Tops and T-shirts Spring-Summer 2018

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Probably every lady’s wardrobe has all kinds of T-shirts and tops with interesting prints and inscriptions on. These garments are a true magic wand to create several new outfits, which are formed by combining various styles and colors. Let’s see, then, what options propose us fashion houses in 2018 spring-summer season.

The 2018 spring-summer fashion in terms of T-shirts and tops is very contrasting: on the one hand, it advocates femininity and elegance, and on the other hand, dresses a woman in a T-shirt with huge inscriptions. Let’s see what has emerged from the combination of sporty and street style.

Tops and shirts 2018

Lace Top

Lace is a fabric often associated with luxury. In our time, this is not typical only to evening dresses. Their elegance and beauty is able to convert any top into a work of art. This is the case when the fabric speaks for itself: the details and decorative elements are superfluous. Simply put a gold chain, a jewelry with pearls or long earrings, which will complement the neckline.

Black lace top

Women lace t-shirts spring-summer 2018

black lace

Underwear style

This trend occurred last year and is still very actual. Undoubtedly, the shine of satin, lace and thin straps are the best combination of refinement and comfort in one piece. Underwear style tops can take the award for most variations that it can have. Wear it under a pantsuits and the boring office look will look sexy and romantic. However, if you chose a casual outfit for a walk, then sneakers and oversize denim jacket will perfectly complement one another.

Since the main motif of the spring became boldness and minimal discretion, bandeau (strapless top) and bras are slowly but surely becoming independent clothing. These tops will look great in combination with office jackets with straight cut or long cardigans made of thick cotton.

Fashion tops 2018


What tops to wear in 2018



Constructive elements

The basic element of any top or T-shirt for spring-summer 2018 season are now the cutouts, and not only deep necklines, but also cutouts of various lengths, thicknesses and geometric figures all over the garment. The leather is the most actual decoration. But remember: everything must be in moderation!

What t-shirts to wear in spring 2018



Floral print Spring-Summer 2018

It seems that floral prints are timeless and this season is no exception. Tops and t-shirts remind us more than a showcase of flowers with all sorts of species of luxury roses to sunflowers. Their location on cloth can be absolutely chaotic and abstract or each petal can be repeated accurately.

Women t-shirts spring summer 2018 floral print



Another print that enters the category of “immortal” are stripes. Striped tops and shirts are the main representatives of marine style, so popular in summer. However, this season, designers have given new life to the striped print. Now it must not have an exact sequence: a coat may have stripes of different colors, lengths and directions, as well as prints with interesting optical effects.

T-shirts for woman spring summer 2018 stripes


Sport style

On the background of elegant bras and velvet tops are also noticed sports clothes. Now fashion and sport form a wonderful symbiosis. Designers say through its collections that femininity can not be affected or hidden with oversize shirts, sport shirts and tops with cutouts. And it is not absolutely necessary to endure everyday inconveniences of wearing a pencil skirt and heeled sandals.

What t-shirts to wear in 2018

Tops and t-shirts 2018 sport style


Shiny appearance: lurex and metallic

Disco aesthetics do not let designers alone. A shiny top is simply indispensable this season. So it is a perfect reason to give free rein to imagination and play with textures. When choosing fabrics, rely primarily on noble gold and laconic silver, which are the main metals in 2018.

T-shirts in metallic shades spring summer 2018

Silver tops fashion 2018

Romantic style

Frills, romantic details, ruffles, which we are accustomed to see on baby doll dresses and pajamas, now are the most current details of any top. These can be worn without too many decorative elements to avoid that theatrical effect. Choose monochromatic clothing and do not opt for similar items or complicated accessories in one look.

Frilled t-shirts summer 2018

Tops with ruffles spring 2018

Juicy colors

Green, yellow and pink are the main components of the color palette for spring and summer. Shades of yellow can be absolutely different: from lemon yellow, to acid and vivid neon. The color “Barbie” pink is the sweetest and the most childlike color. This season we should not be afraid to opt for both pink and pastel, and for the fiery fuchsia. As for green, the most demanded are greenish hues and more intense shades. Right colors will be chosen by skin tone: those with dark skin may opt for virtually any shade, and those with light skin, will have to take care with light shades, especially if we talk about green.

Tops spring summer 2018 colors

What color of top to wear in 2018

Inscriptions on T-shirt

Shirts with bold inscriptions, names of brands and logos are a greeting that comes from the 90’s. We are so used to see letters on clothes that we are no longer impressed by such appearance. However, this season the rule says: the more inscriptions, the better. Now T-shirts are embellished with the most sarcastic phrases and extravagant expressions. Bold inscriptions are a competition even for the most original prints.

Women T-shirts 2018


T-shirt with inscriptions

Freedom in movement

No limits, nothing should interfere! Oversize T-shirts and tops are very current this season, matching beautifully with shorts and high-waisted jeans, as well as skirts of every design: from pencil skirts to midi skirts with pleats. One of the current options is the oversize top with trapeze cut, which highlights the shoulders and hide the imperfections of the body.



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