Fashionable blouses Fall 2015

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The amount of blouses for women in Fall 2015 collections is numerous and diverse. In fashion are astringencyand restraint, as well as the audacious romance style. Each young lady will be able to find a blouse according to her character and position in life, and to facilitate your choice, we offer you to read the following review.

Fashionable blouses

Leather blouses

Leather blouses continue to march through the fashion Olympus, so if you still have not got this fashionable piece of clothing, hurry up. Leather blouse can be perfectly combined with a pencil skirt and various styles of pants, which in autumn are the basis of a woman’s wardrobe.

Leather blouses

Black blouses

The black blouse is another trend of Fall 2015. It can be made of different materials (silk, chiffon, leather, cotton, etc.). As décor, designers agreed that black and silver sequins can be best combined with a dark blouse.

Black blouses

Giorgio Armani

Black blouses

Combination of black and translucent

Blouses made of two materials have long been loved by fashionistas. The leaders of these styles are models made ​​of dense black fabric or leather, decorated with a translucent material of the same color.

Blouses Fall

Blouses with short and wide sleeves

Despite the fact that autumn is a fairly cool season, this period, designers offer to make the blouse with short wide sleeves the basis of your wardrobe. The loose cut of the blouse allows you to combine it with any bottom. Also, this model is characterized by average length and lapels of the sleeves.

Blouses 2015

Blouses with full sleeves

Blouse with full sleeves can be combined with sundresses, skirts, trousers and shorts, forming a complex multi-layered structure, which would be desirable to examine and study for good hours.


Three quarter sleeves

Despite the fact that now in vogue is the abundance of decor, many designers still care about the style of business women and do not forget to present articles in their collections in simple cut and without any additional parts. Loose blouses with short sleeves are dominated in the collection of Lisa Perry.

Lisa Perry

Zipper blouses

A novelty for fashionistas can be zipped blouses or blouses with big buttons. This option is perfect if you work in an office or if you plan to go on a business meeting during the lunch break.


Translucent blouses

Designers support women’s desire to be sexy and desirable, offering increasingly to put on quite frank products. Models of translucent blouses were presented in the collections of many designers.


Geometrical prints

Blouses with all sorts of stripes, triangles and diamonds make its possessor a bright representative of the fair sex. Such blouses can be combined with a calm and monotonous bottom. This may be classic black or white pants, a pencil skirt or a bold monophonic mini skirt.

Fausto Puglisi

Short-cut blouses

The desire to reveal any part of the body is always present in female’s mind. Some opt for this short skirts or shorts, others a deep neckline, but most stylish ladies know that in Fall 2015 is fashionable to wear short-cut blouses, which show to the public a little of the belly.

House of Holland

Oversized blouses

Dimensionless models of blouses are quite popular in Fall 2015. They help hiding figure flaws and create a festive look.

Issey Miyake

No matter what style of blouse you would choose, remember that it must be liked especially by you! Adorn yourself with fine clothes and have fun with your own reflection in the mirror. A happy woman is a lady who primarily is satisfied of herself.


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