Barbie show or Moschino new collection for Spring-Summer 2016

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Moschino New

Jeremy Scott presentations are something impressive and at the same time very bold. Only ladies with a special sense of style and humor will allow themselves to go out in such a outfit (the event which you are going to attend also play an important role). It is important not to overreact and then the doll image will make you the star of the party.


Last time, on the catwalk shone heroes from cartoons while this time the star of the event became the kids’ toy – the Barbie doll. The audience was waiting for designers’ next outrageous tricks, and got it off. A real Barbie is not a joke!

About the presentation

The show started with dresses in the color of strawberry chewing gum and styles, as if models descended from the windows of doll shops. By the middle of the show, the clothing has become a bit more diverse in terms of color, but the subject did not change.

Barbie show

On the podium was presented the legendary doll in all looks: sports, party, ball, walk, travel, and even office (apparently, in case someone still dare to go to work in such an outfit).

We will not discuss the cut and the style of such looks as it is better to check them out by yourself.

Moschino Moschino Moschino Moschino Summer Moschino Spring Moschino Moschino Moschino 2016

It’s hard to imagine these outfits in the context of everyday routine, but wearing such outfit at a costume party it is possible to even qualify for the top award. And agree, Barbie outfit is a childhood dream of almost every girl, so even if you will only have it in your wardrobe, the happiness of such an acquisition would be limitless.