7 best beauty-looks from MTV Video Music Awards

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One of the major musical events of the year, the MTV Video Music Awards 2015 ceremony, ended few hours ago. We’ve watched not only the distribution of awards and stars performances, but also the looks from the red carpet, and have selected the best.

Last year, the MTV Video Music Awards has long been the center of attention because of the  scandalous performance of Miley Cyrus after which the world began the twerk-mania! This time there was no such scandalous behavior, yet the audience had something to watch, to be astonished at and to be delighted with. As it always happens, the appearance of the stars on the red carpet became a real show.

Beyonce VMA 2015

Beyonce did not change her style. Although ​​bold experiments are not something new for her (for one last year, she could  appear with a”pixie” hairstyle and with a fashionable bob), for the appearance on the MTV VMA 2015 red carpet she chose a classic image with natural lush curls and a nude makeup. Beige lipstick, eye shadow in the shade of coffee and accentuated eyebrows – thanks to these details, Beyonce looked very natural, and her sexuality still can not be replaced. As always, she managed to stress her glamour with a very seductive outfit.

Solange Knowles VMA 2015

On the MTV VMA 2015 red carpet, Solange Knowles did not remain in the shade of her sister Beyonce. The girl was wearing an elegant black tuxedo, she left her hair down, curly and lush, obtaining a hairstyle in disco style. At first sight, her make-up looked very natural: a perfect skin tone, on lips – a lip-gloss in nude color, the eyebrows neatly “arranged”. But still she had an unusual accent on the eyes – Solange used false eyelashes with pink feathers.

Rita Ora VMA 2015

Despite her predilection to impress and shock, Rita Ora showed one of the most elegant look on the red carpet. Lately, she has experimented a lot with her hair color, but this time she decided to leave her “branded” platinum blond. Her hair was combed back in a sexual manner, while for makeup she chose classic methods: the eyes were emphasized with black wings and fake eyelashes and lips with red lipstick. In combination with the red dress, all made Rita a modern Marilyn Monroe.

Nina Dobrev VMA 2015

The puffy high ponytail in the performance of Nina Dobrev, her luxurious hair is her pride – is the perfect hairstyle for a special occasion and red carpet appearance. The actress complemented it with a harmonious makeup with red lipstick, fluffy eyelashes and accentuated eyebrows line.

Jourdan Dunn VMA 2015

For the British model Jourdan Dunn, the appearance on MTV VMA 2015 ceremony was an occasion to show off her recent visit to the stylist. The girl parted with her long hair to get a very fashionable hairdo – an elongated bob. The hair is longer in front and shorter in the back and it is the most fashionable version of this hairstyle. The transformation was a real success!

Jennifer Lopez VMA 2015

Like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, demonstrated a look in her usual classic style. Straight and carefully arranged hair, make up in mainly natural beige shades is what we have seen on Jennifer several times. Like in many other situations, she accentuated the eyes with an expressive smoky eyes. On lips she applied a seductive pinkish gloss.

Kesha VMA 2015

The female singer Kesha has always had a bold enough reputation to experiment with most unusual appearances. It seems now that her hair had all the colors of the rainbow: the roots have green and emerald shades, along the length of the hair there are pink, purple, blue strands. Her interpretation of hair dyed in different colors looks extremely elegant. This is because she “balances” the brightness of the coloring with a calm, neutral makeup.

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