Spring-Summer 2016: best images from London shows

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London Fashion Week, where were took place the fashion shows of spring-summer 2016, approached its end. We looked closely not only to the sets that were presented by designers, but also to the make-up and hairstyles that complement the image of models. See in our review top ten beauty images.

If the New York stylists and makeup artists most anxious to complement the entrenched in the minds of fashionistas sporty style, insisted on a neutral, colorless makeup and practical hairstyles like ponytail with a low parting, then their colleagues in London are much more likely to addto images bright colors and feminine details. In the spring-summer 2016 season, they do not deprive girls of pleasure to be girls – to use their favorite red lipstick or, for example, to curl the hair in soft curls.

Burberry Prorsum

In Burberry house, as well as all around Albion, with particular trepidation refer to classics and traditions. This is also evident in the make-up and hairstyles that models had on the show of this brand. Makeup artists have decided to make the main focus in the image on the red roses lip color (by the way, to this day, this is a symbol of England), despite the fact that the last few seasons, the red lipstick was almost never seen on the podium. Although scarlet lips – is often a tool of seduction, in this case, this shade looked very soft and even somewhat reserved.

Burberry Prorsum LFW


The images from the Preen show are not emphasized on the eyes, on the lips, on the eyebrows and on the cheeks. The main part of the podium image became the freckles. But for the reason that not every girl was awarded by the nature with charming spots on the face, most of them were painted on the models. Not only on the nose and on the cheekbones, but also on the forehead and cheeks. Each of the girls has become the darling of the sun, under the friendly rays of which the freckles supposedly appeared.

Preen LFW

Tom Ford

For the second consecutive season, makeup and hairstyles on the Tom Ford show – are an ode in the honor of the famous stylist and fashion editor Carine Roitfeld. The designer Ford deservedly considers her a style icon, and reminds us on their show that this woman is admirable. The image of Carine can be easily guessed by densely applied black eyeshadows on the eyelids, by the lips, colored with lipstick in powdery shades, by hair careless arranged and lush waves and oblique bangs over her eyes. All these details are not only a hint to Roitfeld, but, according to Thomas, are the components of the image of the gorgeous woman.

Tom Ford LFW


Along with the love for the classics, the British can feel affection to all non-standard, surreal, to something that do not belong to this world. Images from the Giles show seem unearthly in this sense. This merit is from the unusual parting, diverging in two directions and separating the hair into three “sections”, and reinforce the impression blue-green eyeshadows applied on the inner corner of the eyes, and pale skin tone.

Giles LFW


Girls from all sides state that they have to be brave, impudent, to take all the life is giving stressing their attitude through the grunge style, but Erdem designers do not pay much attention to that. Makeup artists and stylists helped them to make the heroine of the show recluse, immersed in her reading, in her studies, in her own little (or immensely) world. The makeup in nude gamma, with a delicate peach blush and loosely braided braid, become the main components of this look.

Erdem LFW

Topshop Unique

According to the stylist Anthony Turner, the images for the podium are inspired by teenage girls, the head of which is hammered with fun with friends and love. Second, by the way, pushed makeup artists to apply a crimson lipstick so that the boundaries were blurred, as if the beauties, just before leaving the podium, enjoyed a kiss from a loved one. The outer corners of the eyes are lined with a black pencil in the teenage style. Soft wavy hair slightly confused, but looked natural and gave sensuality to the girls images.

Topshop Unique LFW

Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou’s models from the show proved that you can make a stunning image using only curls, unless they are made “right”. Thin strands need to be tighten up with stylers, but curls must be small – only when these conditions are met, the hair will look natural and at the same time, gentle and sexy. To look perfect, you just need to even out the skin tone with appropriate face foundations – it is better to choose a product with the effect of light shining. Although usually this makeup is just the beginning, in this case, the work on the tone will be the finishing touch.

Mary Katrantzou LFW

Jonathan Saunders

While creating images for his show, the designer Jonathan Saunders wanted to avoid romance. The stylist Luke Hersheson, took into consideration this desire and decided that he will manage to do without the romantic shade if he will create soft and natural waves, while the make-up artist Hannah Murray, worked on another variation of no-makeup makeup: she made the ​​skin tone even and shining, and then revived the complexion of models with a drop of liquid blush.

Jonathan Saunders LFW


While stylists “scattered” soft curls on the shoulders of models, makeup artists created on the eyelids of girls expressive wings, creating the “cat eye” effect. The image combines softness, dreamy, coquetry, attractiveness – these feelings girls easily can “switch” with a smile, or for example, with an eye squint.

Marchesa LFW

Matthew Williamson

Violet shadows applied in translucent smoke on the eyelid, promise to become a classic of the makeup for spring and summer. Make-up artists who worked on the Matthew Williamson show, decided to contribute to this. Purple shadows are distributed throughout the entire eyelid up to the eyebrows, only in the inner corner of the eye they added a little white pearl luster and on the ciliary contour, they created a finest black line. The tenderness of the image is emphasized with the help of a fresh blush applied on the cheeks and a beige lipstick with a light satin glow.

Matthew Williamson LFW

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