Best Haircuts for Women Over 50

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No matter how young the soul of a woman is, her look must match her years. Intelligent, calm, confident, etc. these are signs of a true lady. At this age, you cannot be afraid to try to change yourself, to find something new and unusual.

Top stylists recommend luxurious hairstyles for women over 50’s, which will visually help make the woman look younger. On the pages of fashion magazines you can see photos with names of hairstyles that do not require a special arrangement.

Haircuts for women over 50

Choosing the hair length and color

Haircuts made on short and medium length hair are particularly relevant. Besides the fact that they rejuvenate significantly, they also do not require constant care. This length allows you to look elegant at home and on vacation. It would be more logical to attend a professional who will give you competent advice on choosing the hair length and color.
Haircuts for ladies of 50 years old

Most often, after 50 years, a woman has gray hair, which in no way adorns it. An ideal option would be a color scheme that is close to the natural one.

Haircut trends for women over 50


If a woman is ready for experiments, then the shades of red and chocolate will emphasize her elegance. Highlights, due to the shine, makes hair more voluminous and livelier.


Bob haircut with bangs

An excellent choice of hairstyles for women over 50, which is quite functional, looks harmonious on fine and thin hair and does not require a daily arrangement.

Bob haircut for women over 50

There are several varieties of bob haircut:

  • short, with volume at the neck;
  • elongated, thanks to the graduated effect;
  • layered;
  • asymmetric, it hides the imperfections of the face and neck;
  • with or without bangs, but with elongated strands on the side.

Choosing this option, a woman will look elegant, well groomed and younger.

Haircuts for ladies over 50

Bob haircut for women over 50’s



A goddess is not necessarily a young lady with braids to the waist. The ingenious Vidal Sassoon, when made an elderly client a daring haircut, called her a goddess.

Pixie haircut for ladies over 50

Pixie is a haircut for confident and free women, the secret of which is in an irregular or deliberate change of the strands thinned in different lengths. Due to this fact, you can create volume exactly where it is needed.

What haircuts is suitable for women over 50’s

Haircuts for short hair for women over 50

This hairstyle looks great on both straight and curly hair, and it is quite easy to shape with hair mousse.



Initially, the haircut was considered to be a boyish one, which results from her own name, translated from French as “boy”. But, over time, the “Garcon” has changed a lot and has acquired the shape of the elegant style. Femininity is achieved by a gradual transition from long to short hair.

Such a hairstyle does not require special care and any fashionista can style her hair, besides the fact that there is room for imagination.

Haircuts for short hair for women over 50 garcon


Straight Bob

This stylish and elegant hairstyle has no age. There are several execution techniques, each of them being selected according to the lady’s appearance and her age. An alternative haircut for women over 50, which with the help of the bangs will hide the deep wrinkles on the forehead and the wrinkles on the neck, can be covered by choosing a graduated bob to the shoulders.

Straight bob for women over 50

It is not necessary to stop the choice at too short hair lengths and avoid the uniform and clear contours. This hairstyle does not require an additional arrangement, you can choose a suitable option by looking at the photos below.

Haircuts for medium length hair for women over 50

The haircut is suitable for women with a rectangular shape of the face giving volume at the top of the head and graduated hair strands on sides.


Straight bob with bangs for women over 50

Blonde straight bob for ladies over 50



Although it seems to be a man’s hairstyle, over time it has acquired its femininity. The star singer Mireille Mathieu, remained faithful to this image all her life. Such a haircut hides many flaws of the female face, for example, dark spots hard to cover with a face foundation.

Haircuts for short hair for women over 50 page


Waterfall hairstyle

Layered hairstyles reduce an elongated face. The hair is cut at an angle, using the layers technique. Respectable ladies should not be afraid of such changes, such a hairstyle creates volume, because of different lengths, thin hair becomes soft and easy to comb.

Waterfall hairstyle over 50

curly hair

And if a woman has messy curls, thanks to the thinning technique, the curls will become less thick and look better cared.


Haircuts for long hair for women over 50

Playful bangs

Some believe that bangs can be worn more by the ladies, however, respectable women are encouraged to wear it too because it will perfectly hide the wrinkles on the forehead. The ideal option is the oblique or side bangs, the straight bang is not recommended.

Best haircuts for women over 50

long bangs

Short haircuts with volume at the back

Such a haircut has a narrow parting, short hair on the top, and long at the bottom and for women over 50 it can play a rough joke, creating an image of a young grandmother. But a professional stylist is able to take into account all these aspects and when cutting the hair of a lady of a respectable age, he will leave the length of the strands equal, using the thinning technique.

Haircuts with bangs for women over 50

This hairstyle looks great on any type of face and does not require an arrangement. The only disadvantage is that it cannot be executed on ladies who have problems in the neck area. All eyes will be directed to wrinkles and spots, and not to the fashionable hairstyle.


Layered with bangs

This is a modern haircut, which is shaped according to the shape of the face. For women over 50, an average length of hair is usually created, even under the chin. On the sides, the strands frame the front.

The volume is created using a smooth transition from long to short strands. The bangs looks the most spectacular, starting almost from the top of the head.

Layered haircuts for ladies over 50


Tips from hairstylists

By following these simple rules, you can look elegant and well cared even after 50:

  1. Find the right hairstylist, who is a true professional and who when creating a hairstyle, will take into account all the physiological characteristics of the women and will choose the best option.
  2. Color your hair in calmer shades, the bright and vivid colors will add a few years to your age. Brown hair or copper hue will create the image of an elegant and confident woman.
  3. The owners of a gray hair must carefully monitor the roots and color them in time.
  4. If you need to shape your hair, use soft, gentle products, and it is best to give up the hair spray completely.
  5. Do not try to look like at the age of 20, avoid vulgarism.
  6. Try to less use the hair curler or hair dryer, so that your hair stays healthy longer.
  7. It is necessary to change your hairstyle periodically, especially if you feel tired from your daily routine.


Haircuts for curly medium length hair women over 50

Haircuts for women over 50 for different face shape

When choosing a haircut, it is necessary to take into account not only the age of the woman, but also the shape of the face, for example, the oval is considered the ideal one.
Haircuts for women over 50 for oval shaped face

Almost any hairstyle will suit her, but with other types it is much more difficult, you have to choose a haircut that will hide all imperfections and highlight the strengths.


Useful tips:

  • Squared shape – asymmetrical hairstyles will soften the angular features, this can be bob haircut and waterfall. The focus should be on the splendor of the top of the head, and the bangs should be made in several layers. The long haircuts that will cover your ears will help visually narrow your face.
  • Elongated oval – the main signs are a high forehead and a round beard. The bangs to the brow, on the contrary, will shrink the oval of the face, and the bob haircut or layered bob will add volume.
  • Round shaped face – for long hair, you will have to choose a waterfall haircut with an oblique bangs. If you want to cut your hair short, leave a long hair strand on the left or right side.
  • Diamond shaped face – layered haircuts are the most appropriate for this face shape. However, the volume haircuts in the cheek area and the short bangs, on the contrary, underline all its imperfections. A straight parting will put the emphasis on the big forehead.
  • Heart shaped face – soft curls on the bottom of the face are very suitable. Under no circumstances should you create side hair strands.
  • Trapeze – The disadvantage of this type of face is a prominent chin, therefore, short haircuts are totally contraindicated. Opt for lightweight and volume hair stylings.
  • Pear shaped face – this is an inverted heart, that’s why we act on the contrary, we grow the upper part of the face with the help of volume and curls, without revealing the ears.

Choosing the right haircut can significantly reduce your age and will always look modern, beautiful and well groomed.