Spring-Summer 2019 Main Fashion Trends

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Be prepared for the challenges of the new season: Spring-Summer 2019 is ready to go! It seems that designers translate the trends of the modern century into modern language, going from the 1980s to the age of Marie Antoinette and hence the pop culture of the 1960s. Shoulders and bulky sleeves, flowing silk threads, aggressive animal prints, silk and frills – these and many others offer us the trends directly on the podium.

Fashion trends 2019


The fringes, in various executions, are again everywhere: on evening dresses, accessories, casual blouses and even on classical trenchcoats! Silk threads and lurex have become a real fashion mood, and designers have immediately started cutting it off. Now, no material can hide from scissors, be it leather, tweed or chiffon. The fringes, which cause associations with gypsy or Hawaiian skirts, are one of the main decorative attributes of the season.

Fashion 2019 spring summer trends

Fashion fringes 2019


Animal print

This trick, apparently, will never come out of fashion! The inhabitants of the concrete jungle are dressed in wildlife colors – leopard, tiger, zebra and, of course, reptiles. This season went even further: aggressive prints add interesting textures. The usual trio (leather, textiles and fur) is now filled with vinyl, and the representatives of the feline family are alongside the Dalmatians. By the way, the tiger can change its color in favor of pink, and the leopard can be red, fuchsia and even neon.

Fashion print 2019 animal print


Spring summer latest trends 2019

Red Leather

Warm colors, pastel shades and soft textiles? Not this season! If it matches the top trends for spring-summer 2019, then let’s do it in red leather clothes. The simplest set will consist of a biker leather jacket, even with fringes or rivets. For a complete exit from the comfort zone we recommend a red lacquered leather coat or a pencil skirt. If the shades of red-orange and scarlet scare you, their influence can be weakened by a darker palette – claret, burgundy or wine shades.

Summer 2019 latest trends


Red leather jacket

Bulky Sleeves

And again the tribute is brought to the gorgeous ball gowns! This time, the sleeves reach an unprecedented dimension. Juliet’s puffy sleeves and episcopal sleeves are the most current types of constructional garments. By the way, chiffon maxi dresses, sober jackets, blouse and the oversize coat can serve as the base layer. The sleeves can be complemented with embroidery, lurex, lace and frills.

Spring summer trends 2019: bulky sleeves

What clothes to wear in 2019


Retro blazer

The popularity of blazers is so great that it is unlikely to be something to compete with. Because this is the main trend of the season, you should know what is the ideal spring-summer blazer 2019.

retro style 2019

In fact, the concept that best characterizes the fashion of the ’90s – power dressing – is how to wear clothes to highlight the masculinity and strength of a woman. Of course, not without reference to the political and historical moments of the history of the West in the late 1970s and 1980s. Which thing does this most clearly describe? Jackets with hangers! And, indeed, the silhouette, created with extra volume in the shoulder area, gives the body a more brutal feature, even a certain angularity. In addition, there were used fabrics in the most conservative colors and prints, characteristic of a man’s suit – plaid, fine stripes, etc.

women blazer 2019 retro style


Designers have never stopped using the exaggerated volume of the shoulders, however, in the new season, the blazer highlights femininity and does not hide it. The length is adjustable: from the middle of the thigh to the shortened versions. The same with the color: from gray to bright red.

Office outfits trends 2019

Pop-art from Versace

Brilliant colors in all their combinations, brilliance and sometimes strange shapes are truly Italian features. This spring, Italy accepts pop art from America: the image of mass culture, celebrities, diversity, and simple, sometimes primitive shapes. Andy Warhol’s paintings have been transferred to clothes as much as possible – of course, such a color riot not only will dilute, but will overpower and routine daily gray. So remember the idea and choose an item: a blouse, a scarf, a bomber or a bag.

What clothes to wear in summer 2019

Elegant festive outfits

Frills and ruffles

These pretty decorative elements have enjoyed our eyes for some time. Since then, very few things have changed – except that they have become a few times bigger. Frills, lace layers, voluminous ruffles are details that have captured even outer clothing, not to mention light summer sundresses and evening dresses. If this madness does not please you, you can just dilute your daily image with a blouse with a few modest frills.

Dresses with long frills

Fashion 2019 frills


Maximum transparency: mesh

This is not the first season when this joke of designers raises the question: how and where to wear it? Some options on the podium do not clearly meet the modesty parameter, but the abundance of mesh layers can play a wonderful role. This time, mesh is everywhere: evening and casual dresses, for cocktails and business meetings in combination with leather and even fur.

Fashion trends 2019 transparency

Transparent dress design



How without silk! Its brilliance and beauty can not leave us indifferent. Silk walked firmly into our wardrobe: if it was material for evening dresses and cocktail dresses now, it is truly everywhere. Overalls, night dresses, pants and cardigans – such a boudoir trend must clearly have a place in the wardrobe of those who adore femininity and finesse.

Fashion clothes 2019 silk


Summer fashion trends 2019

Banana pants

This pants design is usually characterized by a high waist and creases on the hips (in front), due to which an additional volume appears at the top. The bottom of these pants is narrow, the most current models are slightly shortened or with cuffs. Top-trend are “bananas” in bright colors or with floral or geometric prints. In addition, they can become part of a pant suit with peplum blazer.

Spring summer trends 2019: banana pants


Waist bags

First of all, it’s very comfortable: for example, when walking, you can completely release your hands and shoulders, putting everything you need in it – the phone, the keys, and the lipstick. Secondly, it is universal. Designers suggest that the waist bags be complemented by casual, sporty and even classic styles. By the way, the bag can be of the same material (and the same print) as the rest of the look

Spring summer 2019 fashion trends: waist bags



This is how the warm, unpredictable and challenging season look like. Choose what you like and start creating a wardrobe with absolutely new clothes!

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