Makeup for grey eyes

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Grey eyes are specific to mysterious people who always tend towards something new. The monotony and uniformity are qualities that do not characterize them. Gray eyes can change their color depending on the current mood of the owner, of the clothing color and lighting.

An extraordinarily beautiful gray can be found in many women. It is this color that gives the fair sex delicacy, finesse and mystery. Gray eyes are not as romantic as the blue eyes, not as attractive and mysterious as green eyes, nor so bright and shrill as the brown. However, any color from those mentioned above can not be compared with the fine and delicate gray of gray eyes.

Makeup for gray eyes

How to make gray eyes look more beautiful, more expressive and attractive? You just have to follow the advices of professional makeup artists, listed in this article. By getting to know them, you can create by yourself an irresistible gray eye makeup.

Gray eyes makeup: what colors to choose

It is not difficult to realize that ladies with gray eyes can perfectly apply a makeup in silver shades. This color can best accentuate the lady’s gray eyes and makes the image look charming. They can also use all shades of gray: lighter shades, metallic and wet asphalt shades. Very nice look silvery shades in a day makeup.

Eyeshadows for gray eyes

silver shades


No less interesting looks the combination of gray eyes with golden, brown, peach, chocolate, purple, beige and blue shades. Gray eyes suit perfectly metallic shades of gold, bronze and copper. These should be used with shades of brown or separately for a night out. To accentuate the eyes, use intense shades of chocolate, gray or brown-black color eyeliner. Shades of purple and burgundy can visibly diminish the eyes. Violet and burgundy shades will be successfully used in a day makeup, while intense violet and plum shades will be used for an evening make-up. To get an intense makeup, use all three colors simultaneously. The darker shade should be applied on the growth line of eyelashes, then the lighter shade, then in the eyelid folds apply an average color. In addition, you can apply eyeliner in dark burgundy and plum shade. You can also try the black or natural brown shade. In all three mentioned cases, the borders should be soft and very well retouched, if it is a day makeup. For evening makeup opt for a cat eye makeup.

Peach shades






Brown eyeshadows for gray eyes makeup

Mistakes that can spoil a makeup for gray eyes

Make-up artists call this one a universal color although there are some restrictions.

1. Avoid a very intense makeup because it will distract the attention from the natural color of the eyes and the look will become inexpressive.
2. Young ladies with gray eyes should definitely not choose a makeup in shades of brown, orange and terracotta. These colors will not accentuate the eye color, but the eyelids. In addition, these shades in combination with gray eyes will make the gaze look tired and like you just cried.
3. Do not apply in any case in gray eye makeup the black eyeliner in the lower and outer eyelash growth. Often, without noticing it, some girls get the opposite result: instead of eyes to be more marked and expressive, they become very small. If you still want to make an outline of the eyes, then choose dark gray, blue or brown shades.
4. Don’t choose a makeup that will mimic the natural color of the iris, as the eyes will become faded and lose their expressiveness.

Changing the eye color with makeup

A correctly chosen makeup can instantly change the eye color, making them look different. Such eyes were often called chameleon eyes.

Thus, to turn gray eyes into blue, apply a makeup in shades of sand, gold, bronze or yellow. Then, choose a dark blue or black eyeliner. With these products, your eye color will impressively change. You can try another option: for example, in order to get blue eyes, you can use shades of yellow or orange in combination with a blue contour. The pencil will be chosen in the shade you want to see in your eyes and on the upper eyelid you should apply such shades, which will be especially harmonious with the chosen contrast.

Golden eyeshadows can transform gray eyes into blue

To turn gray eyes into green you will need brown and green eyeshadows. On the upper eyelid apply several shades of emerald and chocolate, and green on the bottom only. The same effect can be obtained if you use green pencils. Apply the emerald color pencil only on the lower eyelid and blend the green eyehsadows from the upper, and you will notice immediately how your eyes get the desired green shade.

Gray into green eyes makeup





Day makeup for gray eyes

The gray color of the eyes is very cool because a girl with such eyes can use in the day makeup a pretty intense color palette that is not allowed for example for girls with hazel eyes. The only important thing we should not forget about is that in a day makeup we should never use eyeshadows in a shade with the iris of the eyes, because this way the gray eyes will simply get lost on the background of two gray spots. For a day makeup use shades of beige, silver and sand, and a mascara and a black pencil can give the eyes a very beautiful blue shade.

Day makeup for gray eyes

Evening makeup for gray eyes

The evening makeup for gray eyes owners has absolutely no restriction. The eyes will allow them to be courageous and bold. Should be used very carefully bright and contrasting shades only to not lose the natural beauty of the eyes. For a successful evening makeup, choose eyeshadows with pearly shades of blue, purple and burgundy. If you go to a club or a restaurant, choose smoky eyes makeup.

Evening makeup for gray eyes

Choosing the eyeshadows for gray eyes depending on the color of female personality

If a girl considers having a winter personality, then we recommend her a makeup in shades of brown, green, purple and dark blue. By applying makeup in shades of brown, you can get a more expressive and beautiful gaze. If you decide to use purple or green shades, then do not focus on the lips or do not use a blush in contrasting shades. If you do not want to focus only on the eyes, then choose eyeshadows in blue-gray or pearly colors. Natural shades of gray eyes will allow ladies to focus on the rest of the face, while emphasizing the natural eye colors. For this option, experts recommend the use of pastel shades of pink, beige, light brown. Remember that ladies with ice gray eyes categorically are prohibited to use light shades and very intense and juicy colors.

Gray eyes makeup for winter

Rules fir gray eyes makeup

If you consider yourself having a summer personality and you have brown eyes, then you can opt for a makeup in golden, chocolate, peach and beige shades. However, we must not forget that excessive use of these colors will make you look tired. If you have a tanned skin and a warm shade, choose colors like caramel, cream, vanilla, golden, sandy or bronze. If a lady with gray eyes wants to focus on the eye color having at the same time a tan complexion, then we recommend using shades of pink or violet, which will distract from the face. If, however, the focus will be on a healthy skin or lips, the pink or purple eyeshadows will be the perfect option (like the ones in shades of turquoise, blue, light blue and green).

Gray eyes makeup for summer


Makeup for blondes with gray eyes

In this case, the makeup will be chosen based on the hair color. Thus, ladies with light hair color will opt for lilac, pastel, peach, beige, bronze color pallets that will make the image look more delicate and memorable. You can make an evening outfit look more charming if you will use colors like coffee, gray-brown and coral.

Makeup for gray eyed blondes






Makeup for brunettes with gray eyes

Brunettes with gray eye can undoubtedly opt for a makeup in colors like dark blue, gray, brown, purple, beige, apricot. This palette can be used to create a day and evening makeup. The eyeliner will be chosen in a darker shade, for example blue or emerald.

Makeup for gray eyed brunettes


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And remember, the nature made a very nice gift – gray eyes. This shade is very changeable and universal. Your shade of gray is yours only it will always be original, stylish and beautiful.

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