Trendy men’s shirts Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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Trendy men’s shirts

So, what can make any man look attractive and gallant? Of course it’s a shirt. But the selection of the model is not a simple task, because it should ideally sit on the figure, fit you in color and be fashionable.

From year to year, designers are trying to make clothes more universal, because the modern pace of life makes impossible to be at home several times a day and change for each event. So a shirt should be moderately strict so that a man could feel comfortable in it, not only in the office, but also during evening get-togethers with friends in a cafe or pub. It would be still nice to choose a not strongly shrinkable material, as men are very lazy people and do not prefer whimsical things. As for the color, it all depends on the individual preferences of each, although designers set some limitations, highlighting more and less fashionable shades.

The most common styles of men’s shirts are: classic, military, with or without a collar. But designers are known as being creative personalities, and that means that these models periodically undergo some modifications and then become longer, shorter, brighter and then darker.

Our review will help you decide on a style, based on fall-winter collections presented on the catwalks of the world.

Classic shirts

In the cold season, the most popular men’s shirts have always been classic. These models are characterized by the absence of a collar and pockets. They go perfectly with trousers, blazers, strictly style jackets, coats and knitted jumpers. In autumn and winter time, a classic shirt will be a perfect piece of wardrobe for those who are accustomed to look fashionable and neat.

Classic can be form-fitting or alternatively free cut, it depends on how confident you are in your own body shape. If “sticking out hips” it’s not about you, and then what you need is an elegant light-colored shirt that emphasizes the shoulders and torso. And if your body imperfections are showing, choose something free and less provocative.

Classic Collar shirts have always been more attractive than models without them. These are suitable for wearing with a sweater and will perfectly complement an everyday office attire.


Military style

Men in uniform will always be the favorite of women, but if your job has nothing to do with specialties involving wearing brutal uniforms, choose shirts in military style. In this cold season, you will hardly find models with epaulets, but the characteristic color and patch pockets are in trend.

Calvin Klein

Different length

An interesting decision for men’s shirts offered designers of John Galliano brands. They decided to derogate from standards and create the side parts of the shirt disproportionate. Such style must be worn on graduation because otherwise the result will be an undesirable one.

John Galliano

White classic shirts

As regards the color of classic shirts, then the leader is white.

White classic shirts

Blue shirts

If you think the blue color is not practical, and black is too obscure, then wear with no fear a dark blue or blue shirt.

Blue shirts

«In the shade of the blazer»

It is impossible not to note the trend “in the tone of the blazer.” Several fashion designers suggest choosing a three-piece suit, where the trousers, the jacket and the shirt are made ​​in one color shade.

Men’s shirts 2016

Reptile and animal print

Men’s shirts with animal and reptiles prints are popular not only on the women’s podium, but also at the shows of men’s collections.

Roberto Cavalli

Tribal prints

In addition, a special attention should be paid to tribal prints, which give the impression of three-dimensional images on a man’s body.


The check

For everyday wearing, designers offer to put on a check shirt. The size and color of checks may vary.

Men’s shirts 2015


As regards materials, then here no doubt the leaders are cotton and linen although we have to mention the presence of silk models in the collections of fall-winter 2015-2015 seasons. The colors of such shirts are pretty bright and trendy that is why these can be worn without blazer or any other additional elements.

Men’s shirts Fall-Winter

The shirt is an indispensable part of the male wardrobe, capable in a moment to transform a timid boy into a man, or to transform a regular guy in a stylish gentleman. Try on and experiment, because there is no other versatile style, than the one that is right for you.

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