The fashion of sandals in Summer 2015

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“Buy new shoes with the money aside for a rainy day, and it may never come”


If a man can purchase one or two pairs of shoes for all seasons, a woman feels unhappy if at least once a month she does not replenish the wardrobe with new shoes. A well known fact is that women love shoes.

Every season, designers try to spoil fashionistas presenting more stylish and unusual models of shoes. Summer 2015 was no exception and they took care of all women offering sandals of different shapes and color shades.

The material of sandals

Before proceeding to the review of shapes and additional details, let us define the material of the sandals. The main material of sandals for Summer 2015 will be the snakeskin. Leather and suede are as well the trend of the season, and the main decor of summer shoes is lace and additional straps.


Sandal’s decoration

As clothes, shoes can not exist without additional decorations. Designers are trying hard to please moody fashionistas. They decorate sandals with various straps, sequins, rhinestones and additional fabrics.

Embroidery, stones, flowers and bows

Embroidery, stones and various stripes can be present in evening models of sandals. For a daytime look, designers advise to choose articles with animal or vegetal print.


Straps – Must have of the season

Sandals with straps of different widths crowd the catwalks. They combine a large number of thin straps fastened with 2-3 wide belts. The height of products also varies from model to model.


“Bracelet” sandals

Sandals with bracelets, the trend of the last season, are relevant this season, as well.


The heel of sandals in Summer 2015

Decorative heels – MUST HAVE of the season

Summer 2015 can definitely be associated with high-heeled sandals. And the more unusual its shape, the more stylish will look the shoes.

Heel Sandals

Heel Sandals

Classical heel

More modest young ladies, who are not ready to shock with their outfit, should give preference to the usual classic, we all know that stiletto and stable heel in 2015 are also very fashionable.

Classical heel

Classical heel


Wedges will save those who feel insecure in high heels. Wedges will give the stretch to the silhouette. These are suitable for a night out and for daily activities. This season, wedges can be of a classic shape or of an unusual design, although they look quite feminine and practical.


The colors of sandals in Summer 2015

Summer season must be juicy, that is why we have to make a point on heavy shades sandals. Orange, yellow, green, and all shades of blue are most suitable for a fashionable summer and autumn season.

Sandals color

Pastelshades: cream, white, beige – has always been and will always remain relevant. Shoes of these colours can be combined with almost any clothing and can act in tandem with evening, business or daily outfits.


Geometrical prints

Stripes of bright colors and different shapes will become a trend in 2015.


Gold and silver sandals

As clothing for 2015 is full of colors of precious metals, it is definitely necessary also to have footwear with corresponding colors. Gold and silver sandals will adorn the graceful legs of fragile beauties.


Shoes it’s a way of expression for women. Depending on heel height and color of shoes, we can make a preliminary characterization of ladies in order to better understand her social status mood. And if during the cold season, ladies will not wear high heels for safety reasons, the spring-summer season is the time when they flaunt in sandals in different models and colors of the rainbow.

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