Season trend: burgundy lipstick

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At fall-winter 2015-2015 shows, make-up artists were divided into two camps: one – for the colorless, natural lip color, softened with an almost gleaming balm, others – for a bright accent, made by an expressive cherry or sweet-cherry lipstick. First form the majority, but  second are many as well, so there is a reason to say that the burgundy lipstick is again one of the main fall-winter trends in lips make-up.

Burgundy lipstick

The classic red lipstick undergo a crisis. In summer, it is “replaced” by the cheerful orange color, in fall, it has also to make a “step aside”, its place being taken by the trend of darker shades from the burgundy gamma. We can not get used to it but others on the contrary, are just waiting for the fall-winter season to get from the bottom of their own cosmetic bag the wine color lipstick and at least from time to time to supplement their own image.

The shade

The main condition when choosing the lipstick is that its color should be darker than the “standard” red. To what extent – you choose. It all depends on your courage. If beauty experiments are not your favorite, you can stay at the shade of lush cherry scale. If you like extravagant looks, choose an expressive cherry shade – in the makeup he looks noble and “expensive.” The most courageous girls, who can easily transform from angelic creatures into vamp style women, can enrich their collection of lipsticks in shades close to black.

Burgundy lips

The texture

Make-up artists working on shows decided not to limit us at texture of the burgundy lipstick for the fall make-up. But it should be noted how expressive looks the cherry shade if it has on lips a matte, velvety texture. With it, it is easy to get the image of femme fatale, without adding any other make-up accents. The glossy textures, which is usually “given” by lip glosses, are the other extreme. Beautiful and seductive wet gloss on the lips will be most welcomed in the images for special occasions. The dark lipstick with a classic satin texture that shines very gently on the lips are more appropriate for daily images, of course if doing such a focus on the lips during the week it’s a common thing for you.

Burgundy lipstick

Method of application

Until recently, one of the most important rules of applying any dark lipstick was a preliminary making of the contour. Firstly, it facilitates “filling” the lips with color. Secondly, the contour gives the lip makeup perfection. Third, by using a lip pencil, the further lipstick application becomes more accurate. But in this fall-winter season it is allowed to derogate from the main rule.

Burgundy lips

Do not use the pencil for a while. When the lipstick will be already applied on lips, “pat” with your fingertips on the contour of the lips to make it a little fuzzy, blurry. This light negligence give the lips the same form as after a kiss, which is considered one of the most fashionable beauty trends and looks very sexy. However, it is best to create this effect only if the lipstick is not too dark.


Byblos Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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Max Mara Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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Naeem Khan Fall-Winter 2015-2015


Trussardi Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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