Men’s Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

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They say when you meet a man’s the attention is drawn primarily to his shoes. But a greatest attention is also drawn to his hairstyle. And believe me, those white brogue shoes will be lost and will remain unnoticed if they’re accompanied by a bad hairstyle. Therefore, it is necessary to always have in your arsenal fewer stylish hairstyles for any occasion.

Textured hairstyle with fringe

If you want to give some volume to such hairstyle, you first need to grow your hair long. In addition, you should note that textured haircut will look less successful on fine hair.

Textured haircut is ideal for owners because most rebel hair strands in this case will be just right. Experts recommend the creation of such a haircut with scissors and a razor, and not with thinning scissors. The thinning process will make the hair ends look like a spider’s house, and the roots will look harsh.

Men hairstyles with bangs

The textured hairstyle must be styled on dry hair. It is important to not deposit too much effort because the slicked hair will look unsightly.

Short Men Hairstyle

This is a haircut that suits people with oval face and men predisposed to baldness. This type of haircut dries quickly, is ideal for any event and looks good even without styling. If you still want to look more special, use a hairspray. A slight disorder (which can be fixed with a hairspray) will make the haircut look more original. The main idea is not its styling but in the haircut refreshing every 3-4 weeks.

Men hairstyles for shot hair

Hedgehog Hairstyle

This is another haircut for all occasions. “Hedgehog” is ideal for those who possess a perfect profile and have a scalp with straight lines. Although asymmetry can be somewhat offset by longer length of hair atop the head. The hair will arrange better if the hairdresser will use for this purpose scissors and no razor.

Fashion men haircut

Slick back hair!

A smooth hair arranged back is characteristic by the distant 20’s of last century. Back then, it was very famous as it could be “arranged” under the cap.

Today, it is rather a symbol of luxury. Straight threads (though harder curls are difficult to arrange), combed back, create a natural “framework” for the face. If you wear a beard, it will look more voluminous. Note that this hairstyle is contraindicated to owners of a fine hair.

Men hairstyles for medium length hair

Classical genre suggests that the temples and neck must be trimmed shorter and above the maximum length must be preserved. Setting process is slightly longer than in the first three variants. At first, gather your hair back with a hairdryer. Then, using a water-based wax, fix the hair strands.

Side Parting

This is the most convenient alternative to previous hairstyle. The side parting fits oval facial shapes and there are hundreds of styling ways that you can try any by your own.

Side parting men hairstyle

It is important to keep proportions: short hair at the nape and temples, and slightly longer on top. A too long length at the top will make the hairstyle not maintain its shape for too long, therefore, ask the hairdresser to respect this rule.

The haircut can be set better on damp hair (not wet!) by applying styling products with the comb. The parting may be the natural one, for this, comb your hair back and see the place in which the hair begins to divide (owners of a thicker hair may ask the help of a hairdresser).

Shoulder Length

This elegant and refined haircut can be adapted to all events in your life. The main task is to grow hair to the required length and keep it healthy and strong.

Optimum results will be achieved on hair prone to curling: coarse and straight hair as well as curls will “resist” styling. The situation can be saved with the help of soft chemical culring and layered haircut. As for styling, we recommend you to select products that will not “kill” hair’s naturalness.

long hair

High top haircut or the African beauty

Looking at pictures in magazines about style we see Will Smith everywhere. He was the one who introduced this hairstyle, which resembles a pencil’s eraser on top.

This haircut lacks the freedom because high top looks good only when the shape is well defined, therefore, the haircut requires a regular refreshing. In addition, it requires the presence of thick and rough curls.


There are so many variations of this hairstyle, that you will need the advice of a stylist before going to the African side.


It all started from high dramatic styling of beautiful women in the eighteenth century, and was completed in the XXI century, with practical and refined hairstyles for men. The hairs raised up can make absolutely any face shape look attractive, so if length allows, note this hairstyle in the notepad.

Pompadour hairstyle requires a certain thickness of the hair because is important that the hair strands support by themselves. The hair length of 7.5 cm can be set up using mousse or salt based spray. Using a hair dryer, raise the hair at the roots and twist the ends with a flat brush.

Men haircuts

In this case, the used styling products are most important. You must choose a product which maintains hairstyle shape without loading it, otherwise the hair strands will unsightly fall down. Do not forget to apply spray at temples, too.

Magazine style…

This very modern styling, in which strands of hair are raised up and arranged in a part, has acquired various names. Side parting box, short pompadour etc. are generally one and the same hairstyle.

There are several variations of these styles: classic (softer temples and neck lines) and modern (shaved temples and neck and textured top). Just do not forget that the longer the hair is, the more time it will take for styling.

In order to give the haircut a shape, wet the washed hair with a towel and make a side parting. After that, dry the hair with a brush and hair dryer to the minimum speed and maximum temperature. Finally, apply a strong styling product for your efforts not be in vain.

Top men haircuts

Surely you can remember other hairstyles that deserve to be in this list. Although, these 9 wonderful men hairstyles are most easily to execute, a very important thing for busy men.

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