ZARA novelties Fall 2015 – Winter 2016

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ZARA 2016

The popularity of this clothing brand is growing each year. Many have noted the accessibility and universality of the models, others like its similarity to well-known brands. In any case, no one would argue with the fact that ZARA collection is a mix – of commonness and festive styles.


Clothing of this brand is practical and at the same time does not pretend to be boring and monotonous. Designers watch all new trends and saturate each collection with defined motifs.

In every Lookbook, a special role is played by the created atmosphere of locations. Designers of the project have chosen a theme everyone is talking about, especially in anticipation of the fall. The “back to school” theme was defeated by photographers and helped revealing the essence of the collection. It is also worth noting that in the pages of brand’s fashion magazine shone known models, dressed in clothes of ZARA brand.

ZARA Winter

The Lookbook of Fall 2015-Winter 2016 is mainly executed in black and white shades although it could not go without colorful outfits. We can see also the animal print and checks.

Fabrics and textures give clothes a note of fancy. In this case were used as the classic jersey and tweed, characteristic for the cold weather, as well as the patent leather, dyed in bright colors.

We have already said that the leitmotif for the photo shoot served the school theme, and this choice was not accidental. The styles in the Lookbook fully justify the name. There are bombers, sports skirts, shoes, jackets and shoes in men’s style. It is better to see once:



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