Best Designer Handbags Fall-Winter 2019-2019

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In the fall-winter season 2019-2019, a truly fashionable bag will include anything and will resist any load. This year, the size of the women’s handbag finally loses its functional purpose. The shopper bags retract aside, offering the place of stylish bags, chest and shoulder bags designed only for the necessary things. And if you have to go shopping, just take your umbrella and your flats (if you get tired of going a long distance on high heels)!

Women handbags 2020


Numerous leather, suede and silk threads are the best idea for decorating bags of any shape. Moreover, the smaller this is, the longer the fringes can be, so this autumn we focus our attention on all kinds of braids, tassels and pompons. They decorate not only evening patterns, but also bulky bags – hobo, as well as clutch-envelope bags. These bags will be indispensable aids in creating country-style and boho-style images and fit perfectly into a look that consists of a biker jacket, satin maxi dress and military boots.

brown leather bag with fringes


Fashion purses 2020 with fringes

Double handbags

First time we met such a phenomenon in the spring of last year and we liked it both aesthetically and practically. When shopping, we do not want to change the image with bulky bags, where mysteriously disappear our mobile phone, keys and wallet. And designers think everything must be at hand. Therefore, this season, we carry everything with us, literally.

Women handbags trends 2020


Brand leather purse

What handbags to wear in 2020


Even the simplest bag can have a new format with an original décor. Folds are a detail that complements both big evening and miniature bags. The focus is on color: the color of the sea wave, cherry tomatoes, ultraviolet, marine blue. In addition, do not forget to keep neutrality: light gray, coconut milk, light lavender and palette of pastel shades is what you need in the new season.

Best handbags 2020

Designer bags fall winter 2019 2020 drapery

New women bag patterns

Sack bags

Initially, a pouch bag for woman was a version of an evening bag. This was a loyal companion in all sorts of social events, balls and bohemiers. What, however, is a modern sack-bag? In general, little has changed since then. Despite its small size, it is rather spacious, and in fact it is a bag with a cordon. Without frame – only the main material, the rounded bottom and a robust handle. We are accustomed to seeing it in silk and velvet, however, in the new season the pattern is presented to us in thick leather.

What women handbags to wear in winter 2020


Lady’s suede bags pattern

Only the strictly necessary

In the fall-winter season 2019-2019 a modern bag is so small that it can “accommodate” only the most needed things – the phone, the lipstick and some credit cards. We sacrifice space for a miniature bag, which in some ways looks like a wallet. The distinctive feature is the shape that is usually square or rectangular. This pattern is ideal for walking, evening activities and just for those moments when you do not need a spacious bag. You can wear it in your hand, although you can choose an option with a leather handle or chain strap.

Small brand bags 2020

Small stylish chained handbags


What bags to wear in fall of the 2019


In the top trends of 2019-2019 fall-winter fashion is the ladder-bag. Instead of valuable objects, we put into it all the necessary things (as far as, of course, it allows space). It has a clear geometric shape, short handle and a tough frame that can be covered with textiles – velour, denim and any dense cloth. Such designs have been decorated by designers with ornaments and embroidery, inlays and decorative metal accessories. We take them to evening events, theater awards, romantic dinners and evening cocktails!

Ladder bag fall winter 2019 2020

Casual purses 2020 metallic colors

Squared handbags

Office designer handbag 2020

Chest bags

In the new season, fashion houses let the hands free. Now we wear bags not on the shoulder and not even in the hand – but at the neck. Of course, its dimensions are very compact, so if you want more, you can combine such patterns with waist bags. The chest bag can freely replace any jewelry: we focus on belts, decorated with large beads and chains. Depending on the color scheme, it can be combined with the main part of the image and become a bright accent.

Ladies envelope bags



Rounded bags

This bag design is an accessory that you should not miss this autumn. It has a saddle shape, rounded contours, and usually a long handle, allowing it to be worn over the shoulder (“cross-body”). This particular bag design must also have an intense color and a cool glow of metallic accessories – numerous rings, chains, rivets and locks with an unusual shape.

Half-moon purse 2019 2020

Womens shoulder handbags 2020

Waist bags

The handbags fashion brands sends us back in the 90’s, when they were at the forefront of fashion. What kind of transformation did it happen in the fall-winter season? Firstly, women’s bags begin to look like men’s, becoming military-style items. The belt is wider, the buckle is massive, and the bag itself resembles a pouch. Second, the combination of textures: textiles and leather, suede and metal elements. In this list, we add the most relevant element of the season – fur. We wear waist bags over over-sized sweaters and silk dresses; we put on a pencil skirt and crop tops. And, most importantly, we are not afraid to experience overcoming the limits of this style. A pant suit, classical stilettos and a waist bag? Wonderful!

Women waist bags fall 2019 winter 2020

Leather waist bags



Unusual locks

Again, we return to elegant women’s bags, and this time we will only discuss the evening version. The center of attention is a slightly unusual detail, the frame-lock. In the history of fashion, such bags were found very often, these being usually made of noble velvet, beautifully embroidered with a bright atlas. The handbag is made in vintage style, complemented by chain-strap, graduated colors and a lot of glitter!

Unusual chain handbags

Elegant festive purse


We have been told a lot about the snake prints and texture and we will continue in the same spirit – the spirit of the wild jungle! Choose between matte and varnished leather and then play with contrasts. In the autumn-winter season, the range of colors becomes strident and unpredictable: bright yellow, light blue or red flame. In the cold season, the reptiles were wonderfully “hosted” on hobo bags, shoppers, clutches, and purses!

Stylish handbags with reptile print


Chanel 2020 handbags

Cheap womens handbags

Quilted handbags

Even a monochromatic leather bag can be completely transformed with the help of a texture. The 2019-2019 fall-winter season offers the most common option for us – a quilted surface. The leather and suede bags come with a discreet but original effect achieved through stitches. Here our attention goes to the color that becomes more and more intense plus metal details, a variety of tassels, fringes and key chains.

Quilted handbags fall winter 2019 2020

Brand quilted bags


Rectangular handbags

This bag design seems to be one of the most comfortable and practical and can be worn both with day-to-day outfits and special events. The range of colors can be completely different, depending on the basic shade of the whole look.

Medium size rectangular bags

Classic womens handbag


Yellow handbag


Cylindrical handbags

This bag design was invented in the 1960’s by designer Louis Vuitton. Since then, the cylindrical form of the bags began to appear in different interpretations, and in the new season it became vertical. We wear it with daily, evening and business outfits. In addition, the cylindrical-bag has been transformed into a waist bag and even a miniature clutch. The original shape will be accentuated by an original print, for example Scottish tartan, leopard or geometric.

Big leather bags

Fashionable cylindrical bags in 2020


The 2019-2019 fall-winter season urges us to give up bulky bags and opt for compact purses and cylindrical bags. We take with us only the necessary and complete our collection of fashion accessories!