Mary Katrantzou Resort collection Spring 2016

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Mary Katrantzou

The spring-Summer season is the time when you don’t have to be ashamed and hide the winning parts of your body behind long and shapeless overalls. Of course, fitted maxi dresses are the trend of last several seasons, but you can vary the wardrobe with something bolder.

The British designer wants to see a woman sexually, so the outfits created for the beautiful half of humanity are endowed with a variety of elements designed to attract men’s attention.

Mary Katrantzou Spring

Mary Katrantzou 2016

Mary Katrantzou

High waist short shorts occupy a leading position in the collection. It is advisable to combine them with a not less seductive transparent blouse.

High waist shorts

Another important point in the look book is the color scheme. Most models are decorated with embroidered letters. Purple and emerald green were the most popular, because mainly in such colors were created most of the looks. Also can be seen pastel shirts and a combination of different patterns.

The designer did not follow a strict position regarding the style of all items. He also presented skirts with ruffles at the hem, pencil dresses, short fitted models, and pantsuits.

Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou

Almost all images express the desire to underline the waist line with the help of a thin brown strap.

The author of the show took care also of those who are always cold. Shortened zipped jackets are an ideal option for a windy weather.

Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou

Original open toes and heel boots are harmoniously combined with a daring mini skirt. For more classic clothing options were designed shoes with pointed toes and original strap. The heel is also open.

In addition to the stylish outfit, the author has created no less colorful bags. These are small rectangular clutches, which combine several bright colors similar like clothes.

Mary Katrantzou shoes

Mary Katrantzou clutches