Most fashionable eye make up for Fall 2015 – Winter 2016

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Today we will talk about colored wings, which according to many stylists from around the world, can rightly be considered the most fashionable eye make-up of the coming season.

Eye MakeUp 2016

A little history about eye make up…

Wings can make the look not only expressive, but also incredibly fascinating. This is a tricky method of focusing on the purest part of the face, because, as you know, eyes are the mirror of the soul.

The right eye make up is an opportunity to interest a person, to charm him, and even fall in love at first sight. It is therefore important to monitor the trends and know what methods of application of shadows, eyeliner or pencil are now the most actual.

Eye Make Up 2016

It’s not the first season when wings area popular method of eye makeup. The truth is that before, we were creating them mostly with black or brown eyeliner, while today, stylists advice to make our life a little brighter and apply on eyes bright shades. You can use all the colors of the rainbow and even their combination.

Make up Fall

How to choose the color of the wings?

Girls with brown eyes should opt for blue, green shades. Blue-eyed blondes should create blue, yellow or pink wings. But the luckiest are owners of gray and green eyes, because they can use any version of make-up, even in two layers-when above the black wing is created a colored line.


Recommendation on make up application:

Colored wings are a very noticeable emphasis on the face, so it is not necessary to combine them with a bright lipstick, blushes or eye shadows in contrasting colors. The tone of the lips with such variation of eye makeup should be as neutral as possible. Perfect is the fashionable nude .Choose a peach blush, as it can provide a warm skin tone and create a natural blush effect.



Despite the fashion trends, we must also specify that this makeup option is not appropriate in all cases. For example, in an office with a strict dress code it is better to not appear with blue arrows. And if you are an editor of a fashion magazine, a journalist or an advertising employee, then this style guide will be only welcomed, because you will be clearly demonstrating the society the trends of the season.

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