Footwear Trends Spring-Summer 2017

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An old saying says the sleigh should be ready by summer and fashion says that footwear should be chosen immediately after the spring-summer 2017 fashion shows. Let’s see, then, what to and what not to buy this wonderful season.

From the beginning we must say that the diversity of designs is not that big, but we can say unequivocally that there was no dull footwear. Designers have decided to impress with quality, not quantity. There is no banality and lack of inspiration, designers have managed to find a balance between comfortable casual footwear and “fashion for fashion’s sake.”

Stiletto Heel

It is absolutely useless to talk about ordinary sense of the word classic, especially in spring-summer 2017 season. This seems to have gone for some time leaving room for more modern shoes designs. For example, adored stiletto shoes with heels were present only in some collections. Furthermore, only Gucci presented the classic stilettos, others preferred to decorate them as they wish.

Footwear 2017 women

Most designers have opted for stiletto heel, with original shape or original design. Haider Ackermann and Saint Laurent counted on futuristic metal and decor while Dolce & Gabbana models have demonstrated a perfect combination between stiletto shoes and lace socks.

Stilettos spring summer 2017


Classic heeled footwear for spring-summer 2017 season has been replaced by wedges that are more classic and more comfortable. Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu have added originality, and sometimes an obvious extravagance, presenting hypertrophic platform with or without heels.

Wedged footwear 2017

Gucci and Maison Margiela presented superpunk shoes with massive heels decorated with metal chains and rivets. The result is something in street-style, feminine, yet very bold.

What footwear to wear in Spring 2017

Also, Gucci has created a line of footwear with thin or nearly thin platform, so-called flatforms. This was followed by Proenza Schouler and Erdem. Their designs resembled Japanese shoes, becoming the main focus in fashion collections.

Summer wedges

Salvatore Ferragamo and Versace footwear is executed with reference to the sport. Platform sandals are more feminine than sneakers on platforms, so current in previous seasons.

Wedge sandals

There are also most common designs, such as casual wedges sandals or without high heels.

high heel and platform

Flat Sole

When outside will be very hot the designers advise us to wear flat sole sandals. They are not only comfortable, but also very actual in the new spring-summer 2017 season.

Womens Footwear 2017 flat sole

Alexander Wang and Giorgio Armani presented a line of slippers with strap around the ankle that hold well the foot.


Those who can not give up at all on heeled footwear, Prada propose to replace them with comfortable sandals with kitten heel.

2017 footwear trends

Flip Flops

Flip flops are a true symbol of summer, becoming a must-have in 2017. In spring-summer season collections, we find both designs for beach and for cocktails or even to be worn to the office.

Fashion flip flops summer 2017

The minimalist design of flip flops from Christian Dior, Hugo Boss and Miu Miu gives them a conservative touch, fitting ideal even in the daily office wardrobe.


Stylish and comfortable flip flops for beach can also be found in the collections of Prada and Miu Miu.



Summer footwear decorated with fur is not new to the fashion world. Now the leather boots that could expect their turn at least until mid September are recommended by designers to be worn even in summer, on bare feet and in combination with loose dresses and miniskirts. Designers come up with three options: bolt stocking boots with thin platform, modern boots with massive platform and grunge designs with medium heel.

Fashion boots spring 2017

But a real furor on fashion catwalks had namely the stocking boots in bright and juicy shades and colorful print. The summer designs are much higher than those for winter: their length has become the maximum.

Cute over the knee boots

Braids and many straps

As fashion braids are abundant in Spring-Summer 2017 season, many designers have decided to show their vision of this trend in footwear design. Georgio Armani casual presented designs in two options: on flat soles and thin heels and with many thin straps.

Best footwear

Lanvin proposed sandals with straps in T. Such fastener strap can be comfortable even in the presence of a high heel.

What footwear to wear in summer 2017

Givenchy has created a full line of fashionable footwear with laces of different colors and different materials: smooth and varnished leather and imitation of reptile skin leather. Another feature of footwear collections of this brand is that it has cutouts in the angle area.

Fashion ankle boots

Dries van Noten and Altuzarra created evening designs with thin and stable heels and with many straps, bows and ribbons.

Despite the apparent allusion to the old fashion, the use of modern decor elements has helped designers to create footwear not only comfortable but also modern.

Metallic Effect

On par with dresses, pants and metallic handbags, “Metallic” footwear is also fashionable for some time. Many famous designers presented collections of footwear with metallic effect: from casual designs with flat soles or modern flatforms for spring-summer 2017 season to evening high heeled designs.

Stylish womens footwear

Apart from classic gold and silver design, the footwear in colorful metallic, with holographic effect and textured metallic faux reptile skin are also very modern.

medium heeled designs

Reptile Skin

The footwear that mimics reptile skin was not so much as in previous seasons. “Reptile” shoes were seen in the collections of Balmain, Erdem, Rodarte, Tod’s. If most designers have chosen shades of natural colors characteristic to reptiles, then in Balmain collection of footwear can be found patterns in various shades.

Footwear 2017 spring summer reptile skin

Not only the upper part of the shoes has the color of venomous snakes, but also its heels. This makes it look more modern. Designers urge us not to be afraid to look like a predator this fall.

comfortable reptile skin heel


Spring Summer 2017 collections demonstrates another trend, namely transparency. According to designers opinion, our attention should be focused either on top of the footwear, either on its sole.

Summer footwear 2017

This can be both footwear with transparent details at the top, platform shoes or transparent platform and ‘invisible’ designs, allowing its owner to visually float in the air.

Elegant sandals

We can see that the classic style remained in the past, the emphasis is now put on bright colors, shapes and unusual combinations of futuristic textures. Fashion footwear for the Spring-Summer 2017 season proved to be very diverse. Now you decide which design to opt for and what design can be admired only in shops. Admire, choose and buy.

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