Fashionable Fur Fall 2015

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Fur is a sign of luxury, refinement and good taste. Lady dressed in a coat made of this material or a product with a warm and fluffy collar can not walk down the street unnoticed. Fur is the queen of podiums also in the coming Fall-Winter 2015-2015 season, because no collection can get along without it. It shines on the neck, arms, legs and shoulders of fashionistas.


If you decided to add fur articles to your wardrobe it worth choosing articles of karakul, mink, lynx, chinchilla or sable. Especially the fur of these fluffy animals prevails in the collections of designers in Fall-Winter 2015-2015.

The most fashionable fur

Mink and karakul bypasses furry competitors and strive to be leaders on the podium. In the Fall-Winter 2015-2015 fashion season, designers not only sew garment, but also all kinds of accessories, shoes, skirts, tops and other wardrobe items. Fur trim is another fashion trend this season. In the collections of fashion designers also can be found sleeves and collars made of this material.

Fashionable fur

Fur collars

Fur palatine does not come down from the pedestal and continues to adorn the sophisticated neck of models of many fashion designers. In the trend are not only natural colors, but also the dyed ones.

Dennis Basso

Fur 2015

Coat with fur

Coats have become a very familiar item of wardrobe and designers have decided to breathe new life into it. And to help them in this difficult endeavor came the fur. Hem, collar or hood made of it, mainly in bright colors, adorns coats of not only one designer collection.

Fall 2015


Fur tops and blouses

Fur blouses and tops that have appeared in the last season continue to gain popularity. Styles of tops with bare hands look particularly sexy. They help to emphasize the delicacy and fragility of female silhouette.


Fur vests

The fashion of fur vests came to us a few seasons ago. Then this option of outerwear became a bestseller. Today, many ladies continue to wear such vests, however, their popularity decreases. In Fall 2015, designers advice to select models of elongated jackets. The coloring of product departs from classical. In the trend are animalistic colors and fur dyed in bright and rich colors.



Fur sleeves

Another hit of the Fall season in 2015 are the fur sleeves. This decor will provide you warmth and comfort, in fact, hands are the one to be hold warm in cold autumn evenings.


Fur scarves

Long fur scarves in bright and black colors will be appreciated by lovers to spend Sunday nights in a cozy restaurant. They add the image sophistication and refinement. It can be combined with a trouser suit and a dress or a pencil skirt of varying length.


Fur dresses and skirts

Women’s desire to be always in warmth and comfort, pushed designers to create warm dresses and skirts. Fur products can be of free-form or a close fitting cut. Animal print is clearly the leader.


Fur bags

In the trend are not only fur clothes. The second season, this material is one of the most popular in the fabrication of handbags. Such bags, in various shapes, sizes and colors, look incredibly stylish.


Fur coats

The king of fur items has always been and will remain the fur coat. At this time, designers have not changed the shape of the upper apparel, but they worked out well their color. Bright color such coats dominated the Fall-Winter 2015-2015 fashion shows. The product’s length is mostly average (to the knee), although short coats are also in trend.

Versace Coats


In Fall 2015, designers continue to use this material as a base for sewing winter outwear, and continue to experiment and complement with such elements the hem of coats, skirts, bags and shoes.


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