Accessory Trends Spring-Summer 2018

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The accessories’ fashion is a special segment in the fashion industry. Namely accessories are an important part of any look as they contribute not only to the correct accents, but also to the cardinal change of style. Each lady has experienced at least once in a lifetime the well known “What to wear today” problem. This dilemma we face every morning can ruin the whole day and can make us spend another unnecessary amount of money for the purchase of new clothes. These rush actions performed under the influence of emotional feelings can be easily avoided.

Accessories 2018

Each lady, regardless the pace of life she has and the required dress code at work, have the so-called basic clothes. These are a pair of office pants in dark shades, classic blue jeans, white shirt, and a monochromatic skirt. With such an arsenal in wardrobe, you can immediately create modern looks with certain accessories. The 2018 spring-summer season will introduce not only new fashion trends, but also forgotten items from previous decades.

Small handbags

Miniature bags are a must have that in spring-summer season must complete any wardrobe. These miniatures are a strong competition for any evening accessory. Their design reminds us of huge handbags but several times smaller by size – this being the charm of small bags. Miniature bags are not very large, but certainly there is room for your phone, lipstick, powder, keys, favorite perfume and stuff any lady wear with her. The basic advantage is the universality because it can complete any evening or casual outfit. Usually, such handbags are held in the hand, though, if you want to enhance the comfort, you can wear it on your shoulder, because this has very comfortable straps. As regards the color and shape, then everything depends on individual preference. The most common options are rectangular or trapezoid and round shapes. Colors and prints are different: from monochrome up to bold snake print and other inscriptions, which we will speak about below.

Small fashion handbags 2018




Handbags with logos and inscriptions

The 2000’s did not pass in vain. We hear the echoes nowadays when we go shopping a new bag that simply must meet all trends. In 2018 spring-summer season logos and inscriptions are everywhere, and bags are no exception. Regardless of the color, size or pattern your accessory is, letters printed on them will automatically includes you in the fashion list with the note “fashionable”. In addition, it should not necessarily be inscribed the brand name (we all remember the Louis Vuitton handbags). Any examples are possible, the most interesting of which are dirty or sarcastic phrases available for laughs.

Handbags with inscriptions Spring Summer 2018


Fashion Keychains

Summarizing the discussion on bags, here is the main trend not only of the 2018 spring-summer season, but of the whole year. And these are necessarily fashionable keychains, hanging lively on bags of the most famous fashionistas. Do not be ashamed to hang on your accessory many keychains, even though they are much more than the bag itself. Choose any keychain type: tassels of different bright and contrasting colors, soft dolls, plush toys, and of course fluffy tails.

Handbags accessories 2018 keychains





Huge Earrings

This season’s fashion earrings are characterized by an impressive length that reaches even to the shoulders. The times of the Andy Warhol American painter’s muse, Edie Sedgwick, are back because she made enormous earrings not only a brand, but also a worldwide trend. Modern fashionistas also follows trends of previous years and not give up on them in any case. The shape, size, color of the metal it is free of choice. It is important that earrings give no discomfort.

Spring Summer Accessories 2018 Earrings






Fashion Bracelets

As much as possible, it is characteristic of bracelets trends, which must embellish the delicate hands of a woman. Open the box with jewels and take everything you have in it: from wristwatches to brutal bracelets. Such combinations of multiple bracelets are not based on any idea and have no default style. It is important that they be as many as possible. Do not be afraid to combine wide silver bracelets with gold chains and watches with leather strap. A bracelet of pearls can be combined with several bracelets glued into squares or studded bracelets of thick leather.

Woman accessories 2018 spring summer bracelets

What accessories to wear in 2018



Wide belts

Leather, metal, textiles and corset belts have a leading role in creating different outfits. This season, the more wide is the belt, the better. Its main task is to complete the outfit as a decorative accessory. Finally, thin straps that have long occupied leading positions in fashion are replaced by brutal and wide straps that look so elegant on feminine and fragile waist. Wide straps should not stand out against the background of the whole look, and if you want this, you can opt for a belt with big buckle or with perforated metal.

What are the belt trends in 2018




Massive Pendants

One such accessory is able to liven up any outfit, even if you wear a simple pair of jeans and a comfortable monochromatic shirt. The imposing size of the jewelry is just what we need in the new season. You can wear anything: from intricate ornamental stones, to massive chains with locks, and even decorative voodoo dolls. It matches perfectly with every garment. The pendants may be solid (and they should be) and must be carried out under soft chiffon blouses, denim shirts, bra tops and sweaters.

Fashion massive pendants 2018






Bandana – the most stylish accessory for 2018 spring-summer season

It would seem that bandana is just a small piece of cloth, but it actually can be used in thousands of ways. The most famous options of this accessory are wearing it around the head as a result you can get an interesting look and you can protect the hair from the hot rays of the sun. Bandana can be perfectly complemented with a pair of sunglasses with large lenses. Another characteristic is its use around the neck. A red bandana will dilute a monochromatic outfit in the range of dark color and a bandana chosen in the same shade with the clothing will become a wonderful complement to the whole outfit.

What accessory to wear in summer 2018


Bandana a fashion accessory in 2018





Straw hat

The beach fashion goes slowly but surely in the hectic cities. Now, woven hats with black ribbons can be found anywhere in absolutely any style in combination with absolutely any outfit. The traditional way to wear this accessory is in combination with marine-style clothing or light summer sundresses, shorts and shirts in bright shades. However, fashion has moved on and now, in modern interpretation, the straw hat can be worn with any outfit, be it very formal.

Fashion straw hats spring summer 2018



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