Fall-Winter 2017-2017 Street Style Trends

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Every fashionista knows that street fashion has its own state of mind. Many of its trends correspond fully to those announced by designers, although street’s realities dictate its own rules, based on which can be created more pragmatic and realistic looks.It’s time to know what are the street style trends for fall-winter 2017-2017 season.

Street style trends 2018

Rock and Grunge Style

The rock and grunge style are dominating the new cold season. Ladies who prefer fashionable and stylish street looks do not like anymore trivial clothes and excess glamour. They opt for modern grunge and rock style, which more recently have been combined in grunge-rock style. This anti-glamour style is designed specifically for those who are tired of the cult of clothes, of materialism and luxury excess. The only distinctive feature of the grunge-rock style is combining several fashion trends. Therefore you should not be surprised to see in a look elements of punk, hippie or ethno.

Street Style fall winter 2017 2018: grunge style

A special place in all grunge looks occupied jeans. In general we are speaking about torn jeans with holes that are worn by fashionistas in combination with high boots, fur coats, boho bags, wide-brimmed hats creating really antiglamurous, but incredibly stylish looks. This style also means the use of boyfriend jeans that are worn by admirers of the grunge style.

Fashion jeans

Rock style is manifested by the appearance of leather pants, rivets, leather jackets, over the knee boots and stocking boots. These accessories can be matched both with sports jackets, as well as with pleated skirts. It is important to put your fantasy in motion!

rock style


A Real Boom of Coats

Yes, namely coats occupied all the leading positions in the top of fashion. A coat will become the most famous garment in the new autumn-winter season. We hurry to excite those who are not accustomed to wear such clothes as there will be so many modern and beautiful designs that will not be difficult at all to find the right option. Romantic persons can opt for cloaks, capes and coats, while business ladies can choose between classic minimalist style. The passion for rides around town and shopping can choose refined but at the same time practical and comfortable coats.

Street fashion fall winter 2017 2018: coats



Besides the variety of designs were presented also many fashionable fabrics. Here we have wool, fur, thick fabric, cashmere and gabardine as well as leather and raincoat fabric, out of which are created original and stylish coats. Also enjoy us a great diversity of prints and colors for fall-winter 2017-2017. If you do not like coats and monochromatic looks and you consider this boring, then we recommend checkered and colorful designs that will surely diversify your winter outfits.

Women coat





Different Styles Combination

Although we spoke about various contrasting combinations in style grunge, it is impossible not describe this in more detail. It seems that fashionistas were taken by the eclecticism wave. From today, it is no longer strange to match leather jackets with fluffy tulle skirts, thick woolen turtleneck with transparent lace skirts, black jeans with chiffon sundresses, thick knitted hats with delicate Mary Jane shoes.

Street Fashion 2017 2018 fall winter: styles combination



Fur Clothes and Accessories

Fur is a still faithful friend of the street audience. Fur can be found in most different clothing items and accessories. An undisputed leader became fur coats, capes, boas and hats. More often can be seen fur bags and accessories. This material is often used by designers as decoration. With it can be decorated any garment.

Street Fashion fall winter 2017 2018: fur





Express Your Individuality

Street fashion has always one purpose to allow women to express their character, to show their inner world and state of mind, and this can be simply achieved using modern and stylish clothes. How exactly, you decide. If you want to diversify your autumn mood wide leg pants, you have only to do that. Or maybe you want to decorate your blue coat with some feathers and fringes? Why not? If you feel the need to transpose in the retro era, then you can wear your favorite flared pants and the sheepskin coat, so characteristic of that era. In this chapter, fashionistas have available all renowned tricks of constructive modeling namely asymmetry, avant-garde cut, 3D prints and more! You just have to try!




Fashion Blogger fall winter 2017 2018


Oversize Style

Considering the impressive and liberal character of the street style, oversize clothes could not miss the street collections. This fashion trend allows ladies to move freely without inconveniences and frustrations. What could be more pleasant than to wear a soft and warm coat, even with a larger size than the one you have. Dress oversize bulky clothes and you will automatically be fashionable.

Street fashion fall 2017 winter 2018: oversize



Fashion Prints

The diversification of a look can be performed not only using original tailoring and daring combinations. To be like others, sometimes it’s enough to buy clothes with a fashionable print. In the new 2017-2017 autumn-winter season, the jack pot was taken by the leopard print. In addition, abstract prints, stripes, plaid and vegetal prints will be in high demand.

Street Fashion Fall Winter 2017 2018: Prints



Color Range

If we talk about the range of colors, fashionistas who adopt the street fashion have opted for faded pastel shades. Although, can be noted hottest colors such as orange, but in fewer amounts. Most of all the street is dominated by black, gray, khaki, beige and pink, and of the most intense can be observed red and blue.

Street Fashion 2017 2018: colors






Now that we’ve analyzed the best street looks, we can proceed to the creation of our own looks. Important is to open to the world, to express your individuality and forget about prohibitions and prejudices.

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