Best Designer Handbags Spring-Summer 2019

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New trends are crazy by their diversity! The fashionable spring-summer 2019 handbags diminish in size, pass from the shoulder to the waist, then turn into modern artwork. The main mission is to have a model of every trend. That’s why you need an elegant handbag, two identical bags of different sizes and … some reptile leather patterns!

Handbags 2019

Waist bags – No.1 trend of the season

Let’s take a closer look at the new trend of 2019 – the waist bag. For those who do not like to carry too many things, the waist bag will become an indispensable accessory. Initially, this object was loved by travelers, whose hands are constantly occupied. And it is not surprising, because the waist bag is comfortable from all points of view: spacious for a minimum number of required items, their safety and, of course, aesthetic appearance.

Waist bags spring-summer 2019

In the new season, waist bags become fine and elegant because designers urge us to wear them with evening and cocktail gowns. Also, both the dress and the accessory must be in one style, up to the complete coincidence of the materials and prints.

Women purse 2019

Handbags trends 2019

The bag is also known as “murse”. Now its shape can be any: cylinder, square or rectangle with flap.

Womens leather shoulder bags

Fashion purse designs 2019


Patched handbags

Patches now have not only a functional but also a decorative role, creating a fashionable print. Are stitches visible? Very good! The colorful pieces of leather of different shapes form a wonderful geometric motif. A patch of colored squares is another option, which can be complemented with various accessories: pyramidal staples, rivets and decorative zippers.

Womens handbags for spring 2019

Best bags

Handbags with rings

The seals, which remind us rings and all sorts of earrings, now pinched the locks and handles. The thin metal rings, transparent plastic and colored rings are always a worthy response to any image. On some patterns they are detachable and can be used as an elegant bracelet.

Fashion handbags 2019


Many bags at a time

Sometimes we are amazed at how many items our bag keeps, even if it is small. And this is apparently a truly feminine talent – to put a whole set of things in a miniature clutch, leaving a free space “for any eventuality.” In the 2019 spring-summer season, designers have made a successful attempt to combine comfort and beauty.

What purses to wear in 2019

Do not you know what shape your bag is today? Small, just for the sake of necessity or greater, to include a cosmetics kit, an umbrella and a book to avoid getting bored in transport, and a warm blouse in case of a sudden cooling of the temperature? Take both of them!

Chanel handbags

Designer bags

Transparent Bags

A total lack of secrets and absolute transparency – that’s how fashionable bags look like in the 2019 spring-summer season, regardless of pattern, whether it’s a shopper bag or a miniature clutch. Such designs remind us of future guests: futuristic motifs can not be overlooked. Especially when another bag is hidden in a large transparent bag. This is quite practical, because besides putting in your keys, phone and wallet, you can also go shopping.

Transparent handbags 2019 spring summer

transparent Chanel

Straw Bags

Bags woven with leather, plastic, and wool textiles are a romantic and practical trend. The standard brown color palette is combined with contrasting elements: handles, locks, fasteners and the lining material color. In addition, the base may consist of two or more colors. A big straw bag is the perfect summer option. It can be complemented with a straw hat and a lightweight silk ribbon, a retro style swimsuit, a semi-transparent cardigan and you’re ready for the beach!

Casual handbags for women spring-summer 2019


Rounded Handbags

Round bags, similar to hat boxes, are always relevant. In their collections, designers have been able to play with the texture: satin matte, metallic, glossy, a huge amount of accessories in the shape of rings, chains and decorative clasps. The print can be absolutely different, from abstract models to funny animals.

Round handbags spring-summer 2019

round leather

Cartoons and pop-art

Roy Liechtenstein’s comic book heroes, Andy Warhol’s commercial art, pictures recognized in the pin-up style are a trend not only in clothing, but also in accessories. The more color, decorative elements and patterns, the better. Of course, without logo mania: notes (those “clouds” with thoughts and words from comic strips) literally call the name of the brand!

What handbags to wear in 2019

Summer 2019 handbags trends


Small bags 2019

A new condition imposed by fashion podiums is that the bag should not exceed the size of the palm – just as in Lewis Carroll’s story about Alice, which has diminished in size by consuming a magical elixir from Wonderland. The miniature can be any model: a smartphone bag and keys, a purse (pocket-bag), minaudière (some sort of evening accessory) and simply a reduced version of the regular bags that we saw in medium and large size.

Fashion small purse 2019

small red

Faux reptile skin leather handbags

This is probably one of the most popular textures we’ll look at in the end! This type of relief on the skin does not cause any contradiction: it fits in any look, it demonstrates 100% compatibility with other textures and materials. Patterns can repeat the snake skin, but they can be made in a variety of colors different from the world of nature. An interesting option is to pass the gradient in the same color: from darker shades to lightest.

Reptile skin leather 2019 handbags

office purse design


Each of these ideas can be used to complement any outfit, as most of the listed models are multifunctional. The miniature bags can be worn not only at a reception but also at a meeting, and with a straw bag you can go not only to the beach but also in the city for a walk and the snake skin imitation map are ideal for business meetings!

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