Swimwear Spring-Summer 2019

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Every year comes the long awaited season, when everyone leaves their business for later, takes a vacation and head to the South, closer to the sea and the sandy beach. Almost all the clothes are packed, the tickets purchased, remains the last detail – a new swimsuit. When choosing the optimal swimsuit design, you have to focus on the silhouette, age and fashion trends of the season. Swimwear 2019 will allow you to trust yourself, hide imperfections and accentuate the silhouette and at the same time respect fashion trends.

Swimwear 2019

Crop-top Swimsuits

One of the main trends of the resort season for the summer of 2019 will be the crop-top swimsuit. It can be fitted or light and sleeved. The most interesting patterns were offered by designers like Luli Fama, Beach Bunny and Lolli Swim.

What swimsuit to wear in 2019

Crop-top swimsuits 2019


New swimsuit designs

Swimsuits with tassels

Equally relevant are the bathing suits decorated with yarn tassels. They became more chic and feminine. Some designers have decorated with tassels not just swimsuits, but also accessories and jewelery. Examples of swimsuits with tassels are found in Aguaclara, Agua Bendita and Beach Bunny.

Swimwear trends 2019


Laces and Knots

Another hot success of the upcoming season are the swimsuits, with a variety of all sorts of narrow strips, bands and laces that are located in different parts. And although in the fashion trend this model has been present for many years in a row, next summer popularity will reach the momentum.

Fashion swimwear 2019


What swimsuit to wear in summer 2019

The novelty of the season became the swimsuits with garters. These look, of course, original, but how comfortable it is to sunbath or swim wearing them?!

Swimsuits with garters 2019


One-piece swimsuits

Among the one piece swimsuits, sexy patterns with deep cleavage and large cuts on hips in the style of the 80’s are very relevant. The impressive revealing of parts of the body through challenging cuts prompts us to make designers of Gottex, Mister Triple X, Luli Fama and others.

One piece swim suits 2019


One piece swimsuit with deep neckline

Bikini 2019

Through the efforts of Courtney Allegra, Montce and For Love&Lemons designers, the bold and sexy bikini swimsuits are gloriously revived on fashion podiums. So it’s time to go to the gym and bring the silhouette in shape.

Bikini swimsuits 2019



At the height of glory are the very colored and bright prints. What did not draw designers on bathing suits?! Floral motifs, animal prints, mysterious abstract elements, marine elements are present on Hot As Hell, Bianca Coletti and Gottex.

Strapless swimsuits

Swimsuits with prints 2019

Best 2-piece swimsuits 2019


Swimsuits with high waist

Retro style swimsuits look modern and stylish thanks to the efforts of Luli Fama, Beach Bunny and Lolli Swim.

Swimsuits with high waist 2019

High waisted swimwear

Sport style swimsuits

For fashionistas who not only do sunbath and dive in the sea but also sports, designers Duskii, Aqua Blu and ACACIA have prepared functional sports models.

Sport style swimsuits 2019


Long sleeved swimsuits

Judging by the photos of 2019 fashion swimwear, long sleeved patterns remain just as relevant. The most interesting options have been demonstrated by Aqua Blu, Duskii and Lybethras.


Black womens swimsuits 2019


As for the color range, the most relevant colors for designers are the metallic shades – gold and silver, as well as pink, blue, beige, black and turquoise.

Swimwear colors 2019


Push up swimwear

Simple swimsuits

Pale pink swimsuit

And now let’s admire a selection of elegant and unusual swimsuits for pool or party at the beach.



Now you know how fashionable swimsuits should look like in 2019. The photos above will help you “try” them and make the right choice.

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