dress can be worn also without straps and you will not be able to wear it on business meetings, it would be better to keep it for a romantic date or a special event.



Despite the fact that many people think this dress must have a crew-neck, this season you can retreat a little from the rules and choose models with a deep V-neckline.


The pockets

Another distinctive feature of pencil-dresses in the Fall-Winter 2015-2015 season is the presence of side pockets. This can be seen in the collections of TSE, Temperley London.


The top and the skirt

Some trendsetters, among which the brand Raoul, decided to split the pencil-dress into a skirt and a top. It turned out quite original and practical, because if you are bored of this option, you can change the top or the bottom and get a completely new image.


As you already noted, the pencil-dress became more sexy and at the same time, very practical. Now every model can be worn everywhere: at work, at home, on a visit or on a special event. If you don’t know what model is trendy now, choose this one and you can’t go wrong as classics will never get out of the fashion.

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