8 best beauty looks from 2015 Emmy awards

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In Los Angeles, took place the “Emmy” awards, which for TV stars is equivalent to  “Oscar”. We followed its course and also followed the red carpet in search of the most beautiful looks of celebrities, which we hereby represent in our review.

Traditionally, decorations of one of the main ceremonies of the year – “Emmy” – were, of course, brilliant actresses and other stars who appeared on the red carpet before the ceremonial announcement of the winners and “distribution” of statues. Although the “Oscar” was not for all ladies, they all had the opportunity to “win” the attention of the audience with the beauty of their looks.

January Jones

January Jones Emmy 2015

The actress January Jones, who played the role of the charming Betty Draper in the TV series “Mad Men”, was the lady in red and she did not intended to be the femme fatale. The red lipstick, in combination with the black wings looked elegant while her hairstyle looked somehow impudent thanks to the careless arranged straight bang.

Claire Danes

Claire Danes Emmy 2015

The star of the TV series “Homeland” Claire Danes, also opted for the expressive red color. But in her case, the femme fatale was not a good option but does she need that? Claire gathered her hair into a low bun, with no elegant partings and other details and instead, the actress carelessly ‘adorned’ her hair with loose strands, as if the beam was tied in a hurry and were slightly messed up for the evening. Despite this, such hairstyle can be ideally complemented with a red lipstick that shines glossy on her lips, and the eyes, beautifully underlined with a black eye pencil.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani Emmy 2015

The female singer Gwen Stefani began to slowly depart from her usual classic style. Instead of using the blood-red lipstick and classic wings, the actress decided to do a smoky eyes in soft brown shades and also created the current trendy effect of kissed lips with the help of a plump color lipstick applied so that it could not have that rich, intense color.

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks Emmy 2015

Christina Hendricks, the girl with luxurious body shape and passionate red hair, does not need much to look stunning. A well chosen dress is 90% success on the red carpet, the other 10 are natural waves, separated by a side parting and a soft make up with a transparent peach lip gloss that underline the actress’s natural beauty.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco Emmy 2015

Kaley Cuoco demonstrated her recent haircut. This year, the actress chose the same haircut as other celebrities, opting for the laconic “pixie” haircut. This transformation was perfect for her because having a simple fringe in the past, she wasn’t so bold as she is now. Her soft make up in pink shades, in the tone with the chosen dress, smoothed things over and made her look more feminine and tender.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Emmy 2015

On the red carpet, we can expect anything from the German model Heidi Klum because she is not afraid to suddenly change the classic femininity with the punk style. Although this time, she decided to not experiment: the star parted the hair in the middle, arranged it in neat large waves and did a makeup focusing her attention on the eye so as to attract the attention with the help of shimmering brown eyeshadows and false eyelashes.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Emmy 2015

Julia Roberts was fortunate in that she, unlike many other stars, does not need to think carefully about how to underline more her beautiful eyes, to apply lipstick on her sensual lips or to emphasize her  cheekbones. The main “decoration” of the actress is her huge and charming smile. So that the basis of her  makeup was done in nude shades and the emphasis was only on the eyes by performing a smoky eyes in soft brown shades. Light waves, separated by parting, completed her impeccable look.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Emmy 2015

Sofia Vergara is equally luxurious both on the screen (on TV, we see it in the TV series “Modern Family”), and in life. On the red carpet we should not expect anything else from her. The Colombian beauty showed her thick and shiny hair gathered in a very simple way –  curled only at the tips emphasizing in the best way the beauty of her facial features. The eyes are “opened” by using fluffy eyelashes, the eye contour is slightly made with brown while the matte red lipstick makes her white smile even more radiant and “expensive”.

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