Trendy gloves Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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Trendy gloves

During its long history, gloves had to take on a lot of different functions. In addition to their main intended use, gloves were part of etiquette, means of flirting, a challenge to a duel …
Let’s move from antiquity to modern times and see how we use them nowadays. What models are in vogue this fall-winter 2015-2015 season? We offer to get to know them closer.

Trendy gloves Fall-Winter 2015/2015

For several consecutive years, designers came to the conclusion that without gloves, a complete fall-winter trendy look cannot be achieved. We are following their advices as we all want to keep our hands warm during the cold season. But the truth is, not all models of gloves for fall-winter 2015/2015 can warm our hands and this is not a reason to not consider them useful for a night out in early autumn.

Long gloves, Fall-Winter 2015-2015

The most wanted models of gloves on the podium were and will always be long gloves.These are made of leather and suede of various colors and can be always successfully combined with the main clothing, or with details and accessories.

Long gloves

Christian Dior — Rick Owens

Knitted gloves, Fall-Winter 2015-2015

Warm and soft to the touch knitted gloves nicely warm the hands in cold weather. Do not think that knitted gloves are worn only by schoolgirls and students. Stylish models of knitted gloves with patterns are created by Missoni, and are worn by women of absolutely any age.

Knitted gloves

Stella McCartney — Missoni

Gloves in male style, Fall-Winter 2015-2015

In the fall-winter 2015-2015 season can still be noted the fashion on biker and sports stuff, in particular fingerless gloves in quilted leather with zippers or mesh inserts similar to the gloves created for professional sports. These gloves are suitable for early autumn, to be worn with a leather jacket or with a slight short down coat.

Gloves male style

Karl Lagerfeld — Balenciaga

Short gloves, Fall-Winter 2015-2015

On a par with long gloves, classical models of short gloves are also popular. They are often decorated with various decorative elements: from rivets and lacing, up to artificial stones and sequins, if we are talking about an evening accessory. Stylish models of short gloves are manufactured also with natural fur.

Short gloves

Diane von Furstenberg — Giorgio Armani

Evening gloves, Fall-Winter 2015-2015

Such gloves are able to “create” the look. Even if you have the most simple black dress, with black leather or silk gloves it will look great. You’d better avoid velvet and satin gloves, they are more suitable for costume parties and not for serious celebrations. To complete the look consisting of a dress and long gloves, add a necklace and a coat or jacket with three quarters sleeves.

Evening gloves

DSquared2 — Ports 1961

Colors of gloves, Fall-Winter 2015-2015

Finally, we advice you to pay a special attention to the colors of gloves. Designers “approve” bright colors gloves no matter what kind of material is in question. This accessory will help you diversify the cold monotony of everyday life and will be suitable for a reserved coat in soft shades.

Gloves Fall-Winter 2015-2015

Rochas — Chanel

What type of gloves are you going to wear this fall? Share your experiences in the comments!

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