Wedding Makeup 2017

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When we say bride, then immediately comes to mind something very candid, delicate, of a flawless beauty. For this reason, the bride must not disappoint, but rather impress with her dress, hairstyle, accessories and even cosmetic products. The makeup is also an important aspect in the creation of the perfect wedding picture and it will be chosen depending on the dress color, on the peculiarities of skin and on the overall theme of the event.

Wedding makeup for 2017

What are the 2017 wedding makeup trends?

They say the clothes we wear are the one that decide the 2017 wedding makeup colors. This does not refer to the bride dressed in white. With the exception of one detail: the combination of cold and warm shades.

Therefore, if the bride wears a beige or ivory dress, the makeup may be done in warm shades, and if the wedding dress is white, pink or purple, then we will use the cool shades.

Exceptions will do the light blue eyes: if the bride’s makeup is done in cool shades, it will look like The Snow Queen, so the makeup will be done in warm shades. In eye makeup, we recommend the use of additional shades, i.e. brick, blue, orange, gold, yellow … In addition, the makeup must comply with the exterior of every woman, including with the hair, skin color…

If you have planned your weeding in 2017, learn about the last trends here.

Bright wedding makeup 2017

Another myth, is saying that the ideal wedding makeup is the natural makeup, done in natural colors … beige, brown, bright pink, creating a very delicate look. But the reality says that the bride is the one who decide what makeup to choose and how natural or bright it will be. There are many women who feel comfortable with a very expressive eye makeup.

In addition, you should know also how you will look in the photos where the most expressive 2017wedding makeup looks much better.

In the wedding day, the bride is the main character therefore, dear brides, be yourself, do not get influenced by others when making a decision or make a certain choice.

Nude 2017 wedding makeup

What steps to follow in order to get a perfect wedding makeup 2017

1. With at least a week before the wedding, make a cosmetic treatment to remove impurities and imperfections from the skin surface, which will be visible even under used cosmetics.

2. Your skin needs cleansing and moisturizing. If you are using a too oily cream, apply a small amount, otherwise you risk that your makeup will not last all day (and all night).

3. Eyebrows should be ideal. If you have problems at this chapter, consult an expert and make an eyebrows correction because most of the time, the correction of the eyebrow shape can take up to several months.

4. Correctly apply the makeup base: the foundation, concealer and powder.

If you want to look good in pictures, the base has to be more consistent in order to hide any visible imperfection. In addition, apply enough face powder for makeup to last longer over time.

5. The eye makeup will be chosen depending on the preferences of each bride. We recommend using mate eyeshadows in order to look good in pictures. The iridescent and glittering eyeshadows will reflect the light. If you want to look glamorous, you can even apply false eyelashes.

6. The blush color must match the lipstick color. If your lips are nude, choose the color depending on eye makeup. Warm shades will be used in combination with a red blush and cool shades – a pink shade blush. In addition, add a little beige above the cheekbones … you’ll get a discreet luminosity.

7. If the makeup is expressive, use a lipstick in natural shades or just a lip gloss in natural shades. If the eye makeup is natural, you can apply a lipstick in brighter colors, including red. Apply only water resistant lipsticks, otherwise you will have to apply them after the arrival of each guest.

Wedding makeup 2017, pictures:


Wedding makeup tips

When creating the wedding makeup 2017, use only expensive and quality cosmetic products. They will not only allow you to create an impressive look, but will also protect the young skin.

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