Altuzarra Midseason Collection 2015: Classic Fall

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Altuzarra Midseason

The favorite of critics and American public, Joseph Altuzarra, once again did not disappoint the audience. His midseason collection, like previous presentations, is laconic and simple from on side and interesting and full of original ideas from the other side.

The office style and business lady look lay in the foundation of the collection. The designer wanted to please mainly the representatives of business. Or maybe this is only his hidden desire to make others look elegant despite the profession.

The main accent is made on the color palette consisting of calm light and dark shades, diluted with bright brick and blue color.

Altuzarra Collection

Plaid can be found in the collections of many designers and Joseph Altuzarra is no exception. The combination of plaid clothes is a good solution for this season. If you choose a neutral suit, then a kerchief or a scarf with similar print will help show that you are in trend.

Altuzarra Fall

Fundamentals of the collection consist of skirts, which in the designers’ view should emphasize the female sexuality. The designer has decided to achieve this effect, mainly by means of high plackets on the hips. If you are not ready for such a frank demonstration of your feet, you can choose a model with draped transparent fabric, which will mute the effect of the plackets.

Altuzarra 2015

The voluminous top represents another trend from the author. In its imagination, the fragile female figure should be hidden under a T- silhouette coat or a short cut double-breasted coat.



The pencil dress is an outfit which must be present in the wardrobe of any business woman. The author of the collection used solid one-color skirts and dresses. You decide what color scheme is the most successful. As regards the neckline, here we have two variants: V-shaped or under neck.


It is impossible not to note the return of pencil skirts popularity. In combination with a light blouse, they create an elegant tandem, suitable for work or for cultural events.


Form-fitting single-breasted jackets in dark and light shades can be successfully combined with skirts and trousers, which in turn should be tight-fitted and shortened. Side pockets are a mandatory item of the cut.


Shoes with a pointed toe and a daring stiletto heel are again at the peak of popularity. The fashion designer presented in his collection go-go boots, ankle boots without heels and classic court shoes.

Altuzarra Shoes

As a conclusion, we can say that the designer tried to please the whimsical ladies and invented in detail their daily working image. In such dress the routine becomes very enjoyable, because the number of compliments from colleagues and passersby will not know the limit.