Trendy nail polish for Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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Nail polish 2016

With the advent of cold weather, it is necessary to change not only the contents of the wardrobe, but also the cosmetics. In particular this applies to lipstick and nail polish. We decided to choose to focus on the second question, since it is considered that hands are the hallmark of a real woman. They store the most accurate information on the age and health of the ladies, so you need to take care of them no less carefully than of the face.

Nail polish Fall

Of course, the cold season is not the best time for neon colors, but that does not mean that now manicure must be dull and dim. Winter is an opportunity to dye the nails into a deeper tone, which, incidentally, is sure to be in harmony with the clothes, because, to the question what to wear in fall, stylists have only one answer: jersey of saturated colors.

Nails in the shade of precious stones are the most appropriate option for the fall-sinter 2015-2015 season.

Emerald nail polish

Such color scheme is suitable for both fall and winter look. Trendy green nail polish should be maximum dark (almost black). You can find this shade if examining the Dolce & Gabbana palette.

Emerald nail polish

Blue nail polish

In the last cold season, stylists have tried to instill in us the love for the blue manicure with metallic effect. This time it is much stricter – choose the deep color of the sea in bad weather or the shade of precious sapphire. Is it possible to give preference to a nail polish without any additional effects, a matte one.

Blue nail polish

Red nail polish

Long time ago, red nails have become classics. This manicure is suitable for any outfit, whether it’s an evening little black dress or a casual style. This season should be chosen the garnet color, which is applied only on a short manicure of oval or square shape.

Red nail polish


There is an incredible buzz around the gray color. Perhaps it was caused by a massive passion for the book “50 shades of gray,” and maybe the whole thing is in the weather, which at this time can be named gray as well. However, the nails are really fashionable to dye in the color of the wet asphalt, and if you do not have enough drive with such manicure, add gold glitter.

Gray nail polish


Gold color nails are perfect for a total black look evening. Adding accessories with similar shades, you will create not only a stylish, but also an incredibly expensive image.

Gold nail polish


As we know L’Oréal Paris is always thinking about their customers, and this season is no exception. The “spotted” product line was designed specifically to facilitate the efforts of all ladies. This gel can be applied both on the nail plate and also over another nail polish. The transparent texture with glitter stays long enough on the nail and creates a nice shimmering effect that will fit into the context of any fall-winter event.

Nail polish Winter


Fashionable manicure means not only a good color, but also a correct shape. Today it’s time to forget about long and non-natural nails. Short and neat manicure with natural shape is something that should adorn the hands of a real lady.

Pay attention to your appearance as a whole and do not think that no one will notice such a trifle as a manicure. Believe me, its absence will be evident to even the most inattentive companion and spoil all impression of you.