How to wear a leather jacket

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Such stylish and universal garment as the leather jacket is a must for any fashionista’s wardrobe. Not coincidentally this can be found in virtually any fashion show because designers love to work with this material. With leather jackets we can create different looks, ideal for elegant business woman, and for the more daring ladies. Whichever model you opt for, definitely you want to know how to wear the leather jacket.

Style tips how to wear a leather jacket

What to wear with the classic leather jacket

We have to start with traditional looks, tested in time. The classic black leather jackets ideally harmonizes with skinny black pants, black pencil skirts with waist, leather skirts and pencil dresses. Analyzing the classical look, we think that fashion has no influence: black leather jackets with laconic silhouette were fashionable in the past century, and in the present. Fans of leather in minimalist style proved to be Anthony Vaccarello, Joseph, Marios Schwab and many other famous brands. The outfit, which includes leather jacket, a blouse, pants or a severe skirt, will fit ideally in business-casual style. Although there are exceptions. For example, Anthony Vaccarello presented in its collections warm leather jackets matched with leather miniskirts. In such outfit you will certainly not go to work, but to a meeting with friends or shopping, this outfit is perfect.

How to wear a black leather jacket

Classic leather jackets

What to wear with black leather jacket

What to wear with the biker leather jacket

The biker theme is an indisputable trend of winter and not incidentally designers pay a particular attention to it. As a result, we were provided an enormous variety of original and modern biker jackets. Usually, these are characterized by the presence of an oblique zipper, rivets, straps and nails. They can be called universal clothing because they can be matched with almost any clothing.

How to wear leather jacket with skirts

Such items relate very nice with different skirt designs. Designers recommend us wearing biker jackets with short skirts and long designs. Quite impressive looks the image offered by Anthony Vaccarello, which includes a tutu and a leather biker jacket. In addition, the leather jacket can be matched with pleated, suede, leather and even patent leather skirts.

How to wear a biker leather jacket with skirt

Women’s leather jackets with skirts

Black leather jacket with skirt

How to wear leather jacket with dresses and tunics

A biker jacket matched with light dresses enjoys a great popularity among modern fashionistas. Surprisingly, though leather jackets look perfect even in combination with articles made of chiffon, silk and dresses with geometrical and floral prints. In the cold season, the image may be ideally complemented with a crocheted hat and leggings or tights.

How to wear biker leather jacket with tunics

What dress to wear with a leather jacket

How to wear leather jacket with jeans

If we talk about biker jackets, then you may think of matching them with jeans. It is simple, yet very stylish. It is enough just to wear a blouse or a shirt, boots or heels, jeans and the jacket in order to look stylish and fashionable. We should mention that the ideal will look the skinny jeans. They can be ripped, blue or colored, it is of no great importance. To get a sport look, you will only need a pair of boots, knitted hats or caps, or loose shirts or tops. The image can be completed with properly chosen accessories, namely sunglasses, light scarves and quite bulky handbags.

How to wear a biker leather jacket with jeans

What jeans to wear with leather jackets

How to wear leather jacket with leggings or pants

In order to create a casual image, opt for skinny jeans, banana pants and leggings that look quite harmoniously with leather jackets. A woman wearing a blouse and trousers will look more elegant and refined than if she was wearing jeans with abrasions and a shirt. Therefore, in such outfit you can even go to work. Leather jackets can be assorted also with fashion pants, decorated with bold prints and knitted patterns in monochromatic colors.

How to wear a biker jacket for women with pants or leggings

And of course we can not forget about matching the leather jacket with leather pants. At first glance, this style reminds us of the rap style, though, if accessorized with properly chosen accessories, you can get a perfect look for autumn, cozy and warm. The final grade will give the warm booties and boots on high platform.

Leather jacket with leather pants

How to wear leather jacket with shorts

For more daring and confident ladies, we recommend matching the denim shorts with the biker jacket. Such look is not only attractive but also very sexy. In this case, we must bear in mind that the ladies feet should be groomed and toned, otherwise the charm of the image will disappear. In autumn, you can opt for a pair of nylon tights, both the classic monotone, and also with ornaments.

How to wear women’s leather jackets with shorts

How to wear a colored leather jacket

This season, trendsetters offered their admirers leather jackets of different colors. Thus, in great demand are beige, brown, red and even blue and green designs. However, probing the preferred design of colored leather jacket, of course, arises the question, how can we combine these creations? With no response, many ladies put the jacket back in the closet. In vain! Below, we present to your attention looks directly from fashion catwalks where you can see with what clothing designers recommend us to combine the modern colored leather. Thus, Versace fashion house has chosen the monotone image, combining leather jackets in the shade of sea breeze with almost monochrome dresses. The outfit is completed by laced boots with narrow toe, made in the same shade as the entire outfit. Chalayan and Derek Lam opted for green leather jackets in oversize style that looked quite harmoniously with green and gray skirts. In this case, the image must not be loaded. It is enough to just wear a pair of shoes in neutral shades such as beige and black boots.

What to wear with colored leather jackets

Shades of red and red are also actual. Such jackets look great by themselves and therefore should be combined with clothing in neutral colors. For example, leather jackets in shades of blue will look perfect in combination with blouses and dresses in shades of latte, black skirts and classic boots.

How to wear a leather jacket with skirt and boots

And we can not mention jackets in shades of beige and brown, which were present in almost every fashion show. Many women opt for this particular type of jacket, because the black jacket is considered to be less aggressive, while the brown – the embodiment of simplicity, elegance and tranquility. If you choose clothes in similar shades, then you can get the casual style or the famous office style. In addition, brown jackets look very harmoniously if combined with daring clothes. Putting the right accent, no one will blame you to not have a refined taste.

Ladies brown leather jakets

How to wear a brown leather jackets for womens

As you can see, it is not so complicated to combine leather jackets with other clothes. Conversely, leather articles open the doors to other worlds where we can experience, play with the colors, structures and accessories, to finally be different than others.

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