Minx nails: trendy manicure

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Minx nails

We heard many times before about the Minx manicure: many western stars made ​​it a rule to appear on the red carpet with such nails and nail design, which could not be repeated using only a conventional nail polish. For example, in 2007, Beyonce appeared on the American Music Awards with Golden Lightning Minx manicure and then to the fans of this brilliant design signed also Lady Gaga, Rihanna and many others.

Beyonce minx nails

Beyonce with Minx manicure

Rihanna minx nails

Rihanna with Minx manicure

Minx is not exactly a typical technology: there is no nail polish, instead there are sets of stickers for nails with different designs, including the craziest ones. You choose the suitable option for your taste ( this may take a long time as there are hundreds of variations), the nail designer paste it to your fingernails under a special hot lamp, carefully stretching the sticker so that it grabbed a maximum surface of the nail. The excess is cut, the nails are put again for a few minutes under the lamp. And that’s all. It may take only 20 minutes (without manicure ) for a nail master to perform the Minx manicure. The resistance of this manicure varies from person to person, for the first time it can last not much time, but when you get used to it, it may last up to a week.

Minx manicure

Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch Goodwin invented Minx Nails and they still continue to fill up the collection of designs, coming up with special “Minx” for different shows and projects.

Trendy manicure

Some variants of designs can be glued on top of the color gel nails (they have a clear pattern), but it is not recommended to glue them on top of the usual nail polish and even Shellac.

Minx trendy

Minx is fixed using a special heat lamps, it makes the sticker more plastic during application. Sensitive individuals may feel some discomfort, but the whole procedure is quite tolerant. The nail is treated approximately as in the procedure of a simple nail growth: the top layer of the nail plate is cut away so that the Minx sticker could be glued very well. Further Minx is applied directly. The sticker is adjusted with the size of the nail, but if necessary, these can be trimmed with scissors and then cut away the edge with a special nail file. The procedure takes no more than 20 minutes, if you have already pre- prepared manicure.

Minx nails

Unlike nail extensions, manicure is needs before using Minx. The first impression after application is rather strange and unusual, as if an alien just landed on the nails. But, however, it is true. By the way , the scientists have long dispelled the myth that the nail does not breathe and is destroyed if it is ” sealed “. Fingernail receives oxygen from blood and not from the air that comes through the nail plate. Literally, the next day you already get used to the Minx. The main disadvantage is that the stickers peel off from the edge of the nail plate. But in this case, you can quickly fix it with the help of the polishing nail file.

Minx nails

One of the advantages is the bright shiny color a nail polish will never give, as well as a large selection of perfectly executed designs and its application does not require a lot of time-consuming.

Minx nails

I decided for myself that Minx is still not for daily activities. But indeed, it is perfect for a celebration such as a birthday, New Year party and I gave my vote for this technique. By the way, I kept Minx five days in perfect condition, despite the fact that I was washing the dishes and my daily work involved the use of the keyboard. On the sixth day, they became unstuck, too, and I could not resist and took them off . This can be done at home. The nail master advised me to warm up my nails with the warm stream of the air from the hair dryer. But they still come unstuck easily and without these devices.

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