Clear lines in Alexander McQueen’s Resort collection 2016

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Alexander McQueen

We are used to associate the works of Alexander McQueen brand designers with a magic and fairy tale world and it seems that they don’t belong to the real world. But not this time!
Sarah Burton managed to please this time not only the true fans of the brand, who are accustomed to extravagance, but also those who would like to stand out, but at the same time to not become a “star of the evening.” Unambiguously, a key position belongs to laser perforations and voluminous appliqués.

But first things first…
Sarah Burton’s Resort collection is something very grounded and calm. In such outfit, you can go out in the city and also appear at a celebration. This is leather and colored fur in a very simple design that will fit in the daily activities of business ladies or women who try to combine the office work with the search of a companion. These are feminine and discreet images, complemented by creative heeled shoes and a bag without handles.
Curved silhouette and a broad shoulder line are only some particularities of the collection. Basques, folds lining the hip were used by the author as additional decorative elements. With their help, classic jackets got a festive look while dresses acquired a complex shape, becoming many sided.
Maxi length and bare shoulders is an option that will always be relevant. Short dress with wide skirt and form-fitting bodice is another line presented in the look book.
T-silhouette coats are endowed with a classic collar and zipper. A very unusual decor decision for the outerwear completes a transverse stripe at a bright shade hem.
The pant suit is presented as a double breasted jacket and flared trousers. There are also short-cut leather pants with high waist and a model of bright color.
Despite the fact that the style of clothes from this collection is much understated, it still can not be called boring. The volumetric application of colors creates on the dress the 3D effect while digital patterns look like hypnotizing.


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