How to wear men’s scarf

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What you know about the scarf? Usually it is a piece of cloth about 4 inches wide and 30 inches long, designed to be worn around the neck. The fabric can have any composition, starting with natural cashmere and ending with synthetic wool. Until now, many men considered the scarf a more female accessory than male. But it is not true and in this article we will try to dispel the prejudices, and to tell you not only how a man can tie a scarf, but also how this can be worn not only in the cold winter.

How to wear a scarf male

Why do men have to wear a scarf?

Protection function – simply said, a scarf perfectly protects the neck from wind and cold. A thick wool or cashmere scarf can keep warm in the cold winter, while a thin and light scarf will protect you from the sun and sand (if by chance you go into a sand area).

Style – the scarf will become a stylish element in your outfit, especially if you choose the right color and fabric. Of course, the scarf can be worn out and is no longer a novelty nowadays, but some creative people prefer to wear the scarf also in premises, thus accentuating their individuality.

How to wear a scarf

Type of scarves

There are many types of scarves: bandanas, Palestinian scarves, round scarves, thin and long scarves and so on. The choice depends on you and your style. Everything is simple.

Typically, the width of the scarf ranges from 6-14 inches, and the length from 50-90 inches. A person with a height of 63-70 inches will have to choose a scarf that has a maximum length of 70 inches, otherwise he will have to tie it several times around the neck.

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Fabric – a scarf is usually made of wool, cashmere, angora, cotton, linen, silk, synthetic materials or different combinations. The types of knots tied depend on scarves’ fabric and weave (if it is knitted).

Best male Scarves

How to distinguish a men’s scarf from women’s

However, at the moment, most scarves are not designed for men. Usually, the variety of scarves women is much higher, while those for men, are regularly putting us in the fog, are they for men or not?! So, here is how you can distinguish a men’s scarf from women’s:

Any leopard-print, pink, purple and other “delicate” colours scarf is a WOMEN’S scarf.

Any scarf that is worn with a pin or button is a WOMEN’S scarf.

A thin cloth, transparent or super light scarf, no matter what function does it have – is a WOMEN’S scarf.

A scarf made of thick wool and large yarn, which can be easily transformed into a blanket – is a WOMEN’S scarf.

A scarf with additional elements such as pompons, tassels, colored wires here and there – is a WOMEN’S scarf.

A scarf with embroidered images of birds, dogs, cats and so on – is a WOMEN’S scarf.

How to wear scarves for men

How men can tie a scarf

Basic rules

The simplest, the better. Tie and wear it as you are comfortable and not how others do. The length and width of the scarf can limit different types of knots that men can make. The scarf is not a tie. Do not tie the scarf tight, let it loose. Functionality is on the first place, and then comes the fashion and not vice versa.

So here are 6 ways men can wear the scarf:

The “Parisian” or French Knot

The “Parisian” knot is quite simple and easy and at the same time looks pretty stylish and fashionable. Such knot keeps heat and can be tied over jacket’s or overcoat’s collar, which makes it universal for business and casual style. The basic requirement of this scarf is its length. This should be longer.

How to wear French Knot

How to tie: Put it in half, and then wrap it around your neck holding the ends with your hands. Pass the two ends through the created fold and drag until you get the desired comfort.

Once round tie

This is a very easy way to wear scarf for men. There are no special requirements, as it can have any length or width. It is perfect for the cold winter, because there are no bared places where cold air can enter.

How to wear Once round tie

How to tie: Take the scarf and wrap it once around your neck, leaving the two ends in the front.

The Drape

A fairly elegant and stylish way to wear a scarf you have to only wrap it around your neck, without making a knot. This way is suitable for fall and spring, when the air temperature does not drop below 44-41°F. It’s perfect for a suit or jacket, a sweater or a cardigan with V-neck.

How to wear The Drape

How to tie: Just drape it around the neck and the front of your chest under your jacket.

The “Ascot” knot

It is very easy to tie a scarf in “Ascot” knot and yet it looks very stylish. The only difficulty is you have to decide how to wear it: low or high. Usually this type of knot is not tied tightly but it is left somewhat loosely, so it is worn more for fashion then for keeping warm.

How to wear Ascot knot

How to tie:  Take a scarf and lay it on your shoulders. Take both ends and tie them by pulling inside that end, which sits below the top. Then arrange the knot so that it will not suffocate you, but still not too wide around the neck.

Artistic tie

The following way will help the man look stylish and mysterious. Many creative and stylish people prefer to tie a scarf by leaving one end in front and the other behind. This mode is not suitable for winter instead will look perfect at a party or at a creative evening.

How to wear Artistic tie

How to tie: Lay the scarf on your shoulders and let down an end in front, and another in the back.

Twice Round tie

Such way will help men survive in any weather conditions. Cold wind and terrible frost will not scare if it will be wrapped twice around the neck. However, for this way you will need a longer scarf, no less than 59-67 inches.

How to wear Twice Round tie

How to tie: Lay the scarf on your shoulders so that one end is left on the chest and the other end is wrapped twice around the neck, covering all sections of the bare neck. To fix the ends, insert them between scarves’ layers.

We should be mentioned that it is not difficult for a man to learn to tie a scarf, all he has to do is just to make use of the illustrated schemes. We have presented six most common and easiest ways to tie a scarf, so that you will have the opportunity to show your individuality and emphasize your own style.

Just as with clothing, this wardrobe item can be attributed to a specific dress code, depending on the fabric, shape and type of weave. However, there aren’t so many subtleties, like in the case of a suit or shoes.

We wish you to have as many experiences as you want and hopefully by reading this article, you will not have questions whether man should wear a scarf or not and how can he tie it. Good luck!

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