What to Wear on New Year Eve 2019

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Every New Year is a time of change and fulfillment of desires, and the preparation for this celebration deserves all the attention. Depending on the main mascot of the next year, which is determined by the old eastern calendar, it is important to properly prepare the menu, eat, decorate the home and, of course, select the New Year’s outfit. On New Year’s Eve we have to wear clothes in the shade of warm sand, yellow and brown shades as 2019 is the year of the earth dog. So, next you will find out in the smallest detail how you have to look on this winter celebration.

New Year outfits 2019

Yellow Dresses

The dress is what best emphasize the feminine look. A new yellow dress will make you look impeccable and unforgettable at any event, whether you meet the New Year with close to close friends or you attend a noisy New Year party. An ideal option will be the satin fabric dresses in absolutely any shade of yellow from the lemon yellow, to the intense shade of honey. Lace, chiffon, brocade, velvet and other fabrics will also look harmonious.

What dresses to wear on New Year’s Eve 2019



Yellow New Year Dress 2019

Short dress for new year 2019


Brown dresses

Meeting the Year of the dog in a brown dress, you will thank the master of the next year and he will answer you with favor. Depending on where you plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve, a dress like this can be seductive, extravagant or complicated, either simple, refined, elegant, without excesses.

New year dresses 2019

Long dress for New Year party 2019



What to wear outside on 2019 New Year’s Eve

If you intend to spend a New Year’s Eve on the street, it is worthwhile to wear outerwear in these nuances. The benefit of modern fashion allows you to do this for every taste and style. Your look can consist of a quilted jacket or coat. But if you want to please the 2019 dog and look in fashion, it’s best to choose oversize jacket designs made in the warm range of yellow or brown colors.





What to wear outside the city on 2019 New Year’s Eve

According to many astrologists, 2019 will be best celebrated in the mountains or outside the city. And here, you have to observe the basic rules in clothes, not to disappoint the dog. For comfort, warmth and elegance, you can choose sweaters, pants, cardigans in brown and yellow shades. Also, the look can be completed with a large scarf, wrapped around the neck, in the main colors of the year.




If for some reason you could not find the New Year’s outfit in the main colors of 2019, do not despair, the yellow or brown footwear can save the situation. Boots, shoes, sandals, boots to the ankle and other footwear in any shade of brown and yellow will harmoniously complement both the evening gown and a simpler outfit to meet New Year’s Eve with friends in the street or outside the city.

Footwear for new year 2019





The perfectly thought-out image is an indispensable condition for creating an elegant look. And for that, the wonderful choker, so famous in the previous season, could not miss. Made of faux and genuine leather, adorned with chains, metal staples and nails – these are exactly what dogs like. Also pay attention to decorations in the shape of medals, made of metal, and not gold or silver, the modest and conservative dog likes these precious metals.

Accessories for new year 2019



Makeup for New Year’s Eve 2019

And makeup has to be in line with the latest New Year fashion trends to please the host of next year. Here, as in other cases, it is better to use the yellow and brown shades. And if brown shades are quite traditional for evening makeup and look best in the Smoky eye style, then the yellow ones will suit the courageous and determined people. They can be applied in the form of mascara, eyeliner or combined with lighter shades.

makeup for new year eve 2019




Nail ideas for New Year

When creating the New Year’s image, we should not forget the New Year’s Manicure. As a rule, nail art complements the outfit and always equates to its colors. Yellow or brown nails with smooth and textured designs, decorated with stones, beads and other decorations – all of which are very pleasing to the dog. More creative ladies can represent the symbol of the year on one of their nails, the result will be very original and unusual.

What manicure to wear on new year celebration party 2019




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