Men Fashion Fall-Winter 2017-2017

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After conservative seasons of previous years it was expected that famous brands will come with great creative ideas. However, these expectations were not true: we are again presented laconic clothes, characterized by sobriety. Comfort and confidence are what represent 2017 men’s fashion: images again demonstrate us soft and warm fabrics and comfortable silhouettes.

1. Bold Coats

2017 Men’s fashion

Impressive textures, colors divided into blocks, unusual fabrics (i.e. velvet), ombre and a lot of plaid…all these characterize 2017-2017 men’s coats. Surely such outerwear will make the body more visible and will help to gather many likes on Instagram. But the question arises, is it worth to buy such designer clothes? If you do not have a big budget, we recommend you to pay attention to the classic camel color from J. Crew or burgundy coat color from A.P.C. Or emphasize the outfit with an accessible vest.

Men’s coat

2. Neutral Beige

Men's coats Fall Winter 2017 2018

If winter is associated with black and blue color, it is time to change your vision. The new universal light colors are from milk shade to beige. Creating an outfit try to have all its details in a single color range. As a contrast you can use contrast blocks as ties, vests and raglan in shades of chocolate, dark blue and gray.


3. High Collar

Men's fashion 2018

As we said, 2017-2017 men’s fashion for fall winter means not only a stylish, but also a comfortable look: you will not have to freeze for the sake of trends. Among the practical decisions that will help you feel cozy and warm in a cold day we have to mention high-collared sweaters. Current patterns are both tight-fitting (Topman, Unique) and oversize items with wide knit (Reiss, Kingsman). Remember that the collar has the tendency to bend, so sometimes you’ll have to rearrange it.

Men’s sweaters

4. Vests


Although vests for men are associated with patterns of polymeric materials, in 2017 current will be denim, jersey and woolen vests. The length reaches the belt area, but short patterns are also current: beneath them you can wear a contrast shirt, or a thin sweater. Another mini-trend of this year represents the quilted vest worn under the blazer.

Best men’s clothes

5. Wide Leg Pants

Men’s trends 2018

One of the fashion rules for fall-winter 2018 says that our feet need to feel comfortable. This does not mean you have to wear baggy trousers (though famous designers present such designs), but it would be good to put aside skinny pants. For a casual look we recommend you to opt for dense knitted or wool pants in warm shades. The shape is usually narrowed at the bottom, which allows raising them over a pair of fashion shoes or boots. Riding pants and harem pants are rather rare, but they have their place in the fashion world.

Men’s pants

6. Sheepskin Jackets


Fur is used not only to decorate the collar, but also to emphasize the body. As a rule, fur clothes are not fashionable, but you can find some fluffy jackets at some famous brands. If you believe the sheepskin hasn’t its purpose here or not feel pity for animals, we recommend you to choose designs with artificial fur, which are actual like never before.


7. Layering

Men casual fashion

Very current will be the following combinations: long coat and blazer, cardigan and vest. Obviously layers must complement each other, so it is important to have that harmonious contrast and ordain clothes with different characters (eg shirt and tie with denim jacket). Outer clothing should combine all parts of the look.

8. Japanese Style

Stylish men’s clothes

In fall 2017-winter 2018 season very popular will be long upper garment, which is associated with the Japanese style. Oblique cut, minimum details, laconic choice of colors and customary belt can be seen at Public School, Ovadia & Sons and other brands. Black-white elongated designs from Duckie Brown with very famous oversize jackets also are designed in this style.

9. Head Accessories

Head accessories for men

Stepping outside, do not forget to put something on your head. This will allow you not only to send a selfie with the statement “I ate and I have a hat on my head,” but will allow you to stick to the concept of fashion. In fall 2017, among head accessories leaders will be the woolen “beanie” hat and wide-brimmed felt hat.




Men accessories fall 2017 winter 2018

Men’s Fashion 2017: Trends


  • monochromatic outfits;
  • gray shades;
  • mirrored lens sunglasses;
  • cardigans with soft rounded collars;
  • ligh coloured suits;
  • narrow belts


  • shades of red, purple, light green;
  • thin shirts;
  • skinny jeans;
  • stripes.

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