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Blue eyes are a true gift of nature. These eyes reflect the wonderful colors of the sky, sea waves..A beautiful woman with blue eyes embodies youth, gentleness, innocence and purity. But even these beautiful blue eyes require a well-done makeup. Makeup artists ensure that it is not difficult to do a makeup for blue eyes. It is important to know the basic rules and secrets that we are revealing in this article.

Blue eye makeup

Choosing makeup eyeshadows for blue eyes: basic rules

The ladies that nature has endowed with blue eyes are very lucky, because they can choose many shades of eyeshadows. But of all diversity of colors, the following can be distinguished the most suitable:

– Blue eyes perfectly match the colors of silver, pink, gold and purple.

– Also, they match with shades of pearl, gray-brown and lilac.

– The depth of the gaze can be achieved by using shades of bright pink. Such an option is perfect for a romantic date.

– To give eyes a touch of mystery, use eyeshadows in shades of bright blue that will make blue eyes look very expressive and deep.

– Very harmonious look eyeshadows in turquoise and sea breeze color.

– For a night in a noisy and fun club, opt for black eyeshadows, which can be combined with any other favorite shade.

Eyeshadows for blue eyes





Choosing eyeliner and mascara for blue blue eyes

The eyeliner is the perfect weapon in the arsenal of feminine beauty. By using it, we can accentuate the eye shape, the gaze becomes more expressive, and the whole image gets a touch of sexuality. Remember that the darker the eyeliner color is, the more intense will be the color of your eyes. Ladies with blue eyes should avoid eyeliner in light shades because it will not do anything but give the eyes a faded and inexpressive look. The same rule applies to eye pencils that match the natural eye color. To give the look a touch of brightness and expressiveness, the inner corners of eyes can be accented with lighter eyeliner (white). For blue eyes fits very well eyeliner in dark blue, dark green, brown and dark gray color. Makeup artists recommend us to apply above the eyeliner a layer of powder, so that it will not “flow”. Note that in a day makeup for blue eyes must not be present clear boundaries, therefore, after application, retouch the eyeliner. This can be achieved either by using a sponge or even the fingers. For an evening out, all types of wings are welcome.

Eyeliner for blue eye makeup










No less important is the mascara. It is very important that it be applied very carefully, and on all lashes, without creating the doll eyes effect. Therefore, each mascara layer must dry completely. Stylists recommend powdering the first coat of mascara and only then applying others. This method of application is widespread because with its help you can give your lashes a unique chic and volume. You can use any shade of mascara, but keep the blue and black color for the evening makeup, as the use of it in a day makeup can have the effect of tired eyes. Your ideal mascara shades are gray, turquoise, brown and plum.

Perfect mascara for blue eyes makeup






Mistakes to avoid in makeup for blue eyes

What makeup mistakes do most often young women with blue eyes? What colors match the natural shade of blue eyes?

– Ladies with light blue eyes should avoid using shades of deep blue because it will give the feeling of fatigue and will age look.

– Are also forbidden the eyeshadows that will exactly match the eye color. They will make the eyes look inexpressive and unnatural. We recommend instead shades of turquoise because they are suitable for all blue eyes.

– Also avoid the brown color because it will make your eyes look like you are tired and were just crying. However, in some cases it is possible to use some shades of brown. Examples include shades of coffee, bronze and copper. Do not be afraid to experiment!

– Do not use in a day or evening makeup shades of terracotta, red, hot pink, without the application of eyeliner.

– The green color is not recommended as well. In eye makeup, blue and green rarely match.

Emphasizing the natural beauty of blue eyes

In order to correctly emphasize the eye and choose the most suitable eyeshadows, it is necessary to know the level of the blue color of your eyes. Famous stylists distinguish four different types of blue eyes: blue or dark blue, baby blue, ice blue, and blue-gray. Each case has its rules of choice of decorative cosmetics.

Makeup for dark blue eyes

Eye shades of deep blue, where often can be seen notes of blue and even purple, suit practically all eyeshadows colors. Intense shades are perfect.

Colors for dark blue eyes makeup


Makeup for baby blue eyes

These eyes are distinguished by the clear blue shade. Sometimes you can see reddish or golden pigment. This eye color matches the light color shades, e.g. gold or beige shades. If you need to shadow the look, do it on the line of eyelashes growth and outer corners of the eyes.

Makeup ideas for baby blue eyes


Makeup for ice blue eyes

For such blue eyes, almost transparent, it is very difficult to select a suitable color range. Opt for soft and subtle shades. Wings in retro style are a perfect option.

Simple makeup for ice blue eyes


Makeup for gray-blue eyes

This color often changes its shade, which depends on the color of the sky, time and even clothing. That is why these are called chameleon eyes. It is enough to just wear a blue blouse and they will become translucent and light, and if you wear a blue dress, they will get the same color. This should be taken into account when choosing eyeshadows for makeup. Blue-gray colors look harmonious with black and turquoise shades. In blue-gray eye makeup, can be used eyeshadow palette in shades of pink of various intensity.

Day makeup for gray blue eyes


Makeup ideas for ice blue eyes

There are many ideas makeup for ice blue eyes. Below see some of the most famous examples.

The perfect solution is to use a black eyeliner, minimum cosmetic products and fluffy eyelashes.

Ice blue eyes makeup ideas



Unlike previous minimalist looks – a burst of bold and intense colors can be seen below.

Intense eyeshadow for blue eyes makeup











Makeup for ice blue eyes in shades of lavender and other shades of purple.

Purple eyeshadow blue eyes











Smoky eyes makeup for blue eyes:

Smoky eyes for blue eyes makeup











Daytime makeup for blue eyes

In day makeup, the colors that will best accentuate the blue eyes are pink and peach. To give expressiveness to the eyes, apply darker shades on the upper eyelid crease. If you think these colors will not put out enough your blue eyes, choose the bronze color palette, universal for your eyes. Additionally, colors like purple, lilac, gray and gold metallic are ideal. Do not forget any of brown shades that perfectly accentuate the depth of your eyes.

Day makeup for blue eyes


Evening makeup for blue eyes

An evening makeup must not only be intense, but also charming. In this case you can confidently use dark shades and leave the pastel shades them for the day makeup. The evening makeup will come out perfectly if you opt for makeup in shades of chocolate, violet, lilac, blue, and olive. You can experiment even with the orange and bronze colors. An evening event allows you to use glitter, rhinestones, false eyelashes – the choice is yours!

Evening makeup ideas blue eyes


Makeup for blue eyed brunettes

Brunettes will have to give priority to more intense shades. Ideal are all shades of turquoise. However, the brown shades should be used with care because they can give the look a touch of fatigue. In this case better use shades like coffee or brown clay. If the brunette has dark skin, she may use in makeup eyeshadows with golden iridescence.

Makeup tips for brunettes with blue eyes




Makeup for blue eyed blondes

Choosing the color spectrum for this makeup will depend very much on the hair color. Thus, stylists recommend dark blondes to use shades of gray, gold, white and beige. Such eyeshadows can be perfectly combined with a powder in a shade of peach, gray mascara, and blush and lipstick in natural shades.

Redheads and those with light colored hair may opt in makeup for brown pencil and shades of beige, cream, gray and gold. For an evening makeup, we recommend to apply a lipstick in terracotta shade.

Makeup for blonde hair blue eyes






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