Spring-Summer 2019 Street Style Trends

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Street style celebrities continue to amaze, showing by way of example how to apply some or other trends on the catwalk in everyday life. The season promises to be intense and it will not be difficult to convince us of this. We emphasize color and unusual forms in which classic style appears and we are not afraid of new combinations. So the dark pant suit combines with vintage-style knee-high boots and pink shades, and the classic English trench coat becomes lemon-yellow!

Street style trends 2019

Street style trends: red

Red replaces all other colors and takes the lead. Intensive and self-sufficient, it moves from local accents to mono-looks, becoming the basis in the creation of an image. In the 2019 spring-summer season there are no rules limiting the game with red color. So choose one or more of your favorite shades, combine them with “quiet” accessories in dark colors and most importantly – do not forget the texture! Red velvet, leather, vinyl, wool and fur should be your favorite.

Street style trends spring-summer 2019: red



Red Boots

We do not go far away from the red color and look down right at the footwear. We see a variety of red boots with thin heels, elegant leather boots up to the ankle and vintage boots with square top and squared heel. The scope is varied: with a coat-hood and shorts, with thin jeans and maxi dresses. Pay attention to the color solution of the rest of the image. It is best to choose monolooks in dark shades, and red boots to use them as a fun colorful maneuver.

Street style spring summer 2019


Outfits with red boots

Light negligence

Such a creative chaos is relevant not only to grunge aesthetics – it is now literally welcome in everything! Oversized sweatshirt or men’s shirt that deliberately falls on the woman’s shoulder, several layers and application of elements of different styles and, of course, asymmetry, as without it. These trends are clearly visible in outer clothing: sometimes it seems that the coat is not closed correctly, and the jacket is not the right size. In addition, the love for sports is everywhere – sneakers, tops and sports pants are combined with blouses and jackets as if you just left the gym and you have forgotten to remove the training suit.

Fashion bloggers 2019




If you have not yet learned this fashion term, we will repeat it: a mono-look is a single color look. Now that the theory is extremely simple, let’s move on to practice! So, let’s start with the brightest colors and if your choice stops on red, then you’re on the right path, because this is the most fashionable color in the spring-summer of 2019. In addition, do not ignore the blue aquamarine and saturated green, as well all pastel shades – we are guided by the weather outside and mood!

Street style fashion spring-summer 2019: mono-look

Best street style outfits 2019





Tartans, Prince of Wales, etc. are the types of well known prints that capture the attention of heroes of street style. We advise you to take an example from them, referring to the historical traditions of Scotland. In the basic closet, you probably have a pant suit or thick blazer in gray shades. We can also wear it in daily life diluting it with bright colors. And here we are talking about the ultramodern red boots, a shiny sweater and a colorful bag.

Street style spring-summer 2019: plaid





French Beret

From negligence and grunge, we turn to elegance and femininity, giving the picture a real French charm. It’s hard to lose in such a variety of berets: felt, wool, leather and even beret in sequins – we can offer them a place of honor in top fashion trends in the 2019 spring-summer season.

Fashion berets 2019

outfits with berets




This accessory became the star of the 2019 spring-summer season! And not in vain, because such a stylized cap is suitable for almost any look and shape of the face – apparently, that’s why many street styles and celebrities complete their look with caps. The trench or cape, fur or poncho, a denim look or a bomber jacket – the cap demonstrates 100% compatibility!

Street style fashion spring-summer 2019: caps



office outfit spring summer 2019



This spring you will have to make a clean up in older clothes: who knows, perhaps in the farthest and forgotten box is the newest thing to have a fashionable look! What do you need? First of all a male-style jacket with two rows of buttons and high-shouldered, secondly, a long coat with O silhouette or a retro-style trench with three-dimensional sleeves (we will talk about it later). And, of course, wide-pleated skirts and flannel pants. Remember the main features: maximum narrow waist and hypertrophic volume at the shoulders. Complete the image with a beret, vintage bag and unusual glasses!

Street style trends spring summer 2019: vintage




We put the emphasis on shoes and accessories, giving them a maximum degree of luminosity! Any dark colors this season need color support and can be found in detail. Street-style lovers have loved the pink shoes: Block-top boots and satin fuchsia shoes refresh even the darkest casual picture. If the barbie style is not for you, then opt for an extravagant bag. At the top of popularity are waist bags that will definitely always support any color solution!

Colored summer handbags

bloggers outfits at fashion weeks


Pant suits 2019

Many words have been spoken as regards the pants suit, but this trend has not been exhausted this season. The fashion look with all the innovations of the spring-summer season 2019 makes it very easy, considering all those points that we have already mentioned above. First of all, we use retro motifs: elongated two-row jackets with high shoulders and wide-banana pants. Then add color: you can use office shades, but dilute them with bright spots (remember your pink shoes!) And you can even saturate the image with an unusual range of colors or prints. Plus, pastel colors and shades are very welcomed this spring!

Womens suits spring summer 2019




Trench coats

To look elegant, you need a pair of stylish shoes, a good looking bag and … a long trench! The classic beige and Burberry print combination is the true English chic. However, the new season introduces its own corrections, again adding color and drawing attention to neon shades. The beige trench has for some time been one of the main positions in your wardrobe, however, we recommend not to overlook trenches in yellow-lemon shades.

Street style 2019 trench coats




So the total dominance of colors will not be enough to look really modern! Especially when it comes to accessories, their role can not be underestimated. The 2019 spring-summer season demonstrates a new perspective on classical shapes, fashion continuity in different epochs, and the trend to look as feminine, even in oversize clothes.

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