Oscar de la Renta 12 celebrities dresses which become history

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Oscar de la Renta

Since 2006, the legendary designer Oscar de la Renta fought cancer, continuing at the same time to activate successfully. His latest creation, the Amal Alamuddin wedding dress, the bride of the most famous Hollywood bachelor George Clooney, was a beautiful point in more than a half-century of fashion career. The name of Oscar de la Renta has always been synonymous with luxury and great taste. He wore women not in order to become famous for bold ideas and crazy creative experiments, he was just creating them perfect. That is what has helped him in his time to be on top: when the 28-year-old Oscar, then still the obscure graduate of Madrid Academy of Art, sewed a dress for the prom daughter of the American ambassador in Spain, the outfit (and the girl) appeared on the cover of the magazine “Life”. This was followed by his activity in well-known fashion houses as Balenciaga and Lanvin, his moving to America and the creation of his own Oscar de la Renta brand. Two successful marriage – with a French aristocrat, and then a rich American heiress – opened the door into the high society. From his creations, the first ladies of USA melted in compliments, these were Jacqueline Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama once confessed that she always listens to de la Renta advices. His clients were the first Hollywood stars as Audrey Hepburn, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker, and dozens of others. “On the” Oscar “we get dressed by Oscar,” were laughing the goddess of the big screen and showed on the red carpet dresses made by the hot Spaniard. Many of his outfits forever entered in the history of the fashion. Let’s remember the most beautiful and impressive of them.

Amal Alamuddin

1. Amal Alamuddin on the wedding with George Clooney, September 2015

It is unlikely that Mrs. Clooney will dare to ever part with her wedding dress: a beautiful lace dress embroidered with pearls, has become the latest high-profile work of the great couturier. Amal in a wedding dress graced the cover of almost all magazines and newspapers, and for the American «Vogue» Oscar de la Renta has starred together with the bride during the fitting. One of the main George and Amal wedding intrigue became the name of the designer,to whom the future actor wife entrusted to sew her dress: that fact was kept secret until recently.

Hillary Clinton

2. Hillary Clinton on second swearing in of Bill Clinton in 1997

Hillary Clinton is still one of the most loyal clients of the designer: she wore his models on formal occasions and on the red carpet. In a golden lace dress by Oscar de la Renta, Hillary was on the second swearing in of her husband Bill in 1997.

Jessica Parker

3. Sarah Jessica Parker in the TV series “Sex and the City”

The brightest New York fashionista, Sarah Jessica Parker, is in love with Oscar de la Renta dresses since the time of the filming of the TV series “Sex and the City.” The red dress with a black belt from the  spring 2004 collection, her character Carrie Bradshaw wore on a date with the character Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Sarah Jessica

4. Sarah Jessica Parker at the Costume Institute Ball at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2015

The annual Costume Institute Ball is a kind of “Oscar” of fashion, where celebrities demonstrate the most luxurious haute couture outfits. This year hit was Sarah Jessica Parker black and white dress, on the hem of which the famous fashion designer embroidered his autograph with red letters  – Oscar de la Renta.

Taylor Swift

5. Taylor Swift at the Costume Institute Ball at New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2015

The young country singer is among ten highest-paid performers of America and successfully carries the title of a style icon. At the Costume Institute Ball, Taylor kept up with Sarah Jessica Parker – her pink dress with embroidered leaves on the bodice became one of the most stylish dresses of the evening.

Penelope Cruz

6. Penelope Cruz at the Costume Institute Ball at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2011

The temperamental Spaniard wore not only his celebrity clients, but often accompanied them on the red carpet. On Costume Institute Ball in 2011, he suddenly appeared hand in hand with his compatriot the lovely Penelope Cruz. On this occasion, the actress chose a black Oscar de la Renta dress, supplementing it with Chopard jewelries.

Oprah Winfrey

7. Oprah Winfrey at the Costume Institute Ball at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2010

It’s not easy to dress a lady with such outstanding forms as Oprah Winfrey. But Oscar brilliantly managed to do that! Maestro not only personally attended all the fitting of the TV presenter, but eventually became her knight on the red carpet.

Amy Adams 2013

8. Amy Adams at the “Oscars” – 2013

The airy dress of Amy Adams deservedly went into the top of three outfits of last year’s “Oscar” and the actress herself in this outfit is more often compared with a lovely swan.

Jessica Alba 2013

9. Jessica Alba at the “Golden Globes” – 2013

It would seem that Jessica has the perfect fit for any outfit. But in a slinky peach dress by Oscar de la Renta the actress looked especially stunning.

Freida Pinto

10. Freida Pinto at the Cannes Film Festival 2015

The scarlet evening dress, embroidered with ethnic gold patterns, perfectly emphasized the exotic beauty of the star from “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Cameron Diaz

11. Cameron Diaz at the “Oscars” – 2010

The owner of Hollywood’s most charming smile, on “Oscar 2010” shone (in the full sense of the word) in a gold dress, embroidered with sequins and rhinestones.


12. Rihanna at the “Brit Awards” Ceremony  in 2011

It’s hard to imagine the rebel Rihanna wearing a flowered dress. But for Oscar everything is impossible –  the Barbadian Wild Child is posing in a white dress, decorated with studs from the collection of Oscar de la Renta. The singer chose this model for the British awards “Brit Awards” in 2011.


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