Wedding Hairstyles 2017

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If you are one of those lucky ones, who set the wedding date for the year 2017, then you must be already looking for the perfect wedding image, choose for that a wonderful wedding dress, wedding shoes and bridal makeup, manicure and hairstyle. This will exclusively depend on your preferences, on your style and finally, on the choosen wedding decor. In this article we will tell you which the main trends in terms of Wedding Hairstyles 2017 are.

Wedding hairstyles for 2017

There have already been 2017’s most fashionable presentations of fashion houses specializing in weddings, and this means they have been presented also the wedding hairstyles 2017. Wedding hairstyles with hair left loose on the back, short hair hairstyles or hairstyles with bangs. Wedding hairstyles with accessories, tiaras and veil. High and low wedding hairstyles. Most popular stayed bridal hairstyles with braids.

Wedding hairstyles 2017

Vintage, classic, modern, complicated and daring wedding hairstyles. Choose the hairstyle depending on the style of the wedding dress.

2016 wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles trends 2017

The reason why everyone is looking forward to the fashion shows is that they are inexhaustible sources for inspiration and for fashion, for hairstyles and makeup in general. They present new ideas to the use of accessories, showing the diversity of hairstyle types and makeup application techniques. The last week of the wedding fashion for Spring 2017 charmed everyone with the multitude of modern, romantic and elegant wedding images, matching not only the classic wedding dresses, but also suits with trousers, for example the suit from Carolina Herrera presented for the new season. Fashion shows have already launched wedding images trends for the 2017.

Wedding hairstyles 2017 trends


Some girls consider that the wedding dress, veil and bride shoes has to be matched with a similar makeup and a hairstyle in several layers, but designers of the new season prove that sometimes the fewer the better. It would be ideal to put out only your natural beauty and nothing more.

Wedding hairstyles 2017 naturalness

Flowers in accessories

In this image you can even fall in love at first sight because it is so feminine and romantic. You can add to the accessories a thin hair strand making also a side parting. This style can be also seen in fashion shows.

Wedding hairstyles 2017 flowers in accessories

Flower head wreath

In the new season, the flower head wreath has a different shape. One of the options is a not too big wreath of greenery or decorated with some floral compositions. Such wreath will make the wedding hairstyle look wonderful. A wreath of roses or flowers in the hair will never lose their actuality because flowers always give a touch of delicacy and freshness. Also, another type of head wreath, added to a wedding hairstyle, is a small bouquet of flowers put only on one side. Flowers can be in any amount. It all depends on the preferences of the bride and on the wedding style. Such wreath can be added to any hairstyle – from hair left loose on the back, and up to a complicated beautiful hairstyle.

Wedding hairstyles with wreath 2017

Curly hair in the style of the 40’s

If the bride wants to create a unique image and glamour, then the hairstyle in the style of the ’40s is ideal. It is very easy and natural, but if you will add some shining clips on both sides (or around the head), this will focus on the sparkling gaze and will give a touch of glamour chic. Ideal is considered the curly hair by nature, it will just have to be washed and arranged. Owners of a straight hair will need to carefully curl the hair and then give it some volume. The bohemian curls look is ideal.

Wedding hairstyles 2017 curly hair

Latest trends in hairstyles and makeup tell us that the image should be as easy and natural possible, therefore lightweight bohemian curls are considered one of the most fashionable hairstyles for the new season. Such hairstyle will give a slight note of chic and will show the refined taste of its owner, being perfect for both day and for the most important day in the life of any lady who wants to look like a real princess.

Wedding hairstyles 2017 medium hair

Braids and bohemian knots

If you want the bohemian style of the wedding hairstyles to move to a new level, you can add some thin braids and knots. This image has been demonstrated in the fashion show of the brand Houghton.

Wedding hairstyles 2017 braids and knots

Sleek hair bun

Regardless of the emergence of new trends in wedding hairstyles, the classic and elegant image will always be actual, giving to the entire image a special note of refinement and femininity. Such styling is ideal for long-haired brides who want to look flawless in their special day without taking the wrong decisions. The look was presented by the designer Pamella Roland.

Wedding hairstyles 2017 sleek hair bun

French braids

These are ideal for romantic brides who like classic hairstyles. A large fabric flower can be used as a decor. This hairstyle was presented by Oscar de la Renta, being ideal for light and romantic dresses.

Wedding hairstyles 2017 French braids

Voluminous bun

If we play a little and gather the hair into a messy bun, giving volume and decorating it with a tiara, you’ll get a hairstyle inspired by the 1900’s. Such hairstyle has been demonstrated in Theia fashion show.

Wedding hairstyles 2017 voluminous bun

Tiaras round the head

Such styling is ideal for bold brides who want to be in the spotlight. This reminds us of ancient times (we see deep in our mind images inspired from the series “Game of Thrones”). Namely this look was presented by Naeem Khan in the new season.

Wedding hairstyles 2017 with tiara

Low ponytail

It is perfect for classic wedding dresses. Can be chosen options with hair pulled tightly back, set atop the head, such as those presented by Kelly Faetanini. You can also opt for a more free style, with thin hair strands dropped down slightly, like those of Claire Pettibone, who matched the fashion bohemian style for 2017.

Wedding hairstyles 2017 low ponytail


There are no restrictions when it comes to accessories for wedding hairstyles. The rule is one – everything is in moderation. Head bands and lace flowers, metallic head bands will make your hairstyle look amazing. Do not opt for tiaras and hairpins with rhinestones – they belong to the past.

Wedding hairstyles 2017 long hair

Tips for choosing a wedding hairstyle

  • It would be ideal to make an appointment to more hairdressers, to choose the one that will be comfortable to work with. In addition, the master must be able to give correct advice, not just to agree with you
  • The hairstyle will be chosen not only by style or such, just from a magazine that presents wedding hairstyles for long hair. Experiment and see different options. It is important that it matched the shape of the face and the wedding dress. For example, if the dress is pretty simple and classic, the hairstyle has just to emphasize the image, and not bring attention to it.
  • It is very important to choose beforehand what you’ll put on your head on your wedding day. The point is that the wedding hairstyles with veil look totally different as compared to the hairstyles with tiara.
  • Before going to the hairdresser, choose those hairstyles that you like. Then, with the master, choose the option that is ideal for you
  • You have to take a trial hairstyle. It must not only be what you like, but you must also feel comfortable with it. Try to take a picture with the hairstyle and wearing your wedding dress. This way you will see from one side if the hairstyle is in harmony with the image or if you need to choose something different. In addition, you can show him/her the imperfections so that in your wedding day everything looks ideal.
  • Follow the time you will need for the execution of the trial hairstyle. Thus, you can also plan other activities on your wedding day.
  • Carefully choose the accessories for the wedding hairstyle. These can be various clips, beads and flowers. However, the accessories must not be excessive in order to not outshine the wedding hairstyle.
  • Make sure the hairdresser will not use too much hairspray glitter. There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy and neat hair. So take care of it in time. Apply special masks, make regenerative procedures recommended by your hairdresser.
  • Don’t experience with the hair color shortly before the wedding. If you plan it, then do it some time earlier, in order to correct the color if it will be not the one you expected. Just few days before the wedding, you can just cover the roots of the grown hair, so they look fresh and well groomed.
  • There’re hairdressers, who may insist to choose the hairstyle he wants and in the style chosen by him/her. But this can only prove the lack of his/her professionalism. For example, the wedding hairstyles for medium length hair can be done in several ways. These may be recommended by your hairdresser, but the choice is only yours.

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