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Today, August 25, is the birthday of one of the most beautiful American actress Blake Lively. She is celebrating the 27th anniversary and meanwhile, admiring her incredible beauty, we get a load of her beauty secrets and remember her best looks from the red carpet and advertising campaigns.

Blake Lively beauty

First, the world was looking with fascination at stunning Serena van der Woodsen from”Gossip Girl,” who was played on the TV series by Blake Lively and then had a crush on the actress herself and never took their eyes off her. Each of her appearance in public were in the limelight and she never disappointed those who watched her- a flawless styling (most often – amazing curls tresses in Hollywood style), an expressive makeup and a gorgeous figure are the key elements that always make the image of the actress.

Blake Lively secrets

Hearing the name of Blake, few remember her first role in the movie “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”, when Lively first reached the peak of popularity. Then, after a few comedies and melodramas, where  Blake was invited excitedly, as well as shootings in the movie “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2″, there was another breakthrough – the already mentioned” Gossip Girl.” 6 years of filming the show made  Blake a role model in matters of style and also a beauty icon. Later she confirmed these statutes again and again on the screen (in the movie “The Town,” “Green Lantern” and “Savages”), and in life – at the premieres of these movies, and many other events.

Blake’s pride is the stylist from Beverly Hills Rona O’Connor, who works wonders with her wheat color lush hair. “She’s a real man of art – it is enough to just collect my hair in a bun, and then loose them, and the result will look great” – admitted Lively. Her hair (of course, after tasteful dresses) is that can highlight her from the crowd of shining stars. Neat and elegant waves, separated by a side parting, turn the actress in a diva of Old Hollywood era. Perfectly straightened hair complements her minimalist looks. But apart from these relatively simple hairstyles, Blake is able to “wear” with a particular art intricate braids of various kinds (classical, “fishtail” and plaits), clever and elegant beams, ponytails and more.

Blake’s looks are also loved and for her exemplary blond. But this is not a color she is faithful to – in 2011, she decided on a bold coloring and turned into mermaid Ariel, receiving a red-red shade of hair. She appeared several times with this color, but soon returned to her usual bright shades and since then, she never changes it.

Blake Lively redhead

As for makeup, even on special occasions, Blake often prefers the nude gamma. She revives the complexion with a pale pink blush and a lipstick or lipgloss of the same shade, and certainly she applies mascara in some layers  because having small eyes, gives the effect of wide-open eyes. Blake also does smoky eyes and uses a dark eyeliner and she completes the most exquisite looks with the classic red lipstick.

The advantages of her appearance and her measureless charm also helped her to get several major beauty-contracts, which many celebrities can only dream of. For a time, the actress has been the face of the Gucci Premiere fragrance of the Italian house Gucci, and in 2013 she appeared in line of L’Oreal beauty messengers. Her luxurious  hair allowed her to advertise care products for hair and her beautiful facial features – cosmetic products.

Gucci Premiere

Shot from Gucci Premiere fragrance advertising

5 beauty secrets of Blake Lively

– How to repeat Blake’s “special” waves? “Usually, I almost completely dry my hair, but three percent they are still wet, and this helps in fixing – said the actress in an interview. – Sometimes, after I put on a drop of hair mousse, I gather them in a bun like a ballerina, and when I loose them, I get large waves. ”

– The beautiful blond of the actress is another detail that make her a beauty icon. “I do not like to dye my hair in a light shade up to the roots – she said. – This is not Ombre actually but only a natural “base”, and after it – starts the golden shade. “If you look carefully at Blake looks, you will see that the roots are always darker than the main length of the hair, and this looks the most natural.

– As regards the make up, Blake advices to experiment. This is what she is doing when being on holiday: “Such days allow to play and to be more inventive. I bring into play glitter – I dye my nails with different nail-polishes with glitter and I also use funny eyeshadow with metallic effect.”

– When the look has to be expressive enough, the make up artist Elaine Offers uses a black eyeliner: “Dark shades, when speaking about Blake, help transform the make up in a bold statement!” She underlines the lower lash-line with a black eye pencil although she usually uses either gold or beige eye pencil.

– “Whatever it was, if you wear it with confidence, then you will always look amazing. Then it will be a reflection of your own, of what you are “- says Blake when it comes to fashion and beauty. She advises to adopt trends and beauty-tricks either with courage, determination and confidence, or in no way.

Blake Lively

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