Fashionable men’s pants Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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Fashionable men's pants

Clothes that women borrowed so skilfully from men, every year becomes more and more popular. Of course, we are talking about the favourite article of clothing such pants. Advantages of this wardrobe items can be listed for a long time, but most importantly is its practicality, which brought them a universal recognition.

It’s impossible not to love pants and it means that periodically, it is necessary to replenish our wardrobe with models from the new collections. You might ask: “What are the most stylish pants?” Let’s see that.

Fashionable pants

Last London, Milan, New York and other shows proved again that a man in pants look sexy and will always be surrounded by women attention.


We’ll start our review with the classic, dominating on podiums. Pants with crease look very elegant. By the way, now in trend are shortened length pants (ankle deep). Many fashion houses offered suits the main accent being mainly such models of pants.



A special place on the podium designers gave to pants, resembling somehow the last season model the skirt-pants.

Men's pants

Comme des Garcons

Calvin Klein

Inveterate fashionistas can now replenish their pant collections with a sample of ”banana pants”.

Banana pant

In Fall-Winter collections were also presented a wide variety of straight slim fit models of pants.

Christopher Kane


In fashion are again men’s pants with low leg seam. This trick can be used both for shortened classic models and for jersey and also leather models of men’s pants. Almost all trendy trousers for this season have this method of leg jointing.

Bottega Veneta


The length up to the sole or to the floor is still relevant, but designers still give preference to shortened panties.

Men's pants12 2015

Men's pants13 2016



The success of jersey from the last year lead to the appearance on the podium of the sweat pants. The style is similar to the wide classic pants, even the “leg seam is lowered” and the only difference is the material of which these are sewed.

Emporio Armani

Leather pants refuse to leave the list of fashion trends. This material is suitable for every actual styles, but the most demanding is the slim fit model.

Men's pants16 Fall

But the vast majority of fashionable pants for men in Fall-Winter 2015-2015 are made ​​of costume clothes – tweed, wool, velour.

Men's pants17 Winter

Christopher Shannon


In this cold season, besides usual dark colors for trousers (black, blue, gray), designers offer to pay attention to pants in moss green, beige, burgundy shades.


The most popular prints are large and small checks. Also can be seen polka dots and stripes.


In men’s locker room aren’t too many pants. This versatile clothing can be worn both in the office, for a walk or at a restaurant.

Men choose stylish models, as fashion was invented not only for the beautiful half. Your task is to look decent next to your girlfriend, and pants are the best solution for creating a noble and dignified look.

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